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Early this morning, news broke of a horrifying mass shooting in Las Vegas, one that is now the largest mass shooting in modern American history.

Current estimates list more than 50 dead victims and more than 400 people injured by the gunman, who opened fire from his hotel room and unleashed terror and death upon the innocents below.

We still know only a limited amount of information about 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, the shooter who has been identified as having committed this terrorist act before reportedly taking his own life.

But you don’t need to know why people were massacred to reach out and share prayers and condolences.

Some people, celebrities included, went to bed before the news broke. Some of them still haven’t awoken to learn what has happened.

We’ve seen people tweeting about this as soon as they awoke this morning.

Some tweeted last night, when this was still an active shooter situation. Social media spreads information very, very quickly.

A lot of celebrities have spoken out, even so early in the morning. Including Jason Aldean, whose show has been playing so very close to where the shooting took place.