Kylie Jenner: Is She Lying About Who Stormi's Father Is?!

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Earlier this month, Kylie Jenner was kind enough to share the first real photo of her brand new baby girl, Stormi.

In the photo, we actually got to see little Stormi's face for the first time ... and her face has ignited a whole lot of controversy.

And that's because many, many people are convinced that the baby doesn't look a lot like Travis Scott. Instead, those people say she bears a strong resemblance to Tyga.

You know, the guy Kylie was with a few seconds before Travis got her pregnant.

Check out Twitter's explanation for why Tyga might actually be the father -- if you're not convinced by the end, at least you'll have been entertained!

1. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
As it turns out, a whole, whole lot of people think that. Like, so many people.

2. Like This Person

Like This Person
To some, it's not even a question -- Stormi looks like Tyga and his son with Blac Chyna, King Cairo.

3. Stormi Stevenson

Stormi Stevenson
Do you see Tyga here?!

4. Uh ...

Uh ...
What about here, do you see a resemblance?


Where's Jerry Springer when you need him?! Seriously, where is he? Can he get on this?

6. Maury, Help Us!

Maury, Help Us!
Forget Jerry Springer ... you know who we need here.

7. The People Have Spoken

The People Have Spoken
Twitter can be so savage.

8. TRULY Savage

TRULY Savage
When Kylie did her Twitter Q&A, one person actually asked this question. As you can imagine, Kylie didn't answer, but the NERVE!


Just own it, friend. You care about the paternity of Kylie Jenner's baby. Own it.

10. Baby King!

Baby King!

11. Sincerely, Everyone

Sincerely, Everyone
At this point, does literally everyone think this? It's starting to look that way.

12. Plot Twist!

Plot Twist!
Then again, there's this person who believes Stormi resembles a potato more than Tyga OR Travis. Which is a fair stance.

13. Them Kris Jenner Genes!

Them Kris Jenner Genes!
Stormi could just be a total Kylie klone, have we explored that possibility?

14. Putting Everything Together

Putting Everything Together
It's time for some straight up detective work with this!

15. A MF Hurricane

A MF Hurricane
Kylie, did you really do this?!?!

16. The Shade of It All!

The Shade of It All!
... Was she though?

17. A Tangled Web

A Tangled Web
This is the kind of drama we deserve on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This right here.

18. Kris Has Got This

Kris Has Got This
You know the momager herself is ten million steps ahead of this mess!

19. "Oh, Tygaaaaa!"

"Oh, Tygaaaaa!"
Can you see it? You can see it, right?

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