Kylie Jenner Gives Birth, And Twitter Loses Its Mind!

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Kylie Jenner went and did it, guys.

Today, at long last, she finally confirmed all those pregnancy rumors that have been circling about her for months.

She also announced that just a few days ago, she welcomed a precious little baby girl!

We don't know too much about the littlest Jenner yet, besides the fact that both she and her mom are healthy and happy and doing well.

But just the fact that that baby exists is enough to send Twitter into a tailspin.

Check out some of the best reactions below!

1. Broke the Internet

Broke the Internet
Yeah she did! It's Super Bowl Sunday, but no one cares, because Kylie had her baby!!!

2. Heartwarming

We're all crying, right?

3. We Feel You, Iggy!

We Feel You, Iggy!
Even Iggy Azalea is crying!


What a perfect occasion to use all those glorious pictures of Kim Kardashian crying, right?

5. Best Wishes

Best Wishes
And seriously, Kylie killed the pregnancy announcement game with that video, and that's a fact.

6. Beautiful!

Where's the lie?!

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