Jenelle Evans Melts Down at Teen Mom 2 Reunion: Leave Me Alone, Dude!

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Look, Jenelle Evans and David Eason are terrible, right?

You know it, we know it, everybody knows it.

And since everybody knows it, it makes sense that it came up in conversation at the filming of this season's Teen Mom 2 reunion.

But one thing that makes Jenelle so unbearable is that she refuses to accept how awful she is.

So you can probably see how this all went bad.

And judging by some reports of what went down at the reunion, it went really, really bad ...

1. A Recap

A Recap
Yeah, so Jenelle and David have definitely said and done some super questionable things recently.

2. Narrowing It Down

Narrowing It Down
But instead of talking about everything -- the alleged abuse of animals, children, and each other, the drug rumors, all that stuff -- let's just stick with the bigotry today.

3. Good Riddance

Good Riddance
As we all remember, David got fired from Teen Mom 2 last year after making a series of disgusting homophobic remarks -- he called gay people "abominations," and said that he wouldn't allow his children to be around gay people because "when you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas."

4. Time Marches On

Time Marches On
And things have only gotten worse since then.

5. Let's See

Let's See
If we're being honest, there's no real way to give a complete rundown of all the offensive things Jenelle and David have said since then. THere have just been too many things.

6. Well ...

Well ...
But we can probably run through some highlights.

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