90 Day Fiance Season 7 Spoilers: Do Emily and Sasha Make It?

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We already showed you the 90 Day Fiance Season 7 teaser trailer, showing off seven brand new couples.

One of those couples was Emily and Sasha, and their sweet story is already bogged down by some baggage.

See, Emily is Baby Mama #3 for the 31-year-old fitness trainer.

Do these two make it to the altar? Or will Sasha's past drag him back to his other children in Russia?

Couples split or reconcile even after filming ends, but take a look below and see everything that we know right now:

1. We already know that Emily is pregnant with Sasha's baby

We already know that Emily is pregnant with Sasha's baby
In fact, we now know that Emily gave birth to Sasha's child, David Alexandrovich, in November of 2018 -- in Russia, before traveling to the US.

2. And yes, we know that Sasha is hot

And yes, we know that Sasha is hot
Sasha's real name is Alexander, which means that Sasha appears to be a nickname. Also, while his hotness instantly appealed to Emily, she's not the first, which is why they're in all of this trouble. He has two babies with two different exes.

3. Hear his first ex-wife tell it

Hear his first ex-wife tell it
Already the mother of his child, she describes how he got another woman pregnant and he reported it to her.

4. Sasha asked for a divorce

Sasha asked for a divorce
He wanted to marry baby mama #2 ... and thus needed the divorce. Notably, Emily is Baby Mama #3 and was not yet in the picture.

5. And along came Emily

And along came Emily
Emily, of course, had no idea. Sasha was just some obscenely hot dude she met in a gym. He became her personal trainer, she became his tutor, both of which are pretty standard porn premises. And then she got pregnant. Whoops.

6. But here's their backstory

But here's their backstory
So, in late 2015, Emily graduated with a degree in English Education ... and moved to Volgograd, Russia at the beginning of 2016 to teach English. It looks like she and Sasha began dating in June of 2016, and they were all lovey-dovey on social media by late summer and early autumn of that year.

7. Then came the engagement

Then came the engagement
In 2017, Emily moved to Moscow, possibly moving in with Sasha, and the two became engaged at the end of February of that year. There are no indications that the two married in Russia, and that would not make sense, as Emily would be filing for a spousal visa rather than a K-1 visa for Sasha if that were the case.

8. Then came the 90 Day Fiance bit

Then came the 90 Day Fiance bit
As we mentioned, Emily gave birth in November of 2018. She, David, and Sasha flew to the US in May of 2019. On the assumption that Sasha arrived on a K-1 visa, this gave him until late August to either marry Emily or go back home.

9. Good news as far as milestones for the show are concerned

Good news as far as milestones for the show are concerned
A lot of 90 Day Fiance couples feature the ever-important "meet the parents" moment. For some it goes better than for others. Sasha may end up having two such opportunities, as Starcasm points out, because Emily's mother lives in South Bend, Indiana, and her father lives in Portland, Oregon. That said ... are they really gonna make her fly anywhere with baby David? Perhaps they will come to her to meet Sasha.

10. So, do they make it?

So, do they make it?
For a lot of couples, the presence of a baby trumps everything else -- even when they should really, really either avoid marriage or divorce. Oddsmakers looking at 90 Day Fiance patterns are probably going to wager on them tying the knot because of little David.

11. But ...

But ...
Sasha has so, so much baggage. He literally has two other children whom he is leaving behind in Russia. We don't have a precise timeline of when he broke up with his baby mamas and when the next one got pregnant, but ... it's enough to raise both eyebrows and questions. Is he going to cheat on Emily with Baby Mama #4? If not ... what makes her and David so special?

12. And there may be further secrets

And there may be further secrets
Look at the beginning of any 90 Day Fiance season with what we knew then, and look at what we know about each couple now. Sure, anyone could have called Jay cheating on Ashley (and many people did). But who could have foreseen Colt's cheating scandal? Or Laura's pathological lying? Or Sumit's secret wife? What skeletons are in Emily's closet? What else do we need to know about Sasha? There's more to that man than abs and overactive sperm factories, we're sure.

13. For now ...

For now ...
We don't know for sure whether they tie the knot. Rest assured, someone will dig up a marriage certificate if it is out there, or a record of a plane ticket home. For now, we've given you everything that we know.

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