Jenelle Evans Gun Incident: Teen Mom 2 Co-Stars React!

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If you're a Teen Mom 2 fan, then by now, you've likely heard about the infamous Jenelle Evans road rage incident.

In case you somehow missed it, here's a brief rundown:

Basically, Jenelle is even more nuts than we thought, and she chased a guy down and threatened to shoot him on his own lawn all because he cut her off in traffic.

Oh, did we mention her son was in the passenger seat the whole time?

Like we said, it was bad. Very bad.

And naturally, Jenelle's esteemed colleagues over at MTV have had a lot to say on the subject:

1. A New Low

A New Low
Family, friends, and fans are used to erratic and even violent behavior from Jenelle. But endangering multiple lives - including that of her 8-year-old son, Jace - is a new low for Evans, and her latest controversy is sure to carry some serious consequences.

2. The End of an Era?

The End of an Era?
There's even been talk of Jenelle getting fired from Teen Mom 2. The decision has been escalated from TM2 producers to MTV execs, who are currently in discussions about Jenelle's future with the network.

3. The Fallout Continues

The Fallout Continues
It also looks as though Jenelle might lose custody of her youngest son, Kaiser, as a result of her latest brush with the law. She's already lost custody of Jace, who is currently being raised by Jenelle's mother, Barbara Evans.

4. Uncharacteristically Quiet

Uncharacteristically Quiet
Thus far, Jenelle has kept mum on the issue, possibly at the advice of her legal counsel. But her co-stars have been quick to offer their two cents on the situation.

5. Calling For Her Head

Calling For Her Head
Not surprisingly, many are calling for Jenelle to be fired as a result of the incident, including her longtime co-star Jeremy Calvert.

6. Jeremy Sounds Off

Jeremy Sounds Off
Calvert - the former husband of Leah Messer - is an outspoken opponent of gun control legislation, but even he feels that left-leaning TM2 producers should put their money where their mouth is and can Jenelle for brandishing a weapon.

7. The Big Guns

The Big Guns
Jeremy addressed the show's top dog directly, tweeting at executive producer Morgan J. Freeman: “@mjfree bro correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t u against guns and gun violence? So what’s ur next move in regards to the situation at hand with what took place with a cast member and a weapon… just curious!!!!”

8. Hypocrisy?

Jeremy added: “And you want me to do a background check because I own guns nahh.”

9. Randy Jumps In

Randy Jumps In
Chelsea Houska's beloved dad, Randy Houska, also took a shot at Jenelle, responding to Jeremy's tweet with: “Don’t worry, she was being supervised by two young children."

10. Concerned Kail

Concerned Kail
According to Radar Online, outspoken Jenelle critic Kailyn Lowry "flipped out" after learning Evans had been accused of pulling a gun on a total stranger.

11. Holding Off

Holding Off
Remarkably, Kail has not yet offered her opinion on social media. Instead, she'll address the issue on her podcast this week.

12. Biding Her Time

Biding Her Time
“All of this Jenelle drama will be a topic on next week’s podcast,” one insider tells Radar. And you can be sure Kail won't be pulling any punches.

13. The Only Course of Action

The Only Course of Action
The insider claims that both Kail and her co-host, Lindsie Chrisley, both share Jeremy's opinion that Jenelle needs to be fired in order for TM2 to continue.

14. A Message to the Higher-Ups

A Message to the Higher-Ups
“Kail and Lindsie both feel like Jenelle should be fired from Teen Mom 2 immediately," says the source. "The ladies just think that no one should be able to go slinging guns, around especially with children in the car."

15. A Solid Prediction

A Solid Prediction
And it seems Kail has no doubt that her MTV bosses will do the right thing. “Kail’s first reaction when she heard the news was, ‘Jenelle is done.’ And she still feels that way," says the insider.

16. Either She Goes...

Either She Goes...
It sounds as though both Kailyn and Jeremy are willing to take action if producers choose to welcome Jenelle back for another season. “[Kailyn] thinks that this is just so wrong on so many levels, and MTV should be forced to get rid of her," says the source.

17. Has the Process Begun?

Has the Process Begun?
Interestingly, The Ashley's Reality Roundup reports that MTV shut down production at Jenelle's house over the weekend - but not because of the gun incident. “Jenelle didn’t film all weekend when she had the kids, but she was supposed to film on Sunday with Jace,” says an insider.

18. A Tense Situation

A Tense Situation
The decision was reportedly a result of the presence of David Eason - who was recently fired from the show. “She showed up with David in the car, which is not allowed. The security guard told everyone to stay back because they were afraid he might have had a gun.” Yes, it certainly sounds as though the writing's on the wall for Ms. Evans...

19. So Long, Jenelle!

So Long, Jenelle!
At this point, it's almost impossible to imagine that MTV execs will not fire Jenelle. Production sources say the TM2 crew despises working with Evans, and many feel it's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt as a result of her violent temper. You can expect that Jenelle will get word from the higher-ups sometime this week, and will NOT be at this year's reunion.

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