Kailyn Lowry: I FINALLY Picked Out a Baby Name!

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It's been over a month since Kailyn Lowry welcomed her third child, and she's been remarkably candid about the challenges she's facing.

As a single mother of three, the Teen Mom 2 star is up against a lot, and Lowry has opened up frequently about things good and bad.

But there's one detail conspicuously missing ...

Kailyn Lowry and Sons

Ever since she gave birth, Kailyn has remained adamantly tight-lipped about the name of the child affectionately known as "Baby Lo."

At first, it seemed the reason for this was the fact that Lowry hadn't picked out a name, and thus, there was nothing to reveal on that front.

Now, however, it seems Lowry was simply playing coy.

As she revealed last night on Snapchat, Baby Lo didn't have a name when he entered the world, but a suitable moniker has been selected.

Not only that, it was chosen before he left the hospital, she implied, flying in the face of previous assumptions a lot of us made.

And, in keeping with her reputation as one of the quirkier Teen Mom stars, Kailyn chose the name in rather unusual fashion.

Kailyn Lowry Smiles

First, she enlisted help from her friend Bone Estrada.

Pro tip: when trying to name something, you should always request the assistance of your most awesomely-named friend.

It seems that's just what Kailyn did. (Again, let us pause briefly to fully appreciate that someone is named Bone Estrada.)

"Bone and I are at the hospital trying to name Baby Lo,” the reality star she told her legion of followers Monday night.

“We still don’t have a name," Lowry said of her child, "so we’re going to go through these guys names on the wall.”

“Harry, John, Herman, Alan, Wallace, Maurice, Walton, James, that’s a no, Frederick is a no, Wayne, Edward, William, Robert, Tom ..."

"All these names are so basic," she concluded.

Kailyn Lowry's Unnamed Son, "Baby Lo"

Kailyn had several names in mind during the course of her pregnancy, but it seems she was unable to decide on just one.

Plagued by her own indecisiveness, the 25-year-old star said that decided to leave the whole thing up to chance:

“We had all the nurses put the potential names in a bag and had a nurse pick one and my top choice was picked."

Sounds like Bone has a bone to pick. Sadly.

"Bone is pissed. She wanted to name him Benji and it didn’t get picked," she added ... which begs the obvious question:

Uh ... Benji was in the running for the name of the younger brother of little Isaac and Lincoln and it wasn't selected?!

Kailyn Lowry with Two Sons

Like Bone, we're pretty pissed about that. So what name did the Teen Mom 2 cast member eventually choose for her third son?

Well, we're afraid you may be a bit disappointed (but not altogether shocked) with how this epic saga concludes:

“Getting it customized on a blanket and posting,” Kailyn tweeted after her Snapchat video had come to a close.

Yep, after all that, she's still not spilling.

At this point, the kid better be named something wild like a random 78-character string of letters and numbers, or we're gonna be disappointed.

You can only hype it so much before it's a letdown or people reach a state of #BabyLoFatigue and tune out. Just saying ...

Strangely, last week, not long after that precious photo of Lowry’s son with Chris Lopez surfaced, she posted another photo of #BabyLo.

This time it was on Snapchat instead of Kail's Instagram story, and the caption to the image sparked all kinds of baby name speculation.

“Murphy Nixon” was written on the photo. OMG, right?!

Wrong. “That’s not his name,” Lowry told Radar.

“He still doesn’t have a name.”

Okay then. Honestly, she must enjoy trolling / teasing / tormenting fans at this point because it's hard to know which way is up.

Ah well. As always, you can watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on Kail's tumultuous pregnancy, which is playing out on MTV.

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