Kailyn Lowry to Jenelle Evans: You Need to Clean Up Your Act, You Hot Mess!

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This NOT exactly just in:

Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans do not get along.

The Teen Mom OG stars actually were kind of close at one point, but then Jenelle went behind Kailyn's back to tell the world Lowry was pregnant with her third child...

... and then Jenelle's mom threatened to murder Lowry...

... and, well, the relationship has been colder than Buffalo in January ever since.

Where do things stand at the moment? When was the last time Kailyn tried to speak with Evans?

Lowry talked with Hollywood Life this week about the (non) relationship, bringings fans up to speed on the vicious feud and revealing a few surprising tidbits.

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1. Wait, These Two Were Actually Friends?

Wait, These Two Were Actually Friends?
Yes. This photo was snapped in 2013, so we need to go back many years if we're talking about a real friendship.

2. It's True

It's True
Kailyn has said that back in the early days of the show, she and Jenelle were very close, probably because they shared similar backgrounds -- absent fathers, problems with their mothers, just generally turbulent home lives.

3. Not Cool

Not Cool
But after one of Jenelle's many arrests, Kailyn bailed her out of jail, and that's when their friendship fell apart.

4. Well, Fair

Well, Fair
Back then, the moms weren't getting paid anything near what they're making now, so Kail was working normal jobs, trying to make ends meet. She was even on public assistance for a bit -- the money she used for Jenelle's bail definitely would have been a lot for her to spend.

5. What Did You Expect?

What Did You Expect?
Unfortunately, Jenelle is Jenelle, so she never paid Kailyn back for helping her out. And thus, the feud was born.

6. Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Where Did It All Go Wrong?
The feud slowly but surely escalated. Eventually, Evans told the world that Kailyn was pregnant with child number-three before Lowry was ready for the world to know -- and then things really spiraled.

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