Khloe Kardashian: Why She SHOULD Leave Tristan Thompson, But Never Will

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By now, you've almost certainly heard the news that Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on Khloe Kardashian while she was pregnant with his child.

Earlier this month, Khloe welcomed her first child - a girl named True Thompson - but she has yet to kick Tristan to the curb.

Fans are growing concerned that she's planning to stick by the Cleveland Cavs forward despite his rampant infidelity.

And as much as we hate to admit it, it's looking more and more like Khloe and Tristan will try and work things out.

Here's why that's a terrible idea.


1. The Dilemma

The Dilemma
Khloe's in a tough spot, no doubt about it. Under normal circumstances, we're sure she wouldn't tolerate Tristan's behavior, but she just welcomed her first child with the man and uprooted her life so that she could relocate to Cleveland for him.

2. Played For a Fool

Played For a Fool
Tristan, of course, is not merely some baby daddy to Khloe. Sources say she was convinced from their first date that Tristan was "the one." Little did she know, she was just one of many for him.

3. Horrendous Timing

Horrendous Timing
Just days before Khloe welcomed her first child, multiple media outlets published proof that Thompson had cheated on at least two separate occasions while she was pregnant. And as the days went by, the news got even worse...

4. What Comes Next?

What Comes Next?
Many thought that Khloe would have already kicked Tristan to the curb by now, but it looks as though the stuation is more complex than that.

5. A Changing View?

In the past Khloe has been an outspoken and unforgiving critic of men who cheat on their spouses, but it now looks as though she's had a change of heart on the matter, as evidenced by her decision to stay put in Cleveland - in Tristan's home, no less.

6. Making Her Move

Making Her Move
So will Khloe give Tristan the boot now that he violated one of her cardinal relationship rules? We doubt it - and here's why ...

7. The Family She's Always Wanted

The Family She's Always Wanted
Throughout her years in the spotlight, Khloe has made no secret of her desire to get married and start a family. So it's not hard to imagine how devastating it must have been for news of Tristan's infidelity to come to light just as her dreams were coming true.

8. Uprooted

On top of her desire for the nuclear family she longed for while growing up, Khloe might be desperate to make things work with Tristan simply because the alternative would be wildly inconvenient. Khloe was reportedly planning to live in Cleveland, with Thompson, for most of the year.

9. Practicing What She Preaches?

Practicing What She Preaches?
Many fans are disappointed that Khloe is failing to follow her own advice and seems to be giving Tristan a second chance. But she hasn't totally let him off the hook ...

10. Khloe on Top

Khloe on Top
Sources say Khloe has made it quite clear to Tristan that he's on very thin ice. In fact, even though Khloe has remained in Cleveland, she and Tristan are reportedly no longer living together.

11. Power Move

Power Move
Yes, Khloe is apparently living in Tristan's mansion, while he holes up in a hotel. She's agreed to stay in Cleveland for the time being so that Thompson can spend time with his daughter as he and his team continue to compete in the NBA playoffs.

12. The Ball Is In Her Court

The Ball Is In Her Court
After the Cavs are either eliminated from the playoffs or win the championship (ed. note: lol), it'll be up to Khloe what happens next. The smart move would be to head back to LA, plot her future, and let Tristan try to win her back. But it doesn't look like that's what will happen.

13. Khloe Is Committed

Those who know her best say Khloe wants nothing more than to make things work with Tristan. And while it won't be easy for Thompson to earn back her trust, Khloe reportedly thnks of his cheating as a relatively minor setback.

14. Wedding Bells?

Wedding Bells?
Believe it or not, Khloe reportedly still sees marriage in the future for her and Tristan. Fortunately, she's put the planning process temporarily on hold for fear of additional revelations.

15. No Fool

No Fool
Khloe may be in love, but she's not dumb. Tristan has obviously gotten away with a LOT already, but that doesn't mean he has a re-usable "get out of jail free" card. Sources say Khloe has made it clear that if any new allegations come to light, she'll end their relationship for good.

16. The Ultimatum

The Ultimatum
Insiders say Khloe has demanded that Tristan come clean. So now there are (supposedly) no secrets between them ... but Khloe is stll holding on to two major fears.

17. A Sex Tape

A Sex Tape
Khloe is reportedly deeply concerned about rumors that Tristan made a sex tape with one of his cheating partners. Sources say she's told him that if any such footage surfaces, the humiliation will be such that she'll have no choice but to dump him.

18. Another Baby

Another Baby
When Khloe met Tristan, his most recent ex, Jordan Craig, was pregnant with his child. She came to terms with the situation, but apparently it wasn't easy. Now, she's said to be terrified by the possibility that Tristan got another woman pregnant in a strange, karmic twist. Whatever the case, one thing is abundanlty clear...

19. Khloe Needs to Run and Never Look Back

Khloe Needs to Run and Never Look Back
Her family and friends have counseled her, and her fans have pleaded with her, but it seems Khloe is love blind and can't imagine parting ways with Tristan. She's already been in one disastrous marriage with an NBA player, and those closest to Khloe say they're afraid she's repeating the same mistakes. As for Tristan's ability to change, they're skeptical, to say the very least...

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