Keeping Up with the Kardashians Rekap: Kimye at a Krossroads

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Kanye West is simply a lot.

This is something with which Kim Kardashian was very familiar when she agreed to marry the rapper, of course.

But that doesn't mean he still can't be, well... a whole lot.

West's often-exasperated attitude and behavior were on full display during the April 7 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as Kim grew upset with her husband and some of the declarations he was making.

Scroll down to see what we mean and to read a recap of the latest installment...

1. What Did Kanye Say Now?

What Did Kanye Say Now?
The episode took viewers back several months to when Kanye declared that he wanted to move to Chicago... without mentioning this at all to his wife.

2. WTH, 'Ye?

WTH, 'Ye?
"What do you want to do? You wanna live in Chicago and I'll live here and we'll FaceTime?" Kim asked Kanye after flying to confront him following his announcement, making it clear she was not leaving Los Angeles.

3. Other Reasons for Anger

Other Reasons for Anger
Kim earlier also vented her frustrations over Kanye's political rant in support of President Donald Trump at the end of Saturday Night Live, which was widely booed and slammed on the Internet when he served as musical guest.

4. No Control

No Control
"Like, I can't control it,' Kim said of her man's temper, adding of SNL in particular: "I don't know if they'll invite us back, ever."

5. What, Mom?!?

What, Mom?!?
Kris Jenner somehow blamed Kim for these problems. "I just feel like to keep him calm you really need to pay him a little more attention," she actually told her daughter.

6. Not... Having... It

Not... Having... It
"Mom, I have a million kids. I have a million jobs," Kim snapped back, adding that babying her grown husband should not be among them.

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