Vicki Gunvalson Obviously Hospitalized After Kelly Dodd Feud Goes Nuclear in Miami

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On this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly Dodd has been feuding with more or less everyone.

Yes, even more than usual.

But on this week's episode, Kelly flipped out at Vicki after the OG crossed a major boundary. And Vicki flipped out right back.

Even as they had their heated argument, Vicki expressed physical fear that Kelly would hurt her.

Vicki ended up being rushed to the ER in an ambulance. See how it all played out below:

1. Vicki had QUITE the episode

Vicki had QUITE the episode
Her feud with Kelly Dodd exploded, she made a startling admission to the camera, and she ended up being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Yikes.

2. The ladies went to Miami

The ladies went to Miami
And the Tres Amigas in particular had a grand old time, as you can tell by how excited Shannon is in this moment.

3. Alcohol was involved

Alcohol was involved
The Housewives exchanged cheers and -- this will be relevant soon -- the alcohol was positively flowing.

4. Maybe too much alcohol

Maybe too much alcohol
There are certain restaurants in the world where exclamations of excitement are acceptable, but they were straight up yelling.

5. And they didn't stop there

And they didn't stop there
Most people didn't even do this in college. Vicki is 57 years old. She is a grandmother. We're not age-shaming her, just explaining why some feel that she should have known better than to go off the rails like this.

6. She paid for it immediately

She paid for it immediately
Drinking heavily makes you feel like you're dying because it's literally poison and your liver is rushing to process it.

7. Here's a VERY funny question

Here's a VERY funny question
The answer: no? The Real Housewives are rich and distinguished but most of them are characterized by poor behavior.

8. Drinking leads to bad ideas

Drinking leads to bad ideas
It looks like Tamra and Shannon are having a straight up tug-of-war over Vicki right now as Vicki tries to enter the pool while mostly dressed.

9. Speaking of clothing ...

Speaking of clothing ...
Yes, Tamra is already topless at this point. Honestly? Good for her. What's even the point of having a body like Tamra's if you don't flaunt it?

10. Shannon won the day

Shannon won the day
Vicki joined Shannon in the water. Hey, it was two against one.

11. They seemed happy about it

They seemed happy about it
When you're drunk, almost any impulse can look like a good idea, even when it's not. Night swimming while drunk can be dangerous, though we're sure that the producers would save them if it came to that.

12. By the way ...

By the way ...
Shannon dove in just wearing her spanx, but it was just one set of spanx, not three. That's progress.

13. Why did Vicki stay dressed?

Why did Vicki stay dressed?
During the After Show, Shannon and Tamra both separately explained that Steve Lodge is apparently a big ol' prude who doesn't even like for Vicki to wear low-cut tops. Apparently Vicki would have been as naked as Tamra if it weren't for Steve.

14. The fun didn't last

The fun didn't last
Security demanded that the Tres Amigas exit the pool immediately. These wealthy women, two of whom are grandmothers, acted like college students who had been busted by campus police and ran the other way -- you know, like security wouldn't know who they were.

15. They ran off

They ran off
Unfortunately, running while wet is not the safest activity, and it gets even more dangerous when one is wildly drunk.

16. Vicki fell

Vicki fell
Fortunately, from the direction that her ankles and legs are facing, it could have been a whole lot worse.

17. Still, it hurt

Still, it hurt
Vicki immediately complained that she felt unable to walk and that she was really hurting. She even feared that she had broken her leg. (Note: she had not broken her leg)

18. They called an ambulance

They called an ambulance
Most of us would avoid an ambulance even if we had been shot -- an ambulance ride can cost over $2,000, a fact that most people in the world find appalling because it doesn't have to be like that and frankly is not like that in most industrialized nations.

19. The ambulance arrived!

The ambulance arrived!
Fortunately, Vicki is rich AF and can afford to ride in an ambulance just in case, even if it costs her what most people would spend on three months' rent.

20. They loaded Vicki onto the stretcher

They loaded Vicki onto the stretcher
The Housewives had also ordered from Denny's, which was extremely drunk of them, and their food arrived at the same time as the ambulance ... which meant that Vicki was loaded into the vehicle with Denny's sitting on her chest. It's Florida; the EMS folks have seen weirder.

21. And away she goes!

And away she goes!
Fortunately, she was walking just fine days later, but we're sure that the fall really did hurt.

22. That wasn't all

That wasn't all
It also came out that Vicki had been in communication with the woman who was claiming that Kelly had "broken" her hand during an incident at a bar.

23. Vicki didn't see the big deal

Vicki didn't see the big deal
She was annoyed with Tamra for telling anyone about this, but she said that Kelly was "done."

24. It was too much

It was too much
Remember when Kelly was threatening to be a character witness in a lawsuit against Shannon and Tamra? This seemed like the exact same thing from Vicki. It's out of bounds.

25. Shannon filled Kelly in

Shannon filled Kelly in
In the mean time, Vicki told the cameras "I'm actually scared of Kelly -- physically scared of her. She's got a track history of hurting people. Not just here, I've heard...I don't want to repeat rumors, but I've heard she's had a lot of altercations with a lot of people." (lol at saying that she doesn't want to repeat rumors)

26. Eventually, the two ladies went head-to-head

Eventually, the two ladies went head-to-head
"You're a conwoman, conlady. You're a liar," Kelly accused Vicki. Vicki screeched back: "F--king slut! SLUT! You called me a f--king conwoman! I've never conned anybody in my life! I was conned!"

27. It was not Vicki's best episode

It was not Vicki's best episode
During all of this, Gina and Emily exchanged notes on Vicki crossing lines. Emily is a little friendlier with Kelly, of course, but they were sick of the nasty escalations. And Gina (and Tamra) express that Kelly and Vicki are "the same." Two sides of the same coin. We can see that.

28. Speaking of Vicki ... again

Speaking of Vicki ... again
The ladies also attended a drag show, and Vicki's response was once again ... disappointing.

29. Vicki does not like drag.

Vicki does not like drag.
"I don't understand it," Vicki confessed. "Boys dress like girls, and girls dress like boys. I don't get it. Sorry, drags." One cool thing about existence is that if a marginalized community has a piece of its culture that you don't understand, it's fine. Maybe it's not for you.

30. Not the first awkward moment for Vicki this season

Not the first awkward moment for Vicki this season
We find ourselves reminded of Vicki's over-the-top negative reaction to Braunwyn and Tamra's harmless makeout session at Shannon's birthday party. They're just kissing, Vicki. And while drag has a complicated history and a number of personal and cultural motivations, it's just somebody dancing in a fancy outfit. Relax, or people might think that you have a real problem with the LGBTQ+ community.

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