Lauren Comeau: I Totally Forgive Javi For Banging Some Rando in Our House!

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To err is human; to forgive is divine.

Most of us grew up on that adage emphasizing the importance of mercy and compassion, and it certainly has merits. No one should hold grudges.

But what about a case like Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau's, in which dude erred in the worst way possible, and will almost certainly err again?

As you may recall, Teen Mom 2 star Javi banged one of his Crossfit students in the couple's Delaware home while Lauren was upstairs sleeping.

She walked in on them. Amazing.

Just days after that mess, however, Javi and Lauren were back on good terms, and now, it looks as though they're planning a wedding again.

Even more amazing. Take a look:

1. Water Under the Bridge

Water Under the Bridge
Apparently, Lauren Comeau has the patience of a saint. Either that, or she's extremely gullible.

2. Rough Patch

Rough Patch
It's only been about two months since Lauren walked in on Javi hooking up with a member of the Crossfit gym he owns.

3. Oh, What a Night

Needless to say, the scene quickly turned ugly. Javi's sister arrived at the home hoping to remove his infant son from the home. That's when Javi called the cops to have HER removed.

4. A Repeated Pattern

A Repeated Pattern
Lauren moved out on Javi, and considering this wasn't the first time he'd been accused of cheating on her, it was widely assumed she would stay gone.

5. Smooth Talk

Smooth Talk
But Javi was able to convince Comeau to give him a second shot, and now, the two of them are once again cohabiting ... and planning a wedding.

6. Skeleton Crew

Skeleton Crew
The couple took their son out trick-or-treating on Halloween, along with Javi's elder son from his relationship with Kail Lowry. This pic is the first we've seen of them together since their reconciliation.

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