Javi Marroquin: CAUGHT Banging One of His Crossfit Students While Lauren Comeau Slept Upstairs! [UPDATED]

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When we first learned that Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau had broken up, we weren't too shocked.

After all, breakups happen in this world, and when it comes to these two specifically, they'd split publicly once before.

Moreover, to say Javi doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to relationships would be an understatement.

And when we learned that Javi had cheated on Lauren - we were surprised, but yet weren't surprised at the same time.

Fidelity is not this dude's strong suit.

But when we learned the details of Javi's cheating and the manner in which he got caught ... well, that was another matter.

We obviously don't have the highest expectations for Mr. Marroquin, but even we couldn't believe how it all played out.

All we can say at this point is - poor Lauren. Poor girl.

Check out what happened and see what we mean:

1. An Ugly Scene

An Ugly Scene
This past Saturday night, Dover, Delaware law enforcement officials were called to Javi and Lauren's residence in response to an explosive fight inside the house. No one was arrested and no crimes were committed. But the situation was not what it seemed at first ...

2. The Call

Javi was the one who called the police, but it was his sister, not his fiance, who caused him to do so. Everyone involved was tight-lipped initially, but the details leaked out, and they've gotten crazier by the day.

3. So What's the Deal?

So What's the Deal?
It turns out that Lidia Marroquin arrived on the scene after catching wind of an intense argument between Javi and Lauren. Anyone want to guess what that was about?

4. Drama In the Marroquin Home

Drama In the Marroquin Home
According to a new report from celebrity gossip site Radar Online, Lidia decided to “come over and diffuse the situation.” After all, there is a child living there. She hoped to remove Javi and Lauren's infant son from the house until the situation had calmed down.

5. Bad Timing

Bad Timing
It seems the fight broke out initially while several of Javi's friends were at the house for a party. One of the attendees texted Lidia and told her what was going down.

6. The Cause

The Cause
So what sparked the incident? Well, in addition to starring on the aforementioned MTV series and dating reality stars, Javi owns a Crossfit location in Dover, and it seems the party guests were mostly gym members.

7. An Opportunity Presents Itself

An Opportunity Presents Itself
“Javi threw a party Saturday night with friends and gym members at their house,” a source close to the situation tells Radar. “At some point, Lauren went upstairs to go to sleep.” You know where this is going yet??

8. Handsy Javi

Handsy Javi
The source says that at that point, Javi got a little too friendly with one of the female guests.

9. Gym MILF!

Although her name is being withheld (at least until someone leaks it) to protect her privacy, we now know that Javi was caught cheating with a single mom who belongs to the Crossfit gym he owns.

10. One Bold Move

One Bold Move
According to the new report from Radar, Javi hooked up with the woman while Lauren was sleeping upstairs. Yes, you read that correctly. His fiancee and the mother of his child was asleep IN THE HOUSE when the dude and one of his Crossfit people started mauling one another.

11. Caught In the Act!

Caught In the Act!
Probably not a smart move. Morals aside, that's kind of asking for trouble, and it found him. “When Lauren came back downstairs, she found Javi and a woman naked,” says the source.

12. Plausible Deniability

Plausible Deniability
The source was unable to confirm or deny if any sexual activity took place, but come on. Lauren walked in on Javi and his side piece naked. (How amazing is that image?)

13. Bad Optics

Bad Optics
Even if Marroquin wasn't in the act and absolutely letting the girl have it at the exact moment Lauren walked in, he was in a room, alone, with a naked woman. Not a great look to say the last.

14. Officially Over

Officially Over
To her credit, Lauren has not spoken out about this publicly, and has not wavered in her plans to end the engagement and kick Javi to the curb.

15. Sticking To Her Guns

Sticking To Her Guns
Insiders say she has already kicked him out of the home they share, and she's deleted all photos of the two of him from her Instagram page.

16. Well, MOST Photos ...

Well, MOST Photos ...
Javi can still be seen on her page in pics with his son, as well as in group family photos. Hey, you have to preserve SOME memories, right? For the children.

17. What's Next

What's Next
It's anyone's guess what Lauren's next step will be at this point, but sources close to the situation say she's made it abundantly clear she won't be taking Javi back

18. Moving On?

Moving On?
For his part, Javi seems intent on moving on as quickly as possible. He posted this cryptic, Khloe Kardashian-style, attention-seeking "inspirational" quote on his Instagram page one day after the split.

19. Identifying the Leak

Identifying the Leak
Javi is clearly trying to figure out who leaked the details of that fateful night to the press. One thing we know for sure is ... it wasn't his ex-wife, the reason he's famous: Teen Mom 2 OG Kailyn Lowry.

20. Javi Problems

Javi Problems
“Since @Javimarroquin9 wants to text me asking if I’m leaking the info about him & his girl," Kailyn tweeted this week, revealing that he hit up her phone about 10 seconds after this went public. "I’m about to. I could have by now and I have not but if I’m accused I might as well, right.”

21. Taking the High Road

Taking the High Road
“But I won’t do what he did to me during our divorce so I’ll keep my mouth shut,” she later added ... while implying that she could and would air his dirty laundry if the mood strikes. Full savage.

22. Javi Hunting

Javi Hunting
So we guess Javi's search for the squealer will continue ... and we don't mean in bed with that MILF. (Sorry.) Hey, at least he'll have something to keep him busy now that he's single again.

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