Ryan Edwards: Cheating on Mackenzie Standifer & LYING About Arrest! [UPDATED]

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Yesterday, we reported that Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards had been arrested for a probation violation.

The arrest came less than 24 hours after the world learned that Ryan's wife, Mackenzie Standifer, is pregnant with her and Ryan's first child together.

The news of Ryan's legal trouble was shocking for a number of reasons, not the least of which was that fans had no idea that Edwards was on probation or that he'd been taken into custody back in April.

It's enough to make you wonder what else Ryan and Mackenzie are concealing - and it turns out the answer to that question is "quite a lot."

Not only has Ryan been caught cheating on his pregnant wife, it seems he's been less than honest about his hostory of legal troubles and substance abuse...

1. A Surprising Arrest

A Surprising Arrest
Ryan was taken into custody in Red Bank, Tennessee after a petition to revoke his probation was issued by a judge. Edwards was on probation in connection with a heroin possession arrest in April.

2. Terrible Timing

Terrible Timing
News of the arrest came just 24 hours after the world learned that Ryan's wife, Mackenzie Standifer, is pregnant. It will be the second child for both partners and their first as a couple.

3. Lyin' Ryan?

Lyin' Ryan?
Edwards gave viewers the impression that he had been completely honest about his drug and legal problems. However, this was the first the public heard about his probation and April arrest.

4. Mackenzie Comes Clean

Mackenzie Comes Clean
Ryan has remained silent in the day since his arrest, but Mackenzie recently opened up to Radar Online about her husband's legal troubles. “Possession of heroin was the original charge from April before he went to rehab,” she told the site.

5. No Cause For Concern

No Cause For Concern
Perhaps troublingly, Mackenzie seems completely unconcerned about Ryan's latest brush with the law. “Part of his case was he had to be booked. Everything is fine," she assures TMOG fans.

6. Cheating AGAIN?!

Cheating AGAIN?!
Of course, Mackenzie might not be so eager to continue defending her husband now that it's been revealed that Ryan has returned to his cheating ways...

7. Caught in the Act

Caught in the Act
Radar Online has obtained screen shots from Ryan's Tinder profile, which he was reportedly using to find potential cheating partners as recently as this week.

8. Red-Handed

In screen shots dated March 21, Ryan exchanges fliry messages with an unidentified woman. "Hit me up," he tells her at one point.

9. Repeat Offender

Repeat Offender
Radar has spoken with a second woman who claims that Ryan contacted her friend using the dating app. The woman says Mackenzie messaged her demanding information about the friend who had caught Edwards' eye.

10. Mackenzie on the Case

Mackenzie on the Case
"She wanted to know my friend's name," the woman says of her encounter with Standifer. "She wanted to know how my friend knew Ryan."

11. There's More...

There's More...
And that's not all. A third woman says she also spoke with Ryan on Tinder. She tells Radar Online that Edwards encouraged her to come over to his house, presumably while Mackenzie wasn't home.

12. Off the Wagon?

Off the Wagon?
Needless to say, Standifer is likely less than pleased by the situation. Regarding her husband's sobriety, however, Mackenzie seems completely untroubled, and her comments on the situation have led some fans to believe she's being naive...

13. Newly Sober?

Newly Sober?
“He took a drug test yesterday and passed,” Standifer told Radar. Interestingly, she was mum on the subject of how long Ryan has been sober.

14. Misleading the Public?

Misleading the Public?
It's interesting that Mackenzie is so casual about the revelation that Ryan was arrested back in April, considering she previously went to great lengths to conceal that fact.

15. Pretending to Be Shocked?

Pretending to Be Shocked?
Fans will recall Ryan and Mackenzie's 2017 wedding, at which he was so high that he passed out while driving to the church. Shortly thereafter, Ryan checked into rehab and Maci pretended to be totally blindsided by his substance abuse issues.

16. Dragging Maci Through the Mud

Dragging Maci Through the Mud
Shortly after the wedding, Mackenzie penned a heartfelt open letter to Maci Bookout, in which she chastised Ryan's ex for keeping his past drug addictions a secret.

17. Counting the Days

Counting the Days
“Maci, you told me to my face, merely days after I had informed you about Ryan seeking help, that you had known about his problem since November,” Standifer began. “That was 186 days; 400,464 hours; and 267,840 minutes that he could’ve died, and still, you said nothing.”

18. Exploiting Her Ex?

Exploiting Her Ex?
“You let everyone know that you feared for his life, while concurrently exploiting Ryan and his addiction on the show,” Standifer continued.

19. Mad at Maci

Mad at Maci
“You preach about hating complacency and enabling,” Standifer told Bookout. “But, because you turned your head to the problem, that makes you the enabler, not everyone else that it’s blamed on.”

20. Who's Really to Blame?

Who's Really to Blame?
Needless to say, Mackenzie piles a lot of blame on Maci, even going so far as to accuse Bookout of keeping Ryan's drug addiction a secret. But if Ryan was arrested for possession in April of 2017 - when he was already dating Standifer - than how could she have not known he had a problem?

21. Secret Shame?

Secret Shame?
Many fans are now convinced that Ryan and Mackenzie actually hid his April arrest from Maci. Their reason for doing so likely had to do with the ongoing custody battle between Edwards and Bookout.

22. So What Really Happened?

So What Really Happened?
Mackenzie's description is quite vague, and it's still hard to say exactly why Ryan was taken into custody. One thing is certain, however - the soon-to-be father of two is still struggling.

23. Major Concerns

Major Concerns
“There have been major concerns about Ryan’s sobriety,” an insider close to the situation tells Us Weekly.

24. Reunion Drama

Reunion Drama
“At the upcoming reunion, his drug addiction is a major subject," the source contined. "Specifically, Ryan needed more inpatient treatment, longer than what he previously got.” Sounds like we'll learn more about Ryan's situation during the two-part reunion special that airs in April. In the meantime, one thing seems clear...

25. Ryan Needs Help

Ryan Needs Help
Ryan has been through a lot in the past year, and it seems he's having major trouble processing all the ups and downs. Here's hoping he gets the help he needs, even if that means stepping away from the spotlight for a while.

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