Kailyn Lowry to Briana DeJesus: Way to Make Out With Your Mom, Nasty-Ass!

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There was a moment on this week's episode of Teen Mom 2 that left fans sharply divided.

No, we're not talking about Jenelle's declaration of love for the NRA, or Leah Messer's revelation that she hooked up with Jeremy Calvert.

We're talking about an unexpectedly intimate moment involving Briana DeJesus ... and her mother.

Yes, just before Briana headed to Miami to undergo plastic surgery, her mom Roxanne went in for a kiss that went on a tad too long for most fans' comfort.

And Kailyn Lowry was among the first to point out just how weird the makeout session really was:

1. Roxy Music

Roxy Music
Bri and Roxy have always been close. But prior to Monday night, we didn't realize just how close they were.

2. Going Under the Knife

Going Under the Knife
Much of this week's episode of Teen Mom 2 surrounded Briana's planned cosmetic procedure in Miami. And for a relatively routine operation, her plastic surgery resulted in a ton of drama.

3. The DeJesus M.O.

The DeJesus M.O.
Of course, everything Briana does results in a ton of drama, but we digress.

4. Happy Endings

Happy Endings
We now know that Bri's procedure went off without a hitch, and she's pleased with the results. At the time the episode was filmed, however, the outcome was uncertain.

5. Unexpected Emotion

Unexpected Emotion
Fans expected that there would be some drama surrounding Bri's surgery, but they may have been surprised by just how worried her mother was.

6. Surprise PDA

Surprise PDA
And they were definitely surprised by the lengthy kiss that Roxy basically forced on Bri.

7. Keeping It In Perspective

Keeping It In Perspective
There was nothing terribly inappropriate about the kiss; most folks just found it a little ... odd. Especially Kailyn Lowry.

8. WTF?

Kail tweeted this just moments after the unsettlingly lengthy lip-lock heard 'round the world.

9. The Rare Self-Deprecation Burn

The Rare Self-Deprecation Burn
Briana herself admitted that the the kiss was a little weird. But as several fans have pointed out there might be more to his tweet than initially meets the eye.

10. Subtle Shade?

Subtle Shade?
Some believe that when Bri said "some kids need that motherly love ASAP" she was subtly talking trash about Kailyn Lowry's troubled relationship with her estranged mother.

11. Mom Drama

Mom Drama
If you're a fan of Kail's, then you're probably aware that she's been highly critical of her mother over the years.

12. Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is
Lowry has described her mom as an unreliable alcoholic who failed to properly support her when she was growing up.

13. The Rivalrly Continues

The Rivalrly Continues
Kail and Bri, of course, are longtime foes, and many fans believe DeJesus' tweet contained a low-key jab at her co-star.

14. The Verdict Is In

The Verdict Is In
Unfortunately, for Bri, it seems that fans share Kail's opinion that the kiss was flat-out wrong on multiple levels.


This viewer seemed to pretty well sum up the consensus.

16. The GIFs Were Out

The GIFs Were Out
Some fans went multimedia in order to express their disgust. But frankly, this one's Twitter handle is almost as disturbing as the kiss.

17. Discomfort Was the Theme of the Day

Discomfort Was the Theme of the Day
A suprising number of viewers weren't even prepared to joke around about the kiss. They just wanted the world to know it was unacceptable.

18. No More Makeout Sessions

No More Makeout Sessions
In general, it seems folks would prefer to just not see something like that on their TV screens ever again.

19. The Winner

The Winner
We're not saying this situation constituted an unofficial battle between Kailyn and Briana, but if it did, we think it's pretty clear who came out on top.

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