90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Yazan Abo Horira's Life Has Been Threatened

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way continues with Season 2, Episode 18.

In this episode, a lot of couples were suffering after peer pressure reared its ugly head.

Ariela reversed course on her major decision last week, which will have lifelong consequences for her son ... but may not save her relationship.

Deavan is worried that Jihoon is cheating on her ... and, by her own "creative" definition of the word, she's right.

Sumit readies himself for divorce court, but that's not the only obstacle in the way of him marrying Jenny.

Melyza and Tim prepare for Tim's mom and aunt to visit ... but Melyza has history with his mom that makes her dread this.

Kenneth and Armando are denied their marriage license, even though Mexico has had marriage equality since 2015.

And things have gotten worse for Yazan with his family, which unfortunately drives him to lash out at Brittany right before she returns home.

1. Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre
After days of dismissing Ariela's concerns, Biniyam is now angry and upset that Ariela intervened instead of allowing the doctors to circumcise their newborn son, Aviel Biniyam Shibre. As Ari explained last episode, her concerns are about his bodily autonomy and whether he will grow up to resent that she allowed him to undergo irreversible cosmetic surgery on his genitals.

2. Ariela does not want to hear it

Ariela does not want to hear it
She is having a bad day and, lest we forget, still just a week out from her C-section. This is major surgery and she is straight-up not having a good time.

3. This time, Biniyam listens

This time, Biniyam listens
He agrees that they can go home ... but this isn't something that he's willing to let go.

4. Then, Ariela caves

Then, Ariela caves
Remember all of those reasons that she listed last time -- her son's feelings, his bodily autonomy, his human rights? Apparently social pressure from Biniyam and from members of her own family were enough to overpower that which ... does not paint Ariela in a good light. She's seen here making an appointment for Avi's circumcision.

5. Aviel is so cute!

Aviel is so cute!
Ariela admits that she'll never forgive herself for this, which ... yeah, that sounds about right. She might get lucky, and her kid will grow up and forgive her, but that's a weird game of chance to play with your child's happiness.

6. Ari is also noticing more about Biniyam

Ari is also noticing more about Biniyam
Biniyam is a soft-spoken, sweet guy ... but she does point out that he has real control issues. Ariela, lest we forget, has already come to Ethiopia to live for an extended period of time. She gave birth in Ethiopia. She was subjected to an animal sacrifice as a "welcome home gift." It's okay to dislike Ari, but pretending that she has not compromised is a little silly. She'd like to see some of that from Biniyam instead of just insisting that they do things "his way" again and again and again.

7. Biniyam still does not understand

Biniyam still does not understand
Either Ariela has not done a very good job of explaining this to Biniyam or he has refused to listen. Both of these seem very realistic, so it could be that both have happened together.

8. This was AWFUL

This was AWFUL
Listening to Avi scream was an agonizing experience, though of course his pain was greater.. And this temporary misery -- traumatic though it may be -- is of course not even the primary concern behind the circumcision when compared with the long-term consequences of an irreversible cosmetic surgery. A lot of fans have whined about how Ari cries a lot, but these tears on her part are appropriate.

9. Biniyam knows that things aren't great

Biniyam knows that things aren't great
He seems either unable or unwilling to understand why Ariela is unhappy with him, but nonetheless acknowledges the state of things.

10. Ariela has two main problems

Ariela has two main problems
First, she has a big issue with how little empathy Biniyam is displaying for their son. "Be strong" and other toxic masculinity BS isn't going to cut it with parenting. She also would like to see him compromise.

11. Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee
The two of them go to a park where people are enjoying time in tents. This is different from how people in the US enjoy parks, but honestly seems way more comfortable and enjoyable. Meanwhile, Deavan comments that in the US, seeing a park full of tents is a sign that you can score free meth. We know that she's from Utah and thus probably not very aware of how drugs work, but ... VERY few people just give them out for free.

12. This is an introduction

This is an introduction
Deavan is introduced to some of Jihoon's old school friends, whom she has never met before.

13. They're amazed

They're amazed
Jihoon is a married father of two? They have always known him to be "kinda childish" and you can tell how awkwardly they are avoiding throwing their friend under the bus to the cameras.

14. Deavan has a concern

Deavan has a concern
We don't know how much prompting this took from production, but while Jihoon goes off to change Taeyang's diaper, Deavan tells his friends that she has a concern. See Jihoon's phone has (gasp!) photos of naked women on it.

15. "Doesn't everyone look at that?"

"Doesn't everyone look at that?"
Jihoon's friends speaking common sense to Deavan, remind her that it's extremely normal for humans to look at naked humans, do nothing to deter her worries.

