Jenelle Evans SLAMS Barbara Evans: You're the Child Abuser, Not Me!

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On last week's episode of Teen Mom 2, fans were stunned to see Jenelle Evans eldest son, Jace, refer to his mother and stepfather as "pieces of sh-t."

It wasn't the 8-year-old's use of profanity that surprised viewers, but rather the fact that he was assessing his mother using the same language the public has been using for several years.

Not surprisingly, Jenelle took to Twitter to defend herself -- and to blame everyone else for her troubled relationship with her son.

As is so often the case, Jenelle's mother, Barbara Evans, found herself in the crosshairs.

And this time, Jenelle unloaded on Babs like never before:


1. Two Of a Kind

Two Of a Kind
Jenelle and Barbara's fights are the stuff or reality TV legend. And Jenelle's eldest son, Jace, is often at the center of their conflicts.

2. The Real Victim

The Real Victim
Now 8, Jace has been in Barbara's custody since before his first birthday. And these days, it seems he's fully aware of the fact that he dodged a bullet in not being raised by Jenelle.

3. A New Arrangement

A New Arrangement
Under the terms of an agreement reached last year, Barabara has retained custody of Jace in exchange for allowing Jenelle more visitation time, including weekend visits.

4. The Diss Heard 'Round the World

The Diss Heard 'Round the World
When Jace returned from one such weekend with Jenelle and her controversial husband, David Eason, he spoke his mind in a way that earned him praise from millions of TM2 viewers.

5. Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is
"Mommy and David are pieces of sh-t," Jace told Babs bluntly before spitting on the ground for emphasis.

6. The Reaction

The Reaction
Obviously, Jenelle took the opportunity to engage in some serious introspection and ask herself why her son might feel that way. Just kidding, she went on a totally bonkers Twitter rant ...

7. Pointing the Finger

Pointing the Finger
"If Jace lived with me he wouldn't have ever spoke those words about ANYONE," Evans tweeted, suggesting that Jace was repeating a phrase he'd heard from Barabara.

8. The Wrath of Jenelle

The Wrath of Jenelle
"Thought me and my mom were actually building our relationship lately and now it's two steps back," Jenelle added.

9. Say What?

Say What?
As many fans have pointed out, the episode was filmed several months ago, and thus, shouldn't have had much of an impact on her relationship with her mother.

10. The Explanation

The Explanation
“And by building our relationship I meant within these past 2 weeks that hasn’t been filmed at all and you have no idea about," Evans wrote by way of explanation. "Stop thinking you guys know every aspect of my life."

11. Sorting It Out

Sorting It Out
We think what Jenelle is trying to say is that she didn't know Jace ever made such a comment (weird that Babs didn't relay that information, but whatevs), and now her relationship with her mother has suffered as a result.

12. Letting Babs Have It

Letting Babs Have It
“We treat the children like gold compared to what I grew up with, which Jace is also experiencing," Jenelle continued.

13. David Works?!

David Works?!
"All he sees and hears is everything my mom tells him. Just like Jace being surprised that David actually works and owns a business," she added,

14. Hmm ... We Wonder Where Jace Learned That Word

Hmm ... We Wonder Where Jace Learned That Word
“My mom talked so much sh-t about me and David my son doesn’t even know me anymore," Jenelle wrote.

15. Right ... Rumors

Right ... Rumors
"You can say, ‘you and David argue all the time,’ but people that know us personally know we are fine, so you can stop repeating rumors," she added -- as though everyone who watches the show hasn't seen her and David go at it on countless occasions.

16. A Sore Subject

A Sore Subject
As for teenage Jenelle's decision to sign custody of Jace over to Barbara ... well, that's still a sensitive topic for Jenelle.

17. Getting Angry

Getting Angry
“I never f-cking left my child,” she wrote after a fan accused her of doing exactly that.

18. A Smart Decision

A Smart Decision
We won't fault Jenelle for the decision to sign custody of Jace over to her mother, as that was genuinely the best thing she could have done for her son at the time. We just wish she would keep one thing in mind ...

19. It's All About Jace

It's All About Jace
Jenelle's devotion to her son's well-being can't stop with signing him over to his grandmother. If both she and Babs would put Jace's needs ahead of their own, they might actually be able to work out an arrangement that works for everyone.

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