Jenelle Evans' Mother Threatens to Kill Kailyn Lowry in Shocking New Video

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If you keep up with Teen Mom gossip, then you know that Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry do not get along.

Like, at all.

Even though they used to be friends back in the early days of Teen Mom 2, things turned sour between them, and now they pretty much hate each other.

But do they hate each other enough to make death threats?

Apparently so ...

1. The Apple and the Tree

The Apple and the Tree
Jenelle and her mother, Barbara, are getting along again, and that's great, truly.

2. Hard Times

Hard Times
Their relationship was in a bad place for a long time after she began dating David Eason, and there was quite a stretch there when they didn't even speak to each other.

3. Yay!

Luckily they were able to reconnect last summer, and ever since then, they've been spending time together.

4. Dang It, David

Dang It, David
It's a good thing, too, since David has seriously gone off the rails and, you know, he's allegedly been abusive to Jenelle.

5. A Miracle

A Miracle
So that's a happy little story, right? Jenelle's life is one great big giant mess, and it's an absolute blessing that she's been able to reconnect with Barbara. Right?

6. Well ...

Well ...
Not so fast.

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