Kailyn Lowry SLAMS Jenelle Evans: You're a White Trash Druggie!

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If you're a Teen Mom 2 fan, and you haven't been on Twitter in the past 24 hours, then we regret to inform you a murder has taken place.

Yes, Kailyn Lowry just roasted Jenelle Evans within an inch of her life, and we doubt any burn unit can save the poor girl.

As is usually the case with Jenelle conflicts, it was Ms. Evans who started it all, this time with a slut-shaming jab at Kail's love life.

Apparently, she caught her co-star in the wrong mood, because Kail decided to fight fire with nuclear warheads.

At this point, it's all-out war between these two, and it's looking like the Carolina Hurricane bit off way more than she can chew.

And sadly, Jenelle's gun won't help her this time.

1. Former Friends

Former Friends
Believe it or not, there was a time when Jenelle and Kail actually got along. Needless to say, those days are a distant memory now.

2. The Latest Beef

The Latest Beef
The rivals' latest feud seems to be the result of an article that was first published here on The Hollywood Gossip.

3. Briana Drama

Briana Drama
Briana shared an article of ours in which Javi Marroquin confessed to cheating on her with Kail.

4. Jenelle's Take

Jenelle's Take
Even though Kail was NOT the one in a relationship at the time, Jenelle felt that she was to to blame for the situation.

5. Thoughts By Jenelle

Thoughts By Jenelle
And naturally, she couldn't resist taking to Twitter share that thought with the world.

6. Withdrawn Shade

Withdrawn Shade
In a series of since-deleted tweets, Jenelle slammed Kail for sleeping with Javi, then boasted about her own happy marriage.

7. Jealousy Trap?

Jealousy Trap?
There's no reason to believe that Kail slept with Javi for the purpose of making Briana jealous, but that Jenelle always assumes the worst about her rivals.

8. Wedded Bliss

Wedded Bliss
She then went on to claim that her husband, David Eason, would never engage in such tawdry behavior.

9. Come Again?

Come Again?
Always a little strange when a couple that's had CPS called on them 20 times in the past year decides to jump on their moral high horse, but we digress.

10. Righteous Judgment

Righteous Judgment
"Playing the field like no one has feelings. #Disgusting," added Jenelle, suddenly an authority on proper behavior.

11. Psychosis on Her Side

Psychosis on Her Side
Jenelle's insanity is well-documented but not everyone is intimidated by her psychotic, often violent tendencies.

12. Hey, Boo

Hey, Boo
"Awe, Jenelle’s trying to come for me again... that’s cute. What’s up boo?! @pbandjenelley_1," Kail tweeted yesterday.

13. Don't Come at the Queen

Don't Come at the Queen
Yes, Kailyn has demonstrated in the past that she has no problem standing up to Jenelle, and this latest situation is no exception.

14. Roasted!

"Your man loves you so much he shared a photo of you spread-eagle for the world to see. Run along. @pbandjenelley_1," she continued, calling Jenelle out by name.

15. The Photo in Question

The Photo in Question
As you can see, Kail wasn't lying. Jenelle chose a rather ... unusual pose for her latest swimsuit photo.

16. Not Finished

Not Finished
From there, Kail REALLY went in on Jenelle, pointing out that with Evans' past behavior, she really has little room to judge.

17. Get Her!

Get Her!
"Someone with what? 5 engagements, multiple abortions, 20+ mugshots, doing drugs on national television, etc. can’t come for me. Have a great night," Lowry tweeted.

18. To Clarify

To Clarify
Lowry headed off any arguments of hypocrisy by adding one more tweet on the topic of Jenelle's white trashiness.

19. Takes One to Know One

Takes One to Know One
“And let me clarify, I always joke about being white trash myself," she tweeted.

20. Dunked On

Dunked On
"But when you’ve done all that, you cannot come for me. Period," Lowry concluded, presumably dropping her phone like Eminem's mic and the end of 8 Mile.

21. Returning Fire

Returning Fire
Naturally, it wasn't long before Jenelle took to Twitter to defend herself. And of course, her argument made zero sense.

22. Pot Meet Kettle

Pot Meet Kettle
"Just keep bringing up my past acting like it’s current. How many times are you going to repeat yourself? We all know my past," Jenelle tweeted.

23. Rant Over...For Now

Rant Over...For Now
"I’ve changed and strive to continue that way... but others choose to remain raunchy," Jenelle added.

24. DeJesus Jumps In!

DeJesus Jumps In!
Jenelle says that's the end, but it wasn't long before her favorite co-star chimed in.

25. Going Off

Going Off
DeJesus fired this shot at Lowry while the feud was in progress. Looks like this beef is far from over!

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