Audrey Roloff Breaks Huge News About Her Daughter

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Audrey Roloff is back with another update about her daughter.

As the former Little People, Big World star has done at around the same time each month, Audrey has shared new cute photos of Ember Jean and also provided fans with a helpful update on her status and her progress.

What can she do now? What is she trying to do? What milestone has she reached?

With Ember having just turned 11 months, the popular mother of one has some especially exciting to pass along.

So we won't waste any more time building this announcement up. Go ahead and take it away, Audrey!


These were the first two words Audrey used to open her latest update, writing them in ALL CAPS as we did and adding: "11 months old and Ember is determined to figure out the whole walking thing..."

2. Thanks, Cousin!

Thanks, Cousin!
"She is especially inspired by her cousin Jackson!" continued Audrey of her daughter and also Zach and Tori Roloff's son. "She took her first steps after watching him walk all over the place!! Girlsie is just tryin to keep up with her bud"

3. Amazing! What Else, Audrey?

Amazing! What Else, Audrey?
"She's got 8 teeth now with 2 more currently comin in hot," Audrey writes, which means Ember is probably eating solid food all around now. Almost anything she wants!

4. What is Ember Into These Days?

What is Ember Into These Days?
"She loves blowing kisses, dogs, pointing, chicken, and doing "the face" as we call it (you're MISSING OUT if you haven't seen "the face" yet.) Audrey says to keep an eye on her Instagram Stories to see this magical face.

5. What Can Ember Say?

What Can Ember Say?
"She also says; bye bye, hiiiiiiiii, Dada, book, and this morning said, "Mommm-uhh" for the first time!!!!" Audrey wrote, her excitement coming right through the screen while informing fans of this news.

6. She's Nearly a Year Old!

She's Nearly a Year Old!
"I can't believe I’ll only be taking this photo one more time!!"Audrey concluded. "Next month you are ONE baby girl . WE LOVE YOU." Incredible, right?

7. Look How Far She Has Come

Look How Far She Has Come
We like to go back in time when we do these posts. So this is a photo of Ember at nine months. You can see many changes in just a few weeks, can't you?

8. And at 8 Months...

And at 8 Months...
She is just so very happy, all the time it seems. What a special girl.

9. And at 7 Months...

And at 7 Months...
No shocker here, right? Ember once again has a big smile on her face.

10. And at 6 Months...

And at 6 Months...
Audrey is just holding her daughter in this photo, right before Ember's six-month wellness appointment.

11. And at 5 Months...

And at 5 Months...
She really has come so far, hasn't she?

12. And at 4 Months...

And at 4 Months...
We're going way back in time now, back to when Ember was just a third of a year old.

13. And at 3 Months...

And at 3 Months...
This may be our favorite. As you can tell, Ember turned three months right around Christmas time.

14. And at 2 Months...

And at 2 Months...
Ember was far from walking or crawling in this image. But still so very adorable!

15. And at 1 Month...

And at 1 Month...
This is it! The very first image in Audrey's monthly collection! Excuse us now, please, it's getting a little dusty in here...

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