Jenelle Evans Almost Got SHOT During Road Rage Incident! (Report)

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Earlier this week, reports about a Jenelle Evans road rage incident that nearly led to led to tragedy left Teen Mom 2 fans stunned.

Witnesses say Evans brandished a weapon and threatened to kill the other driver, all while her eldest son, Jace, was in the car with her.

Thankfully, no one was injured, but the incident is likely to carry major legal ramifications for Jenelle, and it looks as though it'll at least result in the controversial reality star being fired from the series that made her famous.

Now, new details have emerged which confirm that Evans was the aggressor - and that she nearly paid the ultimate price.

1. Jenelle Being Jenelle

Jenelle Being Jenelle
Last week, Jenelle was involved in a near-fatal encounter that reportedly began when another driver cut her off. Evans claims the motorist "intentionally" slammed on his brakes in front of her, hoping to cause an accident.

2. A New Level of Insanity

A New Level of Insanity
With her 8-year old son in the car, Jenelle pursued the other driver, eventually chasing him down a dirt road and onto his own property.

3. Flirting With Disaster

Flirting With Disaster
Now, the other driver is speaking out for the first time and revealing that Jenelle risked not only her life but the life of her son when she drove straight into an ambush situation.

4. Jenelle on the Warpath

Jenelle on the Warpath
“She drove down my dirt road, way down in the woods to my house," the driver tells Radar Online. "I didn’t know who was inside the car at the time. It could have been a carload of guys…the windows were tinted.”

5. It's a Trap!

It's a Trap!
We knew from the start that the Jenelle situation got out of hand in a hurry, but what we didn't know is that Jenelle came frighteningly close to being involved in a violent shootout.

6. Weapons All Around

Weapons All Around
“We didn’t know and we had to treat it for the worst possible situation," claims the other driver. "My son was outside waiting in an azalea bush, he was armed, my wife was pulling in, she was armed, my cousin was out there and they were armed.”

7. The Showdown

Yes, the motorist says he called ahead in order to instruct his family to grab their guns and assume their positions. Naturally, Jenelle responded to the situation with a threat of her own.

8. Not One to Back Down

Not One to Back Down
“She kept saying she was filming everything, she had three cameras, and I was ‘screwed,'" the driver says.

9. Yes, She Really Said That...

Jenelle really tried to fight guns with TV cameras. We know she's new to this whole "being a gun nut" business, but she must know how foolish that was, right? Of course, Evans also came equipped with a far more dangerous plan B ...

10. Something Amiss

The other driver says he noticed that Jenelle was holding a “chrome pink phone," and he says that at one point, "she stuck it behind her side view mirror."

11. Did We Mention Her Son Was in the Car?

Did We Mention Her Son Was in the Car?
"She was purposely hiding something behind her phone," says the motorist. "I couldn’t see what it was, I couldn’t see nothing but a set of hands.”

12. Safety Last

Safety Last
It's a situation that any sane person would have extricated themselves from immediately, but Jenelle being Jenelle, she decided to escalate the conflict instead. Multiple witnesses have confirmed the driver's suspicion that Evans was holding a gun in the car.

13. Close Call

Close Call
“If she pulled that gun out she wouldn’t have made it,” he said. “She don’t know how close she came to getting shot!”

14. A Good Decison From JENELLE?!

A Good Decison From JENELLE?!
“If she brandished a firearm she wouldn’t be here today,” the homeowner told Radar. “The best thing she ever done was not show us the gun.”

15. Leaving Her Mark

Leaving Her Mark
Fortunately, before disaster could strike, Jenelle peeled out and sped away from the property, striking a mailbox and three cars in the process.

16. Cooler Heads

Cooler Heads
“I didn’t pull my gun, I left it in the truck. I was just trying to get to my house and she was saying no you ain’t," the anonymous motorist says in summation of the situation.

17. Of COURSE David Was Involved

Of COURSE David Was Involved
The motorist says Jenelle told police that her infamous husband, David Eason, instructed her by phone to pursue the other car and remove her gun from the glovebox.

18. Douchebag Dave

Douchebag Dave
The other driver says he caught wind of the situation - and he's prepared in case Eason should attempt any sort of retaliation ...

19. Series Finale

Series Finale
“We done took measures, if that son of a gun comes in here he won’t make it out,” he warned. “And you can come film that.”

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