Farrah Abraham: Check Out My Brand New Butt!

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Look, we all know Farrah Abraham is super into plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery, all kinds of injections and lasers, it's all good for Farrah.

Some might even say that she seems a little bit obsessed with changing her appearance, and from what we've seen, that would be a fair assumption to make.

Especially since this girl has gone and messed with her backside yet again ...

1. Now ...

Now ...
This is what Farrah looks like now.

2. ... And Then

... And Then
This is what Farrah looked like when she first became a reality star.

3. Dang

As you can see, many changes have been made.

4. Getting Started

Getting Started
She kicked off her ongoing transformation with a boob job she got in the early days of Teen Mom -- it was actually a pretty subtle change, at least when you think about where she's gone since then.

5. More and More

More and More
Next was a nose job, a chin implant, and some dental work.

6. Rethinking Things

Rethinking Things
The chin implant didn't hang around too long, but she certainly wasn't done making changes.

7. Right, Right

Right, Right
Next came a second boob job, and after that she really started getting into fillers.

8. Yikes

Then came those botched lip implants ... you remember.

9. Not Scared

Not Scared
You might think that whole mess would have made her think twice before going under the knife, but you'd think wrong -- she had a third boob job and went back to less invasive procedures for her face.

10. And Also ...

And Also ...
Well, not JUST her face.

11. Naturally

She started getting into vaginal rejuvenations, which basically consists of a doctor taking a laser to her genitals to help with ... things.

12. Butt Stuff, Too

Butt Stuff, Too
She's also been getting butt injections.

13. Oh Cool

Oh Cool
And that's what we're going to be talking about today -- the butt stuff.

14. That's Our Girl

That's Our Girl
Yep, Farrah went and got more stuff done to her backside ... and she shared a video, because how else would she get attention for it?

15. Oh, Honey ...

So, uh ... here it is.

16. ... Natural?

... Natural?
In the video, we see someone explaining the procedure to her, then she looks at the camera and says "Natural!", because she doesn't understand what words mean.

17. Nope

Then you see the needle actually go in, and the person doing everything bounces her ass cheeks around a lot, we assume to disperse whatever it is she's injecting.

18. Sophia?

There's no sign of Sophia here, but someone was filming the whole thing, and that's usually her job, so ...

19. Always with the Critics

Always with the Critics
Either way, you know her followers had things to say about all of this.

20. Squats Though

Squats Though
"If you just did squats you wouldn't have to do this lol," one person pointed out.

21. Diaper Time

Diaper Time
Another person told her "It looks like you have a diaper back there now!"

22. Stop

"Having to have surgery to keep you fit at your age is sad....girl stop," read another comment.

23. Leave Kylie Out of This!

Leave Kylie Out of This!
One person got mean with "Ur so nasty u look terrible and so fake like kylie jenner."

24. Think of Sophia

Think of Sophia
And of course plenty of followers brought up Sophia, one writing "I just pray Sophia is wise enough to know that it’s not what’s on the outside that counts..."

25. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
Honestly, this looks like one of the more tasteful procedures Farrah has had done -- in this video, it really looks fine. It's fun to watch her post weird stuff like this, but let's save the outrage for when she really deserves it, OK? And with Farrah, you know something like that is going to happen soon.

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