Jenelle Evans: SUED By David Eason's Ex ... For Posting Stolen Naked Pics!

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Jenelle Evans undoubtedly made the right move by filing for divorce from David Eason last month.

But if she thought she'd be able to just walk away without David continuing to mess up her life for several years to come, well ... she's got another thing coming.

Right now, Evans is suffering two distinct types of consequences.

There's the harm that David is intentionally causing, and there's the collateral damage that's an unfortunate result of being married to one of the worst people alive for two years.

The latest court case against Jenelle - as reported today by The Ashley's Reality Roundup - might be a case of the latter ... or it could be that Jenelle played an active role in this nauseating stunt and genuinely deserves to be punished for her role.

Take a look and decide for yourself:

1. The Terrible Twosome

The Terrible Twosome
Jenelle and David did some truly awful things during their time together. And now, it seems one of their final horrendous acts is coming back to haunt them.

2. Back to Court

Back to Court
Yes, Jenelle Evans is being sued yet again. This time, David Eason's ex is claiming that Jenelle posted nude photos online in order to humiliate her.

3. He's Wrecked a Lot of Lives

He's Wrecked a Lot of Lives
Prior to meeting his meal ticket Jenelle, David was involved with a woman named Olivia Leedham.

4. David's OTHER Kid

David's OTHER Kid
Olivia is the mother of David's son, Kaden. You may have noticed that Kaden doesn't make many appearances on Teen Mom 2 -- and there's a good reason for that.

5. Never-Ending Drama

Never-Ending Drama
Like all of David's other kids, poor Kaden has been dragged through an endless procession of custody battles. And fortunately, Olivia has emerged victorious thus far.

6. The System DOES Work!

The System DOES Work!
David doesn't have visitation rights, and as a result, he rarely sees his son.

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