Kailyn Lowry: Taking Son Out of State Without Father's Permission?!

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Like all of the Teen Moms, Kailyn Lowry has inspired a mixed reaction from viewers over the years.

But whether you love her or hate her, there's no denying that Kail is dedicated to doing what's best for her three sons.

Unfortunately, she sometimes disagrees with the boys' fathers in terms of what that means.

Take Kail's latest trip with her traveling buddy, Leah Messer. 

Lowry brought her kids along, against the wishes of one of her baby daddies.

And the situation got so messy that MTV refused to continue filming.

Take a look:

1. Kail and Her Eldest

Kail and Her Eldest
Lowry took all three of her kids on her most recent trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately, one of her baby daddies was not happy about it.

2. Jo, Mama

Jo, Mama
For the most part, Kail and Jo Rivera have enjoyed an amicable co-parenting relationship over the years. But he believes she overstepped her bounds with the Hawaii trip.

3. Island Bound

Island Bound
The build-up to Kail and Leah's trip was featured on Tuesday's episode of Teen Mom 2, and it seems there was quite a bit of drama involved.

4. Back At It

Back At It
For one thing, Leah invited her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, a prospect that left Messer's three kids very excited.

5. The Whole Crew

The Whole Crew
But the real drama centered around Kail's decision to bring all three of her kids on the trip, including Isaac.

6. Stepping On Toes

Stepping On Toes
That may not seem like such a big deal, but it seems that Isaac was supposed to spend Independence Day with his father, and Kail booked the trip over July 4 without asking permission.

7. Cooler Heads

Cooler Heads
Fortunately, Kail kept her cool and handled the situation in a calm, rational manner. Just kidding, she basically told Isaac she's willing to go to jail for this trip.

8. Explaining Herself

Explaining Herself
"I had asked Jo to go to Hawaii and I'm entitled to vacation days as long as I give notice," Kail explained to Leah.

9. She Said, He Said

She Said, He Said
She later claimed on Twitter that she gave Jo thirty days notice regarding the trip. He says that's BS.

10. Admitting Fault

Admitting Fault
Kail maintains that she gave the proper notice, but admits she made a crucial error in the planning process.

11. Major Mistake

Major Mistake
"I did all that, but I did not include the first week of July because it's my week and come to find out the 4th of July is his holiday. It truly was my mistake," Lowry told Messer.

12. Holiday Trade?

Holiday Trade?
"I said, 'Well, I f--ked up, can I trade you a holiday or give you Christmas?' and he said no," Kail said of her attempted negotiations with Jo.

13. Human Roadblock

Human Roadblock
"He didn't want Isaac to go in the first place, so I feel like he's using this to make it even more difficult," Lowry added.

14. Seeking Counsel

Seeking Counsel
Kail says she consulted with a lawyer, and his assessment of the situation was -- not exactly encouraging.

15. Is She Serious?

Is She Serious?
"If Jo's going to file contempt, worst-case scenario I could get a fine or go to jail. I said, 'F--k it,'" Lowry said.

16. Not Cool

Not Cool
We get that she's trying to be a badass and all, but you can't really take that attitude when you have three kids to take care of.

17. Thorny Situation

Thorny Situation
Obviously, Isaac would rather go to Hawaii with his brothers than to a cookout with his father, but the fact remains that Kail was not legally permitted to take his son on this trip.

18. She Did It Anyway

She Did It Anyway
Because of course she did. And it seems her MTV bosses were less than thrilled about it.

19. Taking Precautions

Taking Precautions
MTV apparently went along on the trip in order to film Leah, but they refused fo film Kail for legal reasons.

20. Taking a Stand

Taking a Stand
"If they film or if they don't film, I'm still taking Isaac," Lowry told Messer.

21. Warped Priorities

Warped Priorities
"If I have to sit in jail for my son to go experience a month in Hawaii, you're damn f--king right I'm going to sit in jail," Kail went on.

22. Super Lame

Super Lame
Yes, Kail is the latest Teen Mom to fancy herself some sort of rebel for standing up to the people who made her rich and famous. Cool.

23. So Corny

So Corny
Kail embarked on the trip "knowing full well that when I get home, I may have a fine, I might go to jail," in her words.

24. Sure It Is

Sure It Is
She admitted that Jo probably doesn't know his son will soon be headed for Hawaii, but justified her obfuscation by saying, "It's about Isaac."

25. What Isaac Wants

What Isaac Wants
"This is something [Isaac has] been bugging me to do for 2 or 3 years now," she said.

26. That's Not the Point

That's Not the Point
"I asked him, 'What do you want to do for 4th of July -- do you want to go to a barbecue with your dad or do you want to go to Hawaii?' There's no comparison," Lowry added.

27. The Smuggler

The Smuggler
"I'm just gonna go pick him up at 6:00 and go on our merry way to the airport," she continued.

28. When the Tables Turn

When the Tables Turn
Obviously, Kail didn't go to jail. And obviously Hawaii beats a cookout any day. But there may come a time when Jo offers his son a cooler activity than the one his mother has planned -- and we wonder if Lowry will keep this same energy when that happens.

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