Jenelle Evans' Mother Threatens to Kill Kailyn Lowry in Shocking New Video

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If you keep up with Teen Mom gossip, then you know that Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry do not get along.

Like, at all.

Even though they used to be friends back in the early days of Teen Mom 2, things turned sour between them, and now they pretty much hate each other.

But do they hate each other enough to make death threats?

Apparently so ...

1. The Apple and the Tree

The Apple and the Tree
Jenelle and her mother, Barbara, are getting along again, and that's great, truly.

2. Hard Times

Hard Times
Their relationship was in a bad place for a long time after she began dating David Eason, and there was quite a stretch there when they didn't even speak to each other.

3. Yay!

Luckily they were able to reconnect last summer, and ever since then, they've been spending time together.

4. Dang It, David

Dang It, David
It's a good thing, too, since David has seriously gone off the rails and, you know, he's allegedly been abusive to Jenelle.

5. A Miracle

A Miracle
So that's a happy little story, right? Jenelle's life is one great big giant mess, and it's an absolute blessing that she's been able to reconnect with Barbara. Right?

6. Well ...

Well ...
Not so fast.

7. What a Feud

Before we get into the latest nonsense, we have to touch on what's been going on between Jenelle and Kailyn.

8. Seriously

Because it's been a lot.

9. The Beginning

We all know how the feud started -- they were friends, and one of the times Jenelle was arrested, Kailyn bailed her out. This was back in the day, before they MTV was paying them insane amounts of money and bail money was a big deal.

10. Classic

As legend has it, Jenelle never paid her back, and the feud was born.

11. Ugh

In the past couple of years, things have definitely heated up. A good example of this was when Jenelle outed Kailyn's last pregnancy.

12. Getting Worse

Getting Worse
That really kicked things up a notch, and it certainly doesn't help that Jenelle and David are ready and willing to make fun of Kail at any given opportunity these days

13. Really?

Kailyn's been trying to take the high road, and she's shown concern for Jenelle over these past few tumultous months, but the Easons aren't having it. They believe that perhaps since Kailyn has said she's bisexual, she has a crush on Jenelle and that's why all this is happening. Because that makes sense.

14. Understandable Reaction

Last month, Kailyn sent the entire Teen Mom cast a PR package from her new haircare line. She even sent one to Jenelle as a sort of peace offering, but then Jenelle set the whole thing on fire. Emotionally stable people do that, right?

15. LOL

It was an immature move on Jenelle's part, but Kail appreciated it -- she took the opportunity to do a flash sale, and sales skyrocketed because of the publicity.

16. The Quiet Before the Storm

The Quiet Before the Storm
Since then, nothing has really happened between them. To be fair, Jenelle's been pretty busy, what with David being investigated by the Secret Service and getting into all sorts of other legal trouble.

17. Uh Oh ...

But last night, things got bad again.

18. Mother Daughter Time

Mother Daughter Time
This weekend, Jenelle and Barbara are out of town on a trip and filming for Teen Mom 2.

19. Booze Time, Too

Booze Time, Too
Last night, they did some drinking, and then they decided to go on Instagram Live, which proved to be a terrible idea.

20. Oh Hey, Brittany

Oh Hey, Brittany
They saw that Brittany DeJesus was also live, so they all got on together, and somehow, the subject of Kailyn came up -- remember, Brittany, as Briana's sister, has issues with her, too.

21. Oh, Barbara ...

Oh, Barbara ...
And Barbara just straight up threatened her life.

22. Yikes

Different reports are quoting Barbara differently -- one site claims she said that they should “all get lit and we’ll go kill Kail," another says she exclaimed "“F-ck Kail, I’ll kill her." Obviously, the message was the same.

23. Solid Reaction

Solid Reaction
After she made her remark, the ladies laughed, and Jenelle was heard telling her mother “Oh, my god, we’re on Live, Mom. You can’t say that sh-t."

24. Understandable

But Kailyn didn't find the situation so funny.

25. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
After Jenelle's video began making the rounds, Kail took the time to make a statement to In Touch, and she was pretty clear: “I want no association with any person or network that works with that family,” she said.

26. Get 'Em, Girl

Get 'Em, Girl
“I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” she continued. “I have 3 kids to live for, just like Barbara herself. I’m disgusted it came from her.”

27. MTV's in Trouble

MTV's in Trouble
She concluded her statement with “I won’t be filming until further notice, that’s for sure.”

28. For Real Though

For Real Though
She said something similar to Hollywood Life, telling that site “I’m not filming until something is done. It’s just the principle. I’m done taking the high road and trying to ignore their behavior.”

29. Not Making Things Better

Not Making Things Better
Jenelle told Hollywood Life her side of the story, too. And, wouldn't you know it, she's trying to make Kailyn look like the bad guy in all of this.

30. Jenelle's Story

Jenelle's Story
As she told it, "We were all chatting, I have no idea how Kail got brought up, but when my mom heard her name she immediately said, ‘F-ck Kail, I’ll kill her Hahahaha’ in a joking way."

31. Some Joke

Some Joke
"My mom did NOT mean that in a bad way," she insisted. "She is really upset everyone took it the wrong way and is still upset about it at this moment.”

32. So Offended

So Offended
She explained that after Barbara's comment, a producer called to ask about it, but she said she was just joking, and “My producer understood and just reminded my mom not to use those types of words because of how offended the world gets these days. We haven’t received anymore calls from our other producers so I guess they know my mom’s intentions were just to make a joke."

33. The Issue

The Issue
The joke was made in the first place because "My mom doesn’t like Kail because my mom knows that Kail is a troublemaker and experienced it firsthand at the last reunion that I did not attend last season."

34. Just Stop

Just Stop
As for Kailyn's public statement, Jenelle complained that "Kail, of course, didn’t reach out to us about what my mom said. Kail went straight to the media and complained some more to our producers. I think she is overreacting and knows my mom’s personality."

35. ... What?

... What?
"I’m sure everyone can understand my mom’s personality and mixed with when she’s had a couple drinks, she’s just more outspoken. Kail wants any reason to have pity on her or have attention on her in any way, shape, or form. We don’t like her, but we wouldn’t ever physically harm her. Kail is the one that threatens to ‘throw hands,’ not us.”

36. So Many Problems

So Many Problems
It's just so bizarre how this whole thing is going down. Does Jenelle really think that there's any way she can twist this to make her and her mother look like the victims? Does she really think that most people get drunk and "joke" about killing their enemies? Does she REALLY not understand why Kailyn is uncomfortable with what was said, considering everything?

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