Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus: We Had a (Socially Distant) FIGHT at the Teen Mom 2 Reunion!

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There have been quite a few Teen Mom reunions that have ended in fights.

It's one of the big reasons why the reunions even exist -- all that drama.

Cast members have gotten into extremely heated arguments, and at times things have even gotten physical.

Who could forget when Amber threw that punch at Farrah, or when Kailyn and Briana chased each other around the stage?

Yes, the reunions have always inspired such special moments, and it sounds like things are no different this season.

Because even though filming was done a little differently because of the pandemic, Kailyn and Briana still managed to cause a scene ...

1. A Feud Was Born

A Feud Was Born
All the way back in 2017, Briana started dating Javi Marroquin, Kailyn's ex-husband. Javi and Briana took their kids on a family vacation to Disney World, and Kailyn didn't appreciate it. That's when they started to hate each other.

2. Imagine

Seriously, all of this started over Javi. Absurd, right?

3. Trouble Brewing

Trouble Brewing
For a while, they were content to make petty little jabs at each other, and at that first reunion after Javi and Bri started dating, they had a very heated discussion.

4. But Why

But Why
And at the next reunion after that, the one filmed in 2018 -- a good few months after Javi and Briana broke up -- things got physical.

5. Ish

Well, kind of. Kailyn confronted Briana backstage and tried to have a go, but Bri wasn't having it, but she got the fighting spirit later when all the moms were brought onstage together.

6. Oof

She charged at Kail, but security stopped her, and then they did this weird little run around the stage trying to get at each other. Briana's sister, Brittany, did manage to get a good yank at Kail's hair, but that's about as far as it went.

7. Good Choice

Good Choice
After that fiasco, they started changing the way they filmed the reunions. Instead of bringing everyone together, they started sticking with individual interviews, or small groups of cast members that can manage to be in a room together without throwing hands.

8. Unfortunately

But social media still exists, so the feud has lived on.

9. Remarkable

It's been nearly three years since Javi was involved with Briana, and their relationship only lasted a few months, but for some unfathomable reason, these two ladies still can't stand each other.

10. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
And that's why during the taping for this season's reunion, the first time they have been filmed together since the fight, things went very, very badly.

11. What Went Down?

What Went Down?
Because of the pandemic, everything was done virtually. Dr. Drew interviewed the cast members all while everyone was in the comfort of their own homes. Since it had been a while and since there was no danger of a physical altercation, they brought all the moms together for one big chat.

12. Surprise!

And according to Briana, things got nasty pretty quick.

13. Awkward

In a new interview, Briana said that “The reunion was super awkward in general, especially during the last segment, which was when we were brought out all together (virtually, of course)."

14. Infamous, Indeed

Infamous, Indeed
“This was obviously the first time Kail and I had appeared on camera together since our infamous ‘reunion fight’- which, by the way, occurred YEARS ago and (to me, at least) is LONG in the past,” she explained.

15. Oh, Drew

Oh, Drew
Dr. Drew, that old scamp, asked Kailyn how it felt to see Briana in the chat after everything, and "In true Kail fashion, she was exceptionally cold and said she didn’t care to comment.”

16. Making Amends?

Making Amends?
“I’ve been clear in the past that I’m over the drama from years past,” she continued, “so I decided to pipe in to comment. I told Kail that it wasn’t that serious, I was happy to see her, and wished her nothing but the best going forward."

17. Nope

"At that point, Kail still refused to comment and didn’t say anything.”

18. Wow

Briana said “It’s clear she still has a grudge against me… which, given the news of her arrest yesterday, one would think she’d have better things to worry about like dealing with the courts for allegedly beating her baby Daddy instead of me."

19. Dang, Briana

Dang, Briana
"But, Kail will be Kail and there’s no changing that -- and, frankly, I don’t care to.”

20. Classy?

She finished her Kailyn story with “I kept it classy and she kept it exactly what would be expected. She’s immature and shows no growth. It’s sad.”

21. Oooh

As for other reunion news, she said that during another point in the conversation, “There was also an awkward moment when Dr. Drew asked who from the cast actually talks. People have always known Leah and Kail to be friends as well as Kail and Chelsea.”

22. So Much for That

So Much for That
“It came out that none of them really talk and the only cast members who speak to each other on a consistent basis are Jade and I… and that’s that."

23. Not Friends

Not Friends
She finished her interview by saying “It’ll be interesting to see what comes out on camera when this airs, but I’ll reiterate -- I have NOTHING against Kail anymore, but the same can definitely not be said in the other direction.”

24. Hold On

Hold On
But she's not done yet!

25. More to Say

More to Say
When she shared the interview on her social media accounts, she added an extra little statement that began with "While one would think Kail would be more concerned with her recent arrest or selling her foot pics on OnlyFans, we had an encounter at the reunion yesterday and it's safe to say sh-t got awkward."

26. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
"She is immature, has not grown, and is still so hot and bothered by my presence it's laughable," she wrote."

27. Telling ALL

Telling ALL
"So I'm telling ALL regarding what went on -- and hopefully it airs in full, as you'll see her for the petty person she continues to be."

28. Ouch

She also threw in a pretty low blow, adding "I'll continue living life in my own lane with a man who LOVES me and makes me HAPPY (and doesn't lay his hands on me)."

29. Nice Touch

Nice Touch
She signed off her statement with "Sending lots of love in her dark direction," and she even added an "XO" for good measure.

30. Facts

So yeah, this entire thing is just absolutely ridiculous.

31. Come on Now

Come on Now
It's absolutely that they haven't managed to work things out, especially after all this time. Honestly, it's a little silly that the feud began in the first place.

32. Hmmm

We're with Briana though -- hopefully they do air the whole thing.

33. The Truth?

The Truth?
That's the only way we'll know if Kail really was being that catty, or if perhaps Briana wasn't as sincere in reaching out to Kail as she said she was.

34. The Big Question

The Big Question
Whose side are you on?

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