Jim Bob Duggar Literally Disowned Jinger Over L.A. Move, Rebellious Streak [Exclusive]

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Back in April 2019, The Hollywood Gossip reported that Jim Bob Duggar had disowned his daughter Jinger, the family "rebel."

This action came as a result of the 26-year-old's decision to relocate to California, but was also seen as the last straw of sorts.

In some ways, the L.A. move was a long time coming, as Jinger's rebellious streak had been a thorn in Jim Bob's side for years.

The final blow came abruptly, when Jinger and husband Jeremy Vuolo announced their impending move to the West Coast.

This change of scenery was ostensibly so that Jeremy could enroll in an L.A. divinity school, but let's be real for a moment here:

It was widely seen by observers as a rebuke of Jim Bob.

In any case, Jinger and Jim Bob have since patched things up, leading some fans to think that this rift was all exaggerated.

However, in an exclusive interview with THG, a longtime family friend confirms that Jim Bob did indeed cut off his daughter. 

Not only was the disowning a real thing, the patriarch's change of heart was motivated not by compassion, but sheer vanity.

Take a look at what we found out in our interview:

1. Simpler Times

Simpler Times
While Jim Bob was never a big fan of Jinger's boyfriend turned fiance turned husband Jeremy Vuolo, he accepted the relationship, and ultimately, his daughter's decision to marry a man with beliefs that are slightly less conservative than the ones with which she was raised.

2. Trial By Fire

Trial By Fire
Fans noticed early on that Jim Bob was much more critical of Jeremy than he was of the other young men who married into the Duggar family.

3. The Same, But Different

The Same, But Different
There are many reasons for this, chief among them is the fact that while he's also an evangelical Christian, Jeremy's beliefs differ from Jim Bob's in a number of significant ways.

4. The Right to Bare Legs

The Right to Bare Legs
For starters, Jeremy doesn't hold Jim Bob's old school views regarding a woman's place in the world. This is most evident in the fact that Jinger is not required to adhere to a strict dress code, as she was when she was growing up.

5. A Biblical Rift

A Biblical Rift
On top of that, it seems Jeremy and Jim Bob differ sharply on certain theological issues that both believe to be of the utmost importance.

6. Calvin and Bob

Calvin and Bob
According to an insider who spoke with The Hollywood Gossip exclusively, Jim Bob doesn’t “mesh” with either Jeremy Vuolo or Jessa Duggar’s husband, Ben Seewald, due to the fact that both men subscribe to a Calvinist belief system that Jim Bob abhors.

7. One Daughter Down

One Daughter Down
The Calvinism issue had surfaced before, and caught the family patriarch off guard. “When Jim Bob found out that Ben was a Calvinist, it was too late; [Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar] were already married," the insider told us.

8. Another One Bites the Dust

Another One Bites the Dust
One thing led to another, literally in this case. “When this Calvinism thing came out, it blew Jim Bob right out of the boat. Then all of a sudden, Ben introduces Jinger to Vuolo," the source added.

9. Not Wasting Any Time

Not Wasting Any Time
“When the courting started, it happened real quick, and all of a sudden, Jim Bob finds out that Jeremy’s a Calvinist, too,” the informant stated.

10. Hashing It Out In Court

Hashing It Out In Court
“Jim Bob pulled Jeremy aside one day on the basketball court and asked him if he’s a Calvinist. Jeremy said, ‘Yeah, I’m a Calvinist,’” our source recalls.

11. Lighting Out

Lighting Out
But it seems that as upset as Jim was by the theological differences, he became even more irate soon enough when he learned that Jinger and Jeremy would not be settling down in her home state of Arkansas near the rest of the family.

12. Undermined Authority

Undermined Authority
“Then all of a sudden, [Jeremy] got a job in Laredo, and poof, they were gone. And that blew Jim Bob away again. He lost control," the source said of the couple's first move. Laredo, in south Texas, isn't just a short drive away - it's a very long way from Northwest Arkansas.

13. A Duggar Nightmare

A Duggar Nightmare
The situation deteriorated further when Jinger, Jeremy, and their daughter Felicity decided to move out of Texas - and make their home in a coastal metropolis. And not even an East Coast one!

14. City of Devils

City of Devils
Even though the Vuolos made the move so that Jeremy could attend divinity school in Los Angeles, Jim Bob still regarded their relocation as nothing less than his daughter being dragged to a land of heathens.

15. Goin' to California

Goin' to California
“Then [Jeremy and Jinger] got this place out in California, and yeah, Jim Bob disowned her for a little while," the insider revealed.

16. Turning Their Backs On Her

Turning Their Backs On Her
“The Duggars disowned Jinger for a little while, and they shaded her quite a bit during that time,” said The Hollywood Gossip's reliable family source.

17. Change of Heart

Change of Heart
But just as suddenly as he disowned Jinger, Jim Bob turned around and welcomed her back into the family. Our insider says it was all thanks to the intervention of a prominent neighbor and fellow parishioner.

18. Mysterious Intervention

Mysterious Intervention
“Then, all of a sudden, something was said by somebody in the community, and to this day, I still don’t know who it is," our source recalled.

19. A Threat to His Reputation

A Threat to His Reputation
“They told Jim Bob, ‘If you really want to stand in a bad light, you just carry on the way you’re carrying on with Jinger,’” the tipster tells us.

20. Getting Defensive

Getting Defensive
The insider says Jim Bob objected to this shadowy establishment figure with an argument along the lines of “he’s a Calvinist and he stole my daughter!"

21. Standing Firm

Standing Firm
But the person who interceded on Jinger’s behalf doubled down, reminding Jim Bob that he’s “standing in a bad light” and warning him, “If you carry on this way, you’ll never have anything to do with Jinger, ever.”

22. It Worked!

It Worked!
“And then about a week or two later [Jim Bob and the rest of the family] went out to California to try and make amends,” our source recalled.

23. Modern Duggar

Modern Duggar
Our insider tells us that Jinger emerged from the conflict victorious, as she regained her father's acceptance without being forced to alter hew new lifestyle.

24. Living Their Best Life

Living Their Best Life
“Jeremy and Jinger, they’re not doing anything wrong out there in L.A.,” the insider added, noting that the problems Jim Bob had with them were his alone.

25. Embracing Modernity

Embracing Modernity
“As far as wearing pants and trimming her hair, that’s normal life," the tipster said, noting that even in the Duggars' community, the extent to which Jim Bob enforces some of his views on day to day life are extreme.

26. A Daring Escape

A Daring Escape
“The things she was taught are cultish. It’s like she was raised in a cult. You can’t cut your hair; you can’t do this; you can’t do that; you have to have sex with your husband, even when you’re tired,” the source said.

27. Sexual Slavery

Sexual Slavery
“If you feel like your period’s coming on and you feel terrible and crampy, you still have to have sex with your husband," the insider added, touching on one of the more problematic aspects of life for young women in the Duggars' community. "It's ridiculous."

28. The Path to Freedom

The Path to Freedom
We're happy they patched things up with her dad and all, but here's hoping Jinger and Jeremy are able to assist some of her sisters in escaping the oppressive lifestyle that they were raised to accept.

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