Teen Mom 2: Who's the Real MVP of This Season ... and Franchise!?

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It is about to be totally on between the Teen Mom 2 cast members, THG Nation. No, there's no new scandal you missed.

There was no fresh shade thwon between Kailyn Lowry, Jenelle Evans, Briana DeJesus, Chelsea Houska or Leah Messer.

But there is a debate to be had.

Over the past several months, we've been exposed to one explosive fight after another; one allegation of child abuse after ...

... actually, there's been just one allegation of child abuse so far, but that's a story for another time (and another time, and another).

Bottom line: the prominence of Teen Mom 2 news and gossip has forced us to think about this MTV show more than ever.

With many arguments breaking out within THG Headquarters, our staff has decided to come together below to settle this:

WHO IS THE MVP OF TEEN MOM 2? Below, we make the case for Kail, Jenelle, Briana, Chelsea and Leah ...

1. Kailyn Lowry: The Resilient Success Story.

Kailyn Lowry: The Resilient Success Story.
As with any Teen Mom 2 star, Kailyn has had her ups and downs. She became a mother at 17 years old while appearing on the second season of MTV's 16 and Pregnant. First, fans watched Kail grapple with a lack of support from her family. Being pregnant as teenager is hard enough without having rely upon your baby daddy's family.

2. Unlucky in Love

Unlucky in Love
Then, on Teen Mom 2, fans have gotten to watch this unlucky-in-love mother struggle with romance, additional pregnancies, and with co-parenting. Once you dig through the ins and outs with Javi Marroquin, the sometimes frightening drama with Chris Lopez, and all of the frustrations of being a reality star, she's a mom.

3. She's Their Whole World

She's Their Whole World
To Isaac, Lincoln, and baby Lux, Kailyn is their whole world. And though her taste in men leaves much to be desired, she is a much, much better parent than some of her co-stars. She seems to have mastered co-parenting as much as anyone in her situation possibly could, juggling holiday events with baby daddies and even their extended families.

4. Kail Does Not Mince Words

Kail Does Not Mince Words
On top of everything else, Kail is not afraid to be open and honest with her fans on social media, whether it's about her bisexuality or her careful decisions regarding plastic surgeries.

5. Hustle and Heart

Hustle and Heart
She's taken plenty of flak for having three kids with three different guys, but Lowry's not looking for handouts. She recently graduated from Delaware State and is always hustling - whether it's promoting products, her own books and podcast, or embarking in other business ventures.

6. Never a Dull Moment

Never a Dull Moment
It doesn't hurt that she's very entertaining. Just saying. - Simon Delott

7. Briana DeJesus: The Anti-Hero.

Briana DeJesus: The Anti-Hero.
I know what you're thinking: What? Huh? No way! Briana only just joined the show this year! To this objection, I simply respond as follows: EXACTLY!

8. A Shot in the Arm

A Shot in the Arm
Teen Mom 2 was floundering a bit. It was losing momentum. It was in danger of becoming boring and predictable, as there are only so many times we can watch Jenelle fight with her mother or Kailyn fight with a baby daddy and refrain from yawning. Predictability. It's the worst thing that can happy to a reality show.

9. Wasting No Time

Wasting No Time
A surprise addition to the new season, Briana wasted no time at all in stirring up fresh feuds and creating new controversies, beginning with the fact that she got pregnant again, and broke up with baby daddy, again.

10. Javi You Ever Seen Anything Like This?!

Javi You Ever Seen Anything Like This?!
She went right ahead and dated a fellow cast member's ex-husband, for goodness sake, showing no shame in carrying on a romance with Javi right in front of Kailyn's eyes ... while giving as good as she got. And, boy, did she give and did she get a lot.

11. A Love Triangle Like No Other

A Love Triangle Like No Other
She went back and forth with both Javi and Kailyn, on the show and on social media. She went back and forth with both Javi and Kailyn, on the show and on social media. She dissed anyone who got in her way, throwing shade and, according to certain reports, even throwing punches at one point. To say Briana doesn't back down is an understatement ...

12. The Straw That Stirs the Drink ... or the Pot

The Straw That Stirs the Drink ... or the Pot
Yes, the drink was already made when DeJesus arrived on the scene. But she quickly became the straw that stirred it on Season 8, shaking things up when everyone else was feeling dangerously stale. - Hilton Hater

13. Jenelle Evans: The Ultimate Ratings Juggernaut.

Jenelle Evans: The Ultimate Ratings Juggernaut.
It might seem odd to argue that Jenelle Evans is the most valuable player on Team Teen Mom, but really it just depends on what sort of rubric we’re using.

14. Redefining M-V-P

After all, is it not soap-worthy drama and outlandish behavior that attracts us to reality television? Then Jenelle is without question the MVP (most valuable psycho) of Teen Mom 2.

