Chelsea Houska: Adam Lind's Mom Is Ruining My Life!

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In its earliest years on the air, the Teen Mom franchise highlighted the many perlis of becoming pregnant at a young age.

Of course, one of the big ones was not immediately evident to the show's young stars:

Namely, the fact that when you have a kid with someone, you're stuck with them for life.

Take Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind, for example.

The former couple has been broken up for years, and these days, Chelsea is happily married to Cole DeBoer.

But because they have a child together, Chelsea and Adam are bonded for life, a set of circumstances that Houska griped about on Tuesday night's Teen Mom 2 reunion special.

Taka a look:

1. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
Chelsea Houska has been broken up with Adam Lind for several years. But because the two of them have a child together, he'll always be a part of her life.

2. Stuck In the Middle

Stuck In the Middle
Chelsea and Adam are parents to 9-year-old Aubree, and while Lind has been absent throughout much of the girl's life, he still manages to be a thorn in Houska's side.

3. Family Ties

Family Ties
On the most recent season of Teen Mom 2, Houska clashed with Adam's mom, who complained that she doesn't get to see Aubree enough.

4. Safety Precautions

Safety Precautions
Currently, Adam is only permitted to see his daughter at school events or during supervised visits at a state-run location.

5. A Mile-Long Rap Sheet

A Mile-Long Rap Sheet
This is a necessary precaution resulting from Lind's many, many run-ins with the law, several of which have landed him behind bars.

6. Absentee Adam

Absentee Adam
As longtime TM2 viewers are aware, Lind has often failed to set up visits with Aubree, or to show up for visits once they're scheduled.

7. A Grandmother's Gripe

A Grandmother's Gripe
Despite this, Lind's mother contacted Chelsea this season to complain that Adam is not allowed to be present during Aubree's visits with her grandparents (on Adam's side).

8. Cause For Complaint

Cause For Complaint
Needless to say, this didn't sit well with Chelsea. "As soon as I was clear that it wasn't gonna happen, she got very defensive," Houska complained.

9. Not Happening

Not Happening
In one scene, Lind's mother called Chelsea to propose a change in the rules that would allow Adam to be at his parents' house during Aubree's visits with her maternal grandparents.

10. A Valid Argument

A Valid Argument
"I truly don't feel like enough steps, I haven't seen any steps on his end to be okay with that quite yet," said Houska, likely reflecting on the fact that Adam recently missed a scheduled visit.

11. Good Point

Good Point
"He could go to the visitation center again and set up visits again," Houska said, in the interest of proposing a solution.

12. Fair Question

Fair Question
"Are you wanting him to have time with her or is he wanting to have time?" Chelsea asked at one point, evidently curious about what prompted this unexpected phone call.

13. An Ugly Scene

An Ugly Scene
Adam's mother refused to appear on camera, but it's clear from hearing Chelsea's side that the conversation did not go according to plan.

14. A Difficult Discussion

A Difficult Discussion
Chelsea addressed the topic of her clash with Lind's mom on Tuesday night's Teen Mom reunion special.

15. Out of Her Element

Out of Her Element
"I'm not good with confrontation," Chelsea admitted when asked about the scene.

16. Enough Is Enough

Enough Is Enough
"But I was just like, I've had enough," Houska continued. "She doesn't respect me as Aubree's mom."

17. Asking the Hard Questions

Asking the Hard Questions
"I asked her, 'Why isn't he calling and asking this?'" Chelsea recalled. "He doesn't even call on her birthday."

18. Sounds Like a Problem She Should Bring Up With Adam!

Sounds Like a Problem She Should Bring Up With Adam!
"Her answer was, it's hard for her because she can't have family gatherings with Aubree and him there," Houska said.

19. And There It Is

And There It Is
"I'm not sure she's really grasping his issues or holding him accountable," Chelsea concluded.

20. Making Progress

Making Progress
Elsewhere in the reunion special, Chelsea opened up about her anxiety issues and how far she's come with the help of her husband.

21. Dealing With It

Dealing With It
She may never be able to see eye-to-eye with Lind, but unlike some of her co-stars, Chelsea has the tools necessary to cope with the stress an unstable baby daddy (and his family!) can bring into her life.

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