Kylie Jenner Answers ALL Your Burning Pregnancy Questions

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Kylie Jenner barely said a word during her pregnancy.

The reality star chose to remain silent in order to prepare herself for the biggest moment of her life, remaining far away from the spotlight throughout the duration of her second and third trimester.

But then she give birth to daughter Stormi Webster... and now Kylie won't shut up!

The first-time mother is back to sharing photos on Instagram and she took a few moments in March of 2018 to answer a bunch of questions about her pregnancy on Twitter.

What did she crave while knocked up? How did Kris Jenner react to the news?

Scroll down for answers to these inquiries and many more!

1. Kylie, Pre-Parenthood

Kylie, Pre-Parenthood
This is one of the final snapshots Jenner posted to social media prior to taking many months away from the platform. Now that she's back, however?

2. ... She's Unafraid to Share!

... She's Unafraid to Share!
This is one of the first photo Kylie posted that gave followers a full glimpse at herself post-pregnancy and, of course, of little Stormi.

3. So...What Secrets Can Kylie Reveal?

So...What Secrets Can Kylie Reveal?
The 20-year old held what almost amounted to a Reddit AMA on Twitter about six weeks after becoming a mother. It revealed a few interesting details.

4. Such As?

Such As?
Okay, this isn't the best example, considering Kylie can't recall. But she did narrow the field down to two!

5. Yay for Mama Kris!

Yay for Mama Kris!
Wow. We totally thought Kylie would say Kris expressed shock and disappointment upon learning the news. (Just kidding.)

6. She's Lying!

She's Lying!
We assume Kylie is lying in order to quell the concerns of followers, but come on: ALL first-time mothers are scared to give birth. It's okay to admit that.

7. Another Lie!

Another Lie!
Kylie, it's okay to say you couldn't sleep comfortably or couldn't reach your toes to paint them or sometimes got sick in the morning. It's okay to admit that pregnancy wasn't ideal and to still be totally in love with your baby.

8. She Isn't Lying Here

She Isn't Lying Here
Truly, there may be nothing cuter in life than a baby's toes.

9. BFFs Already

BFFs Already
It would be a lot funnier if Kylie said Stormi was actually feuding with Chicago over which baby had the cuter toes.

10. Father of the Year!

Father of the Year!
Come on, Twitterverse! Come up with better questions, please. What else is Kylie going to say to this one?!?

11. Stormi's Other BFF

Stormi's Other BFF
Of course Kylie still has her dog. We can totally see Norman giving Stormi kisses all over her face and it makes us laugh.

12. Whoa. Maybe 11 is Pregnant.

Whoa. Maybe 11 is Pregnant.
Only Stranger Things fans will get that joke.

13. NO WAY!!!!!

NO WAY!!!!!
There were only two genders it could be. It was one of those two genders. Talk about a stunning development!

14. Not Sushi?

Not Sushi?
We figured it would be sushi, based on a previous answer.

15. What About Kylie's BFF?

What About Kylie's BFF?
This actually is a cute response from Jordyn Woods, even if it was not empirically accurate.

16. Forget the Baby...

Forget the Baby...
... what about the crazy push present gifted to you from Travis? We're glad to hear it's driving well.

17. New Pics to Come?

New Pics to Come?
An anxious nation awaits, Kylie.

18. Is She Talking Yet?!?

Is She Talking Yet?!?
No. Don't be ridiculous. But she will be someday.

19. She's Like a Doll, Right?!?

She's Like a Doll, Right?!?
Not exactly. It's fine to buy her some cute outfits, but she doesn't exist for your dress-up amusement.

20. Does She, Though?

Does She, Though?
The kid isn't even six weeks old as of this writing.

21. A Calendar to Come?

A Calendar to Come?
Kylie may be a little busy this year. But she has teased a project for 2019... with mommy AND daughter, we hope.

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