15. And??

Sure, she’s not “likable.” She’s not a “good mom.” One could easily argue that she should be “locked behind bars for the rest of her natural life.” To which I say ... and??

16. This is What They Want

This is What They Want
But let’s be honest - is anyone really tuning in to watch five Chelsea Houska's figure out creative ways to hide vegetables in their kids’ dinners week after week? I think you know the answer to that question.

17. You Love This, Because You Love to Hate Her

You Love This, Because You Love to Hate Her
Look, at the end of the day the question here is who brings the most to the TM2 table. If we’re trying to choose the mom you should most trust to babysit for your kids for an afternoon, then obviously, Jenelle is at the bottom of the list. She’d be stoned out of her gourd and wondering how much your youngest would fetch on eBay before you ran your first errand. But is that why we watch?

18. Wildly Unstable. Completely Invaluable.

Exactly, if we’re choosing the most indispensable member of the Teen Mom 2 squad, then I want dangerous egomania, jaw-dropping idiocy, and borderline-criminal insanity. In other words, the same qualities that roughly 62 million Americans look for in a President. - Tyler Johnson

19. Chelsea Houska: Because Obviously.

Chelsea Houska: Because Obviously.
What determines "value" exactly? The amount of drugs in your system? The number of legal hours billed? The sheer volume of husbands and kids you can accumulate?

20. We Can Do Better

We Can Do Better
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then your quote-unquote "MVP" is obviously Carolina Hurricane Jenelle Evans. But America, we can do better. That's not who we are.

21. Just Ask Dr. Randy

Just Ask Dr. Randy
Chelsea's father, Randy (who we'll discuss more in a minute), once said that she flies so far under the radar that MTV forgets she exists. A bit of an exaggeration, but his point remains: Houska stands out from the pack because she's actually a stable individual! Crazy!

22. A Real Role Model

A strong young woman who actually sets a strong example? Who learns from her mistakes and puts her best foot forward? Bonkers!

23. Authentic, Real and Wonderful

Authentic, Real and Wonderful
Not to mention: If asked to name the franchise's most heartwarming moments, fans would be hard-pressed not to think of The Housk. Watching her raise Aubree, and now Watson, with husband Cole DeBoer is a joy, and it is real. Good or bad, it's 100 percent authentic.

24. She Won't Back Down

She Won't Back Down
Lest you think that she's boring as a result of having her s--t together, she battles deadbeat baby daddy Adam Lind on a regular basis. She's also no shrinking violet; Chelsea would rather avoid stirring the pot, but if roped into drama, she more than holds her own. Between Chelsea and Randy, the Houska family's tweets are not to be missed when it comes to knocking Jenelle down a peg. And for that, we thank her. - Free Britney

25. Leah Messer: Always Beating the Odds.

Leah Messer: Always Beating the Odds.
Let’s just come right out and say it: If you think that you, a Teen Mom 2 viewer and a person with a working brain, can sit there and say that anyone besides Leah Messer is the MVP of this incredible television show, you are lying to yourself and to all the rest of us. We all deserve a little more respect than that.

26. A Journey Unlike Any Other

Leah Messer, that West Virginia darling with an alleged former drug habit and a heart of gold, truly is the total package, and she’s been proving that since her very first appearance on MTV in her 16 and Pregnant episode.

27. Think You Had it Rough?

Have any of the other moms been pregnant with twins? No. Have any of the other moms pissed themselves on national television? No. Yep, in her first hour on MTV, Leah won us over, but she certainly wasn’t done yet.

28. She Could Not Be Up Against More

She Could Not Be Up Against More
In her time on Teen Mom 2, Leah’s been through more than any of the other moms – just look at her daughter Ali’s heartbreaking battle with terminal illness. We’ve seen her go through that unimaginable struggle as well as two divorces, anxiety and depression, and a temporary loss of custody of her twins … but just look at how hard she’s bounced back!

29. Putting in Work

Putting in Work
For the past couple of seasons, Leah has been working on herself in the most impressive way, and watching her now, it’s clear that she’s come so far from where she used to be.

30. The Most Lovable of All

The Most Lovable of All
Sure, she may not be having a picture perfect fairytale life like Chelsea, and she may not bring as much trashy drama as Jenelle. She doesn’t have as much chaos in her life as Kailyn, and she’s not as fresh and new as Briana. But ding dang if Leah isn’t the most lovable Teen Mom of them all. - Emily Trainham

31. Who Ya Got?!

Who Ya Got?!
We've made the case for each of the five Teen Mom 2 stalwarts. Now it's time for you to weigh in ... who's the real MVP? Hurricane Jenelle? Classy Chelsea? Lovable Leah? Hustling Kailyn? Brash Briana? The pros and cons are clearly defined. Let us know how you feel about them.

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