Kendra Wilkinson Bawls Over Divorce, Cries Out: I'm Not Perfect, Okay?!?

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Kendra Wilkinson really wants you to break out a few violins.

She wants you to stop what you're doing and to throw her the world's biggest pity party.

Indeed, four-plus months since she filed for divorce from Hank Baskett, the former Playmate appears to be in a very sad place.

Or at least a place where she's desperate for your sympathy and attention, having recently posted a number of photos and messages on Instagram.

What prompted these photos and messages? We're not sure.

But what state is Kendra in at the moment? A pretty low one, based on the following posts...

1. A Quick Refresher

A Quick Refresher
Kendra and Hank split for good in April of 2018, following over eight years of marriage and two very cute kids.

2. Why Did They Break Up?

Why Did They Break Up?

3. Wait... WHAT?

Wait... WHAT?
It's true. Baskett himself has confessed to this incident, telling his then-wife that he went to a hotel to buy marijuana many years ago and then somehow ended up in front of London and the model's hand went down Hank's pants and he was so frozen that he just let her finish him off, to orgasmic completion.

4. The Couple Never Got Over This Transgression

The Couple Never Got Over This Transgression
They tried and they tried and they tried in front of reality TV cameras, but Kendra finally realized this spring that she could never trust her husband again. Hence, the divorce.

5. Does She Regret Doing So?

Does She Regret Doing So?
At times, perhaps. Consider the string of Instagram pictures and messages that are about to follow, posted by Kendra in late August 2018...

6. I'm Not Perfect!

I'm Not Perfect!
Sorry, okay?!? Kendra Wilkinson begs for mercy from her fans, explaining to them here that isn't perfect... okay?!?

7. Will This Pain Ever Go Away?

Will This Pain Ever Go Away?
Kendra keeps thinking she's getting better, only to be proven wrong. She can't stop crying at times.

8. #DivorceSucks

Kendra thinks she could use a man sometimes. To help with her kids? Nah, to help with her garage!

9. What Happened to Me?!?

What Happened to Me?!?
Kendra recalls a happier time in her life in this Instagram photo, wondering how it all fell apart after she married Hank Baskett.

10. This Isn't the First Time Kendra Has Lost It on Instagram

This Isn't the First Time Kendra Has Lost It on Instagram
Kendra also hosted a massive pity party for herself in the days before filing for divorce.

11. How is She Holding Up?

How is She Holding Up?
"Been trying to take care of myself lately," Kendra wrote a month after the divorce, adding she's trying to focus on her "my mental, emotional, and physical well being."

12. Pray for Me

Pray for Me
Wilkinson asked for prayers in late March, around the time her marriage was truly crumbling.

13. She Also Needs to Get Laid

She Also Needs to Get Laid
We're just going off Kendra's own words here.

14. No, Really, She Needs Some Dick

No, Really, She Needs Some Dick
Again, we're just quoting Kendra here. Poor, lonely, horny, dick-free Kendra.

15. Is the Divorce Final?

Is the Divorce Final?
Not yet. There are many financial and custody issues to work out, but Kendra "definitely wants to go out, party, and date people," an E! News source has said, emphasizing, again, that this woman needs to get f-cked.

16. At Least She Has Her Kids

At Least She Has Her Kids
And they are very very cute. Kendra has been spending a ton of time with Hank and Alijah.

17. All On Her Own

All On Her Own
Wilkinson has been filling up her Instagram feed with photos of herself, her daughter and her son as she tries to move on from her marriage.

18. Where is Hank in All This?

We don't know. He actually hasn't posted on Instagram since November 2017 and hasn't really said anything about the divorce.

19. Does Kendra Still Have Hope?

Does Kendra Still Have Hope?
Yes, she still believes in love, having written on Instagram in the past: I'm doing the best i can in my life with the cards I've been dealt and i will continue to do that. I'm hurt because the world i thought was promised to me forever is now coming to an end. I'm not perfect with the way I'm reacting to my pain sometimes but i am getting stronger. My kids, mom, dad, friends n therapy have been helping. I'll be able to breathe again soon."

20. But I Still Believe...

But I Still Believe...
In conclusion, Kendra has said: "Love will always win in my heart and will never go a day without being there for the people i love n yes him. Even with the pain I'm experiencing."

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