Kailyn Lowry SLAMS Jenelle Evans: You're a White Trash Druggie!

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If you're a Teen Mom 2 fan, and you haven't been on Twitter in the past 24 hours, then we regret to inform you a murder has taken place.

Yes, Kailyn Lowry just roasted Jenelle Evans within an inch of her life, and we doubt any burn unit can save the poor girl.

As is usually the case with Jenelle conflicts, it was Ms. Evans who started it all, this time with a slut-shaming jab at Kail's love life.

Apparently, she caught her co-star in the wrong mood, because Kail decided to fight fire with nuclear warheads.

At this point, it's all-out war between these two, and it's looking like the Carolina Hurricane bit off way more than she can chew.

And sadly, Jenelle's gun won't help her this time.

1. Former Friends

Former Friends
Believe it or not, there was a time when Jenelle and Kail actually got along. Needless to say, those days are a distant memory now.

2. The Latest Beef

The Latest Beef
The rivals' latest feud seems to be the result of an article that was first published here on The Hollywood Gossip.

3. Briana Drama

Briana Drama
Briana shared an article of ours in which Javi Marroquin confessed to cheating on her with Kail.

4. Jenelle's Take

Jenelle's Take
Even though Kail was NOT the one in a relationship at the time, Jenelle felt that she was to to blame for the situation.

5. Thoughts By Jenelle

Thoughts By Jenelle
And naturally, she couldn't resist taking to Twitter share that thought with the world.

6. Withdrawn Shade

Withdrawn Shade
In a series of since-deleted tweets, Jenelle slammed Kail for sleeping with Javi, then boasted about her own happy marriage.

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