Colt Johnson to Larissa Lima: I'm Selling Your Wedding Dress and Keeping the Cash!

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90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson has enjoyed a dubious reputation. Some fans think that he's a victim, others think that he's just a creep.

Now he's auctioning off the famously secondhand wedding dress worn by his ex-wife, Larissa Lima. 

Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima, Wedding Reception

At the end of April, Larissa Lima and Colt Johnson finalized their divorce agreement.

Their marriage lasted from June 2018 to January 10, 2019. On January 11, Colt filed for divorce.

Their divorce agreement included a clause that enjoined both parties from publicly disparaging the other.

But apparently, that does not extent to shade. Colt is currently auctioning off Larissa's wedding dress.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt Johnson Wedding Photo

Colt Johnson is using the site FanBound to effectively sell "merch" of himself.

In addition to Cameos, you can purchase a "short phone call" with Colt for the low, low prices of $100.

But one item -- already listed as sold -- comes at a steeper price of $500.

That item is the wedding dress that Larissa wore on their wedding day.

Larissa Lima in Her Wedding Dress

(Notably, it appears that Colt pulled this photo of Larissa from an entertainment news site who pulled it from Instagram; so much for sentiment)

Larissa's dress was secondhand in the first place, famously purchased from Goodwill to Larissa's disappointment.

It's clear that Colt expected that someone would want it as a piece of memorabilia from 90 Day Fiance and would pay that price for it.

It looks like he was right -- because the website claims that the dress has already been sold.

Colt Johnson Predicts the End

Obviously, 90 Day Fiance fans have been joking that Larissa's dress was surely cursed, and that the buyer should beware.

But let's be real -- Larissa and Colt were doomed long before they ever browed through Goodwill and picked out that white garment.

They have very different ideas of what it means to live together or to love one another.

Also, they lived with Debbie. It's hard to walk down the aisle when you keep tripping over the groom's still-attached umbilical cord.

Larissa Lima and Colt Johnson in Therapy

Some fans may be surprised that Colt, not Larissa, had possession of the wedding dress.

Others who have kept up closely with both of them since their frightening breakup in January knew that it was only a matter of time.

Back in February, months before the divorce agreement was signed, Larissa accused Colt of stealing her money and deactivating her phone.

She said that he kept a number of things that belonged to her, including her luggage and, yes, her wedding dress.

Colt Johnson, Art Selfie

We wouldn't care to speculate as to waht Colt had planned for Larissa's dress that caused him to keep it from her.

But he was in a position of power over her after their split, especially after he had called the police on her to have her arrested.

Larissa had been paying for her phone, but apparently Colt reported it as "stolen" even though it was not.

Larissa was then unable to use Uber or other services and was effectively stranded ... for a few weeks.

Colt Johnson Shares Larissa Lima Throwback Selfie

Larissa received a new iPhone as a gift at her infamous Divorce Party at Crazy Horse III, a gentlemen's club in Vegas.

Her wedding dress would be harder to replace, of course, but perhaps it is for the best that neither of them are anywhere near it.

We're not going to tell the dress' new owner what to believe, but a lot of fans have recommended some sort of spiritual cleansing for the dress.

The owner may want to hire a nice witch for a spiritual de-cluttering. Nobody wants their love life to end up like Colt and Larissa's.

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