Jenelle Evans Owns David Eason In Court, Accidentally Confirms Relationship Rumors?

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Jenelle Evans didn't experience many victories over the course of her two-year marriage to David Eason.

But in the months since she filed for divorce from Eason, it's been one win after another for the former Teen Mom 2 star.

David and Jenelle were back in court today, and once again, Jenelle came out on top.

Of course, this was the latest battle in what promises to be a very long war.

And some fans think Jenelle is already showin signs of fatigue.

Take a look:

1. The Battle Continues

The Battle Continues
Jenelle Evans and David Eason squared off in court yet again today. At issue was Jenelle's restraining order against David, which severely limits his activities.

2. Making Moves

Making Moves
Jenelle filed for the order the same week that she fled North Carolina and filed for divorce from David.

3. Menacing Dave

Menacing Dave
A judge granted her a temporary order of protection pending further review. David was not present in the courtroom.

4. A New Life

A New Life
Jenelle has relocated to Nashville, and David has already made the 9-hour trip from Riegelwood, North Carolina for two separate court dates.

5. David Denied

David Denied
Both times, David was hoping to get the restraining order lifted, and both times, his efforts were in vain.

6. Prolonging the War

Prolonging the War
The first court date took place in early December, at which time, Jenelle's restraining order was extended for an additional 10 days.

7. Dragging It Out

Dragging It Out
This time, Jenelle and her lawyers were granted a continuance until next month, and the terms of the restraining order will remain in place until the next court date.

8. A Continuance

A Continuance
“There has been a continuance until the 13th of January,” a courtroom insider tells Radar Online.

9. Another Extension

Another Extension
“The order of protection will be extended until that date,” the source continues.

10. What's David's Deal?

What's David's Deal?
You might be wondering why David is so interested in getting this restraining order lifted. After all, he doesn't seem to have any interest in reconciling with Jenelle.

11. The Ensley Factor

The Ensley Factor
Well, for one thing, the restraining order also prevents David from spending time with his Ensley, his 2-year-old daughter by Jenelle.

12. Dad and Daughter

Dad and Daughter
No one has ever praised David's parenting, but it seems he does seem to enjoy a surprisingly close relationship with Ensley.

13. Gun Nut

But it seems the main reason that Eason is so eager to have this restraining order lifted is that it prevents him from owning or purchasing any guns.

14. Disarmament

Yes, if you know anything about David, you know that the man loves his guns. And currently, he's 100 percent unarmed.

15. Gunless

Not only does the restraining order prevent David from purchasing any new guns, it required him to turn over the weapons he owned at the time it was granted.

16. The Idiocy Knows No Bounds

The Idiocy Knows No Bounds
Granted, it's anyone's guess as to whether or not David actually complied with that order. If anyone is dumb enough to risk going to jail over a few weapons he doesn't actually need, it's this guy.

17. Jenelle's Winning Streak

Jenelle's Winning Streak
Whatever the case, Jenelle has emerged victorious once again, and some fans are convinced she's riding high in more ways than one.

18. Ensley's Christmas

Ensley's Christmas
A contingent of Evans' Twitter followers is convinced that her latest tweet contains a subtle clue that she's in a relationship.

19. A Christmas Clue

A Christmas Clue
Yes, it might seem like a collage of innocent Christmas photos, but some fans are convinced that Ensley's ornament contains a reflection of two figures -- one is probably Jenelle, and the other, these fans claim, appears to be male.

20. Rumor Confirmed?

Rumor Confirmed?
Rumors that Jenelle has a new man in her life have been circulating for several weeks now.

21. The Prime Suspect

The Prime Suspect
Many are convinced that Evans is romantically involved with Travis Tidwell, a Nashville-based musician whom she met during a family vacation to the city back in October -- while she was still married to David.

22. Shut Down

Shut Down
The relationship would help explain Evans' sudden relocation to the Music City -- but she says the rumors are totally bogus.

23. Can She Be Trusted?

Can She Be Trusted?
Of course, this is still Jenelle Evans we're talking about. She's never had a great relationship with the truth, and in this case, she would have every reason to lie.

24. Not Alone

Not Alone
As for David, it seems he's also dating a resident of the Nashville area. Eason reportedly met his new boo while he was in town for a court date.

25. More Drama

More Drama
This situation might soon get very interesting in the absolute worst way possible!

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