16. So she confronts him

So she confronts him
Deavan is concerned that, because the photos include a number of selfies, that girls may have been sending these to him.

17. Nope

Deavan may not be aware, but many women (and men, and nonbinary folks) take selfies and post them online. This is common for sex workers but also for bloggers who just want to flaunt their bodies without monetizing them.

18. Jihoon awkwardly explains

Jihoon awkwardly explains
He says that, since he and Deavan do not have sex that often, he often finds himself taking care of his needs on his own.

19. Deavan WHAT?!

Deavan WHAT?!
Deavan considers this -- masturbating to the thought of any woman other than his wife -- to be "cheating." On the one hand, anyone can set any boundary that they like because they are welcome to break up any time that they like. On the other hand ... there's no such thing as thought crimes. If he were swapping nudes with or otherwise sexting women, yes, that's cheating. Jackin' it to photos of random women is, though not universal, extremely normal married behavior for a faithful spouse. Again, Deavan can demand that he stop and it does not have to be reasonable, and Jihoon is free to either stop or break up.

20. Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh
Sumit is preparing for court. Previously, his in-laws dropped the allegations that Sumit says that they were trying to use to extort more money from him, but he has had bad experiences with his wife's family so he worries that they are plotting something new.

21. Also, he has to pay up

Also, he has to pay up
His father -- who forced him into this arranged marriage in the first place -- has crowdfunded the remaining $10,000 that Sumit has to pay, but Sumit will have to pay him back.

22. He went to court

He went to court
Sumit's friend, Rohit, was there to support him. The cameras were not, as they were not permitted.


Sumit calls Jenny so that she finds out at the same time as production does -- he is now divorced!!! For real!!!

24. Sumit celebrates with Rohit and with his dad, Anil

Sumit celebrates with Rohit and with his dad, Anil
Finally, it's over! Anil has definitely regretting forcing his son into a life of misery with a woman whom he does not love.

25. Sumit has to pay his dad back

Sumit has to pay his dad back
They both acknowledge that $10,000 is a lot of money to owe.

26. The good news ...

The good news ...
For some time, Sumit has only been working part time in order to stay at home with Jenny. They live in a rough area and Jenny does not know anyone there or the language, so he has spent as much time at home with her as possible. Now, he is going to focus on work.

27. But ...

But ...
Anil still warns that they will legally stop him from marrying Jenny, because she can't give him children, which apparently matters more to them than their son's happiness. Ridiculous.

28. Sumit asks Rohit for a job

Sumit asks Rohit for a job
Rohit, wanting to help his friend and citing Sumit's willingness to learn new skills, says that he will have an opening at his place of work in a month or two. Unfortunately, he can only pay him $100 a week. That is a very low wage in India -- potentially livable in ways that it is not in the US, but still very low. Sumit will go for the job ... but knows that he will have to work more than one job in order to stay afloat.

29. Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta

Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta
The two of them are preparing a guest room, because soon they will have company. Tim's mom, Robin, and his aunt, Carmen, will be visiting from the US.

30. Melyza wants it to be a good visit

Melyza wants it to be a good visit
That said, she has some real history with Tim's mom that makes her leery of how this visit will go.

31. It's an awkward time

It's an awkward time
Tim and Melyza are still grappling with Tim's hurt feelings over Melyza having dated while the two of them are not together. This isn't a cheating incident like Tim's, but he has hurt feelings and it could come up around his mom.

32. And that's not her business

And that's not her business
Melyza points out that it's one thing for Tim to take some time to process Melyza having dated someone else, it's another for his mom to hear about it.

33. But there's more

But there's more
Robin does not like Melyza. Once, Melyza and Tim had a heated argument and Tim's mom threatened to call the police on Melyza, which is a very serious threat -- especially for someone who is in the US on a visa, and also for someone whose son is doing the same things as the person she was threatening -- so Melyza has never looked at her the same way since.

34. Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio

Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio
In the US, the process to get a marriage license is pretty simple. That's the case in Mexico, too. But, as a same-sex couple, Armando and Kenny have to write up a letter -- a little like a cover letter over your resume. It's just an extra, needless hurdle imposed upon them because someone wanted to and had the power to.

35. Armando is anxious

Armando is anxious
He has read internet horror stories about couples being refused a marriage license. Now, Mexico has had marriage equality on a national level since 2015 -- about as long as the US -- and in some parts of Mexico, since years before that. But that doesn't mean that it's all smooth sailing.

36. Kenneth is optimistic

Kenneth is optimistic
He reminds Armando that they're simply too cute to be denied.

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