Jenelle Evans: SUED By David Eason's Ex ... For Posting Stolen Naked Pics!

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Jenelle Evans undoubtedly made the right move by filing for divorce from David Eason last month.

But if she thought she'd be able to just walk away without David continuing to mess up her life for several years to come, well ... she's got another thing coming.

Right now, Evans is suffering two distinct types of consequences.

There's the harm that David is intentionally causing, and there's the collateral damage that's an unfortunate result of being married to one of the worst people alive for two years.

The latest court case against Jenelle - as reported today by The Ashley's Reality Roundup - might be a case of the latter ... or it could be that Jenelle played an active role in this nauseating stunt and genuinely deserves to be punished for her role.

Take a look and decide for yourself:

1. The Terrible Twosome

The Terrible Twosome
Jenelle and David did some truly awful things during their time together. And now, it seems one of their final horrendous acts is coming back to haunt them.

2. Back to Court

Back to Court
Yes, Jenelle Evans is being sued yet again. This time, David Eason's ex is claiming that Jenelle posted nude photos online in order to humiliate her.

3. He's Wrecked a Lot of Lives

He's Wrecked a Lot of Lives
Prior to meeting his meal ticket Jenelle, David was involved with a woman named Olivia Leedham.

4. David's OTHER Kid

David's OTHER Kid
Olivia is the mother of David's son, Kaden. You may have noticed that Kaden doesn't make many appearances on Teen Mom 2 -- and there's a good reason for that.

5. Never-Ending Drama

Never-Ending Drama
Like all of David's other kids, poor Kaden has been dragged through an endless procession of custody battles. And fortunately, Olivia has emerged victorious thus far.

6. The System DOES Work!

The System DOES Work!
David doesn't have visitation rights, and as a result, he rarely sees his son.

7. Dave Rage

Dave Rage
Obviously, Eason is very, very angry about this. We say it's obvious not because he's known for his deep love for his children, but because David is in a state of seething rage at all times.

8. A Baffling Decision

A Baffling Decision
In late August, when David and Jenelle were still pretending to be head-over-heels for each other (This divorce stuff happened mighty fast, y'all.), the couple decided to fight Olivia for custody of Kaden.

9. Interesting Choice

Interesting Choice
The timing couldn't have been stranger, as Jenelle and David had only recently regained custody of the three children who were removed from their home following a CPS investigation in May.

10. The Kids Aren't Alright

The Kids Aren't Alright
The children were placed with relatives, you'll recall, after David shot and killed Jenelle's French bulldog puppy while the kids were at home.

11. No, Duh

No, Duh
The ensuing investigation determined that David and Jenelle were unable to provide a safe environment for their children.

12. At Least They Wasted Lots of Money

At Least They Wasted Lots of Money
Kind of a strange time for David to try and make the leap from "no visitation rights" to "full custody," but apparently, he and Jenelle came at Olivia with the full force of their expensive legal team.

13. Formidable Foes

Formidable Foes
Toward the end, Jenelle and David could barely keep their own house in order, but they still had money (for the time being), which means the prospect of squaring off against them in court must have been intimidating for Olivia.

14. Doing What She Had to Do

Doing What She Had to Do
And so, Olivia -- who works as a hairdresser in North Carolina -- started a GoFundMe page in which she asked Teen Mom 2 fans for help in paying for her legal counsel.

15. Concerned For Good Reason

Concerned For Good Reason
"When it comes to Kaden’s father, David Eason. I am sincerely concerned about my child being around someone who is extremely volatile,” she wrote.

16. Bad Stuff

Bad Stuff
“Domestic violence including 911 calls, animal cruelty in which case a dog was beaten and shot, and much more has all been mentioned to of happened at the Eason home," she added.

17. Still Fighting

Still Fighting
"We have come a long way and have spent nearly $50,000 on attorney fees to keep the case going. My family and I are struggling to pay anymore. I am a single mom of two. I do my best to work as much as I can. I don’t have the means to keep going alone financially within the court system. I am finally reaching out for help,” Leedham added.

18. Smart Kid

Smart Kid
Olivia added that Kaden has no desire to spend time with his father, writing, “I am completely concerned for my son’s safety, physically and mentally. He is persistent on not going to his Dad's and doesn’t even want to speak to him. I am beyond worried.”

19. Fighting Back, Eason-Style

Fighting Back, Eason-Style
David and Jenelle fought back as only they can. First, they launched a GoFundMe of their own, but shut it down after two days when they only raised $70 (compared to Olivia's $6,000).

20. Stay Classy

Stay Classy
Having now been publicly embarrassed, the Easons (allegedly) decided to return the favor by posting a nude photo of Olivia online.

21. Get 'Em!

Get 'Em!
Now, Olivia is hitting back. Hard. According to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Leedham has filed a civil suit against Jenelle and David and is seeking “money and punitive damages" for Jenelle and David's revenge porn.

22. Like a Bad Penny

Like a Bad Penny
Possibly the worst part of this for Jenelle is that it enables David to temporarily worm his way back into her life, as the two of them will be co-defendants.

23. No Pay-Off This Time

No Pay-Off This Time
According to those who know the estranged couple best, the Easons are broke, which means they likely won't be able to simply settle out of court.

24. Waiting On An Answer

Waiting On An Answer
According to The Ashley, both Jenelle and David have been served with civil summons. Neither party has responded yet, but they have 30 days to do so.

25. A Long Time Coming

A Long Time Coming
Olivia may have hinted at a lawsuit against Jenelle and David several months ago.

26. Patience

“Everyone, just wait and trust me,” she wrote. “Don’t worry about all the bashing. All it is, is a bunch of lies. Thank you all for your support and standing by me to get through this.”

27. Jenelle's Hell

Jenelle's Hell
Jenelle has yet to respond to the situation, but we think it's safe to say she's not too thrilled about it.

28. Trouble She Can't Afford

Trouble She Can't Afford
In addition to the stress of another lawsuit, Jenelle can't afford this sort of drama ... in the most literal sense.

29. Tough Times

Tough Times
Insiders say Evans is on the brink of poverty after blowing what little savings she had on trying to launch her failed cosmetics line.

30. That's Just Sad

That's Just Sad
As for David, he's so broke he's taken to selling homemade knives, braided bracelets, and other summer camp crafts on his Facebook page.

31. Couldn't Have Planned It Better

Couldn't Have Planned It Better
If Olivia wanted to wait to file her lawsuit when it would do the most possible damage, mission accomplished. We guess in this case, revenge really is a dish best served cold.

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