Tom Brady Kisses Son on Lips, Stirs Wild Internet Debate

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Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

There's really no debating this point.

But there is some debate raging across the Internet over a scene in the Facebook docu-series Tom vs. Time that features Brady and his 10-year old son, Jack.

What the heck are we talking about?

Scroll down to find out!

1. The GOAT

Tom Brady is the best quarterback in NFL history and has put together arguably the greatest career of any athlete in professional sports history. He's a pretty big deal, that's all we're saying.

2. What the Heck is Tom vs. Time?

What the Heck is Tom vs. Time?
It's a reality series, basically, that you can watch via Faceboom and which takes you behind the scenes of Brady's private life.

3. The Controversy:

The Controversy:
In one scene from the program, Brady's 10-year old son, Jack, whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan comes into the room where he dad is getting a massage. After he initially gives his father a quick "peck," as described by Brady, Jack returns and give his famous parent a much longer smooch on the lips.

4. Cue the Backlash!

Cue the Backlash!
Many social media were taken aback by this exchange. Shocking, right?

5. People are Disturbed

People are Disturbed
Perhaps this person should be more disturbed by the lofty pedestal on which he holds Brady. (He likes Brady more than his own family members?!?)

6. Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom
If you have an issue with this clip, it says everything about you and nothing about Brady. Think about it.

7. Think About It, People

Think About It, People
Wouldn't the world be a much better and happier place if we all interacted in this fashion? Really, think about it HARD.

8. I'm Not Exactly One to Judge

I'm Not Exactly One to Judge
Those who kiss dogs on the lips (no judgment here!) can't say much about kissing 10-year old sons on the lips. It's a fair point, right?

9. Perhaps We Can All Just Laugh About This and Move On?

Perhaps We Can All Just Laugh About This and Move On?
We all laughed at this Saturday Night Live skit, right? Case closed. Not everything is a huge deal, people.

10. Because They Want to Show Affection?

Because They Want to Show Affection?
We're pretty sure that's all there is to this. Are we really criticizing parents now for showing TOO much love?

11. I Don't Kiss My Family Members at All

I Don't Kiss My Family Members at All
But how dare Brady act this way! (See the problem with this line of thinking?)

12. Brady Sucks!

Brady Sucks!
He's a total cheat at football who benefits from having an amazing head coach. But calm down and shut up, people.

13. Brady Rules!

Brady Rules!
But he sucks for this reason, apparently.

14. Where Do You Stand on This Debate?

Where Do You Stand on This Debate?
Weigh in now!

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