Kailyn Lowry on David Eason: He Needs to Be Locked Up!

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In the past two months, David Eason (allegedly) assaulted his wife, threatened to assassinate the president, and filmed himself doing intentional damage to a vehicle owned by an elderly handicapped man.

Eason has sucked since the day we met him, but he's really been outdoing himself lately.

And of course, all the while, he's been his usual a-hole self on social media, spewing bigotry and fighting with everyone from Teen Mom 2 fans to his own sister.

Many times over the course of his breakdowns, David has focused his seething rage on Kailyn Lowry.

But apparently, he forgot that Kail is a worthy opponent.

Take a look:

1. Ready For Battle

Ready For Battle
David is a bully who usually prefers punching down. But Eason has often made the mistake of attacking Kail, who's way above his level.

2. Busy Mom

Busy Mom
In addition to starring on Teen Mom 2, Kail is a bestselling author and haircare mogul. She also hosts a popular podcast entitled Coffee Convos.

3. Sounding Off

Sounding Off
As expected, Kail opened up about David's latest insanity on this week's episode of Convos.

4. Bit Of an Understatement

Bit Of an Understatement
“I definitely think that he is unstable,” Lowry said while discussing the incidents with co-host Lindsie Chrisley.

5. Struggling to Empathize

Struggling to Empathize
Kail went on to say that as a woman who was previously married to a less-than-ideal partner, she can relate to Jenelle's plight ... except not really.

6. Stand By Your Man ... Unless It's David

Stand By Your Man ... Unless It's David
“For me, as a woman who’s been married before… yeah, stand by your husband but also not if they’re completely out of their mind,” Kail said.

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