Kanye West Tries to Explain That Slavery Comment

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Kanye West may have finally crossed a line.

The rapper has been spewing nonsense for weeks now, ever since announcing that he's releasing new music in the summer of 2018.

When he expressed heartfelt affection for Donald Trump, Twitter users shook their head.

But when he wondered why black people were enslaved for "400 years" while speaking to TMZ and then said the answer had to be because they WANTED to be, well...

... Twitter users nearly broke their computer screens.

Scroll down to see a few responses to Kanye's opinion and then to see how Kanye is attempting to explain himself:

1. Is He Sick or Is He Smart?

Is He Sick or Is He Smart?
This is the ongoing debate regarding Kanye: does he need mental help... or does he NOT need a marketing team because he's so good by himself as publicizing his music and his brand?

2. Getting Schooled

Getting Schooled
Kanye has been irritating beyond all belief. But maybe it was all worth it, just to see him getting yelled at by a TMZ employee.

3. Down with Kanye

Down with Kanye
This isn't funny anymore, people. This is simply dangerous and dumb. (We agree.)

4. Sorry, Kanye Lovers

Sorry, Kanye Lovers
It's time to let go. Embrace another rapper. Please stop trying to defend this man or justify his behavior.

5. Okay, So Let Me Explain...

Okay, So Let Me Explain...
Kanye actually did try to walk back this one remark... kind of, that is. He at least acknowledges that he wasn't entirely clear in how he phrased himself.

6. It Was a Numbers Game!

It Was a Numbers Game!
No, Kanye, it really wasn't. Go read an actual book and see what happened to slaves who tried to rise up.

7. Their Tongues Were LITERALLY Cut Out

Their Tongues Were LITERALLY Cut Out
This is what Kanye doesn't understand. Of course his tongue will never be cut out. He can say whatever he wants and then go about his mega rich and famous life.

8. Yes, This Happened

Yes, This Happened
And it worked, which is understandable. We wish you had a coherent point, Kanye.

9. Yes, They Can!

Yes, They Can!
And do you know who is trying to silence you and your people, Kanye? That President you adore, Donald Trump.

10. No.

Just... no. How are you compare yourself to Harriet Tubman?!? You have no clue, dude.

11. Okay, How Would You Update It?

Okay, How Would You Update It?
Feel free to do some research and introduce some actual idea, not spew uneducated nonsense.

12. It's All About Free Thought

It's All About Free Thought
Kanye, listen: you are free to think freely. What many African-Americans have a problem with is that they are not free to walk down the street without being harassed by policemen.

13. Nope, Wrong Again

Nope, Wrong Again
You're being attacked for disrespecting an entire culture and being a total moron.

14. Learn More Here:

Check out the attached video to learn more about what Kanye said and why he's now trying to walk it back.

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