Audrey and Jeremy Roloff: 19 Moments We'll Never, Ever Forget

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Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have said their farewell.

The couple has confirmed that it will not return for a new season of Little People, Big World.

"After 14 years, over 300 episodes, and 17 seasons, the time has come," wrote Jeremy to open this announcement to fans, adding:

"A year ago I made the decision that this season would be our last. It has been an amazing run, and I can’t say thank you enough to all of you who have watched and supported us along the ride."

Before we say goodbye to Jeremy and Audrey for good, however, let's pause and take a look back at how far we've come with them.

Below, we've rundown a series of the most memorable moments, photos and stories from their time as cast members on Little People, Big World...

1. Where It All Began...

Where It All Began...
Wow, right?!? On the very first ever episode of Little People, Big World, we met a teenage Jeremy, who was living on the farm with his parents, younger siblings and twin brother Zach. What a photo.

2. Their Sweet Sixteen

Their Sweet Sixteen
Jeremy and Zach celebrated the big birthday with their closest friends on a beach trip to remember, one filmed years ago for an episode of Little People, Big World.

3. The Graduation

The Graduation
Remember when Jeremy graduated from high school? He was uncertain about his future at the time, but had the full support of his parents.

4. The Proposal

The Proposal
On September 3, 2014, TLC viewers got to witness the very romantic way Jeremy proposed, something Audrey actually referenced recently.

5. The Wedding

The Wedding
Jeremy and Audrey get married in a gorgeous ceremony on Roloff Farms. The ceremony took place on September 20, 2014 and it aired in March of the following year. (Audrey looks beautiful!)

6. The Announcement

The Announcement
Audrey and Jeremy told their family they were expecting, not long after Zach told them the same exact thing. "Wow, I'm going to be a grandpa times two!' Matt Roloff said on air, adding that Jeremy's news made him feel "overwhelmed" and "kinda hit by a freight train."

7. The Baby Bumps

The Baby Bumps
Audrey keps fans very well apprised of her pregnant status, often updating her social media account with personal photos such as this one.

8. The Baby

The Baby
Welcome, Ember Jean! She took her time arriving, making Audrey and Jeremy wait a week beyond the former's due date. But then she turned into an actual person in September of 2017.

9. The Admission

The Admission
Audrey admitted not long after becoming a mother that she was suffering from post-partum depression, receiving praise for such honesty.

10. The Journey

The Journey
Audrey has become a role model in the breastfeeding community. She has talked at length about the pain she experienced early on, yet she endured and she has become an expert.

11. The Love for Ember

The Love for Ember
We've never seen any parents gush over their child quite like THIS. It's been inspiring to behold.

12. The Christmas Card

The Christmas Card
It doesn't get much more exciting and emotional than an immediate family's first Christmas Card. Just look at this precious photo!

13. The Honesty

The Honesty
Not to get too cheesy or vague here, but Audrey has always been as honest and open as anyone on reality television. Or even social media. She tells us EVERYTHING about her and we appreciate it.

14. The World Record

The World Record
Jeremy, Audrey and their loved ones actuall set a Guiness World Record for most episodes of a family-focused reality show in history.

15. The Book

The Book
Yup, they are writing a book together! Teased Audrey upon announcing this project: "The book is essentially our love story. We are spilling never before told tales from our dating journey, and all the ups and downs and ins and outs of our love story. The pages are filling up with our failures and successes, what we learned from dating and long distance, and how we prepared more for our marriage than our wedding."

16. The Title

The Title
This unique memoir will be called "In A Love Letter Life" and it will be released in April of 2019. Will you give it a whirl? Seems worthy of a purchase, we think.

17. The Goodbye

The Goodbye
Wrote Audrey on Instagram, after Jeremy told the world they were leaving the show: "I and so thankful for the encouragement, kindness, and support that each of you have shown to our family. We are forever grateful for the run we’ve had, but excited to focus on what we feel the Lord is calling us too! You guys are the most loyal fans. Thank you for respecting our decision. And thanks to TLC for putting up with us."

18. The Tribute

The Tribute
She concluded: "Mostly, I am so proud of my husband who has grown up in the public eye and yet remained grounded, wise, and steadfast in his faith. This decision is one that I respect him for immensely. ‘Here’s hail to the rest of the road!’ I love you Farmer. Psalm 20:7."

19. The Future?

The Future?
From writing books to selling merchandise to updating their blog and social media accounts and who the heck knows what else... we're sure we'll be hearing from these Roloffs again in the future. We wish them the best of luck.

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