Kim Kardashian Wants a Divorce, Shocking Report Claims

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Kim Kardashian is putting on a brave face in public.

She's saying all the right things about Kanye West.

According to Life & Style, however, the reality star is not handling her husband's apparent breakdown very well.

Far from it, in fact.

With Kanye blabbering on about Donald Trump and slavery and angering nearly everyone with a rational view of the world, Kardashian is reportedly weighing her options.

Could she really file for divorce from the father of her three kids?

Scroll down for a summary of the latest speculation...

1. Sigh. Where Do We Even Start Here?

Sigh. Where Do We Even Start Here?
On April 15, Kanye returned to Twitter... and it was instantly weird. "The psychological zombie effect," read Tweeted early on. "I’m super chaaaaaarged. Bout to take this whole thing to mars."

2. It Got A LOT Crazier From There

It Got A LOT Crazier From There
Kanye's Twitter barrage went from sort of cute to scary and annoying when he praised Donald Trump frequently and said that blacks made the "choice" to be slaves.

3. But Still...

But Still...
... Kim stuck by her husband's side -- in public. The media is "so quick to label him as having mental health issues for just being himself when he has always been expressive," she Tweeted at one point.

4. In Private, However?

In Private, However?
We reported that Kim was considering an intervention, desperate to get through to Kanye in any way she possibly could; to help him seek professional assistance. Click on the above headline to read more about this story.

5. Just How Bad Have Things Gotten?

Just How Bad Have Things Gotten?
"Kim is in talks with lawyers about getting a divorce," a source exclusively tells Life & Style. "Kanye’s acting more unpredictable than ever. Things have gotten so bad that Kim and Kanye sleep in separate rooms."

6. Peace Out, Kanye!

Peace Out, Kanye!
This same report claims Kim will take the kids and go stay at Kris Jenner's house when things get especially bad between the stars.

7. Continues This Tabloid Source:

Continues This Tabloid Source:
"They fight constantly — blow-out fights. Kanye needs professional help. He’s delusional and paranoid. He thinks he's a savior. He talks to himself, and he talks to people who aren’t actually in the room because he thinks he’s being watched."

8. But It's Not Just the Tweet Storm

But It's Not Just the Tweet Storm
Kanye will be releasing two albums this summer. He'll therefore be off on tour promoting them or off giving interviews, meaning Kim will be at home with three young kids. Alone.

9. It's All Getting to Her

It's All Getting to Her
Big, big time, this insider explains: "Kim is tired of covering for him and putting out fires that he keeps creating. She can’t take it anymore."

10. Is Kanye Listening to His Wife?

Is Kanye Listening to His Wife?
Does he understand her concerns? HA! Of course not. "He doesn’t want help — he thinks he’s fine," writes Life & Style. "He says he doesn’t have any mental problems or issues with anything like addiction."

11. Divorce Rumors Go Back a LONG Way Between These Two

Divorce Rumors Go Back a LONG Way Between These Two
Remember this tabloid cover story? That hilariously claimed the marriage would be over after 58 days? LOL.

12. And Then in Early 2017...

And Then in Early 2017...
The divorce chatter was more realistic here, weeks after Kim was robbed at gunpoint in Paris and Kanye was hospitalized for a mental braekdown.There was plenty of speculation over whether the stars could overcome these personal obstacles and stay together.

13. Yet... Here They Are!

Yet... Here They Are!
Kim and Kanye emerged from these struggles stronger than ever. Or so it seemed last year, at least.

14. Why Do We Say This?

Why Do We Say This?
Because they welcomed a baby girl named Chicago via surrogate. One would assume this would not have been considered if the romance was rocky.

15. However, A Lot Has Changed

However, A Lot Has Changed
"She’s afraid for Kanye, herself, and her family. That’s the main reason Kim wants a divorce," says this insider. "She’s tired of the confrontations. She wants a clean break."

16. Would Money Stand in Kim's Way?

Would Money Stand in Kim's Way?
No. The magazine writes that a "prenup" is in place and that Kardashian has more money in the bank than Kanye because he spends so recklessly.

17. So... Will a Divorce Happen?

So... Will a Divorce Happen?
We'd be surprised, but notice we didn't say "shocked." Kim loves Kanye a lot, we don't doubt that. But does she love her brand more?

18. Which Will Win Out?

Which Will Win Out?
Kim's affection for the father of her kids? Or the loyalty she feels to a brand that she has built for a decade and which Kanye is clearly damaging?

19. Eh, Who Are We Kidding?

Eh, Who Are We Kidding?
Kim won't make this decision. Like all pressing family matters, it will be left in the hands of Kris Jenner.

20. What Do YOU Want to See Happen?

What Do YOU Want to See Happen?
Should Kim stick with Kanye? Or does he no longer deserve the benefit of any doubt because he's so very far off his rocker and not listening to any reason?

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