Jenelle Evans-Nathan Griffith Custody Battle Takes Shocking Turn

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Week after week, Jenelle Evans continues to shock Teen Mom 2 fans with her negligent, abusive parenting.

But believe it or not, a judge has determined that while Jenelle's parenting skills are highly questionable, there's not enough evidence against her to remove son Kaiser from her home and place the 4-year-old with his father, Nathan Griffith.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Nathan's mother, Doris Davidson, recently attempted to keep Kaiser at her home without Jenelle's permission.

And on Tuesday evening, Jenelle was finally able to take the boy back.

So that particular battle may be over -- but you can be sure the war is just getting started.

Here's the latest:

1. Jenelle and Her Boys

Jenelle and Her Boys
Jenelle has already lost custody of her eldest son, Jace, who's been raised by his grandmother since birth. Now, she's fighting tooth and nail to retain primary custody of Jace's younger brother, Kaiser.

2. Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy
The last fans saw of Jenelle and Kaiser together was when the two of them celebrated his fourth birthday last week.

3. Unfair Criticism?

Unfair Criticism?
At the time, Jenelle received a fair bit of flak from fans for taking Kaiser to daycare on his big day. Others pointed out that many young children enjoy celebrating with their friends at school, and it may have been his decision to attend.

4. The Standoff

The Standoff
After his birthday celebration, Kaiser was dropped off at Doris' in order to spend the weekend with Nathan's family. Davidson refused to return the boy to Jenelle after the weekend was through, claiming she had reason to believe he was being abused.

5. Proof of Abuse?

Proof of Abuse?
Doris claims she found bruises on Kaiser's body. She says she's long suspected that he's being abused by his stepfather, David Eason.

6. The Carolina Hurricane

The Carolina Hurricane
When Doris refused to bring Kaiser to the custody drop on Sunday night, Jenelle did what she does best and lost her temper in a major way.

7. Standing Firm

Standing Firm
Despite Jenelle's rage, however, Doris simply refused to return Kaiser to what she believed was an abusive environment.

8. Doris' Discovery

Doris' Discovery
“Kaiser was with Doris, and during his visit, Doris discovered bruising on Kaiser,” a source tells The Ashley.

9. Nathan's Version

In a 911 call placed on Friday night, Nathan claimed that Kaiser reported being abused by David. “We asked him about [the bruises] and he said David hit him with a stick," Griffith claimed.

10. An Important Distinction

An Important Distinction
The Ashley's source says that despite reports to the contrary, Kaiser was not “beat up” or “covered in bruises." Furthermore, there was no "finger bruising," which is usually regarded as a tell-tale sign of abuse.

11. David Off the Hook?

David Off the Hook?
“It was medium-sized bruising,” the source said. “There was no finger mark bruising or anything like that.” But for obvious reasons, Doris and Nathen were still concerned.

12. Nathan on the Warpath

Nathan on the Warpath
“Nathan texted David on Friday and told him that there’s going to be a warrant out for his arrest for abusing Kaiser,” the source says.

13. One Tense Weekend

“That same night, Doris told Jenelle that she and Nathan aren’t giving Kaiser back to them because of the bruise discovery. Doris called the police on Friday night to make a report," the insider adds.

14. Jenelle and David's Explanation

Jenelle and David's Explanation
The Department of Social Services launched an investigation, and apparently, Jenelle and David were able to successfully argue that Kaiser had sustained the bruises while playing on a boat.

15. Insufficient Proof

Insufficient Proof
“The [DSS agent] basically said that there wasn’t enough proof of abuse to keep Kaiser away from David,” the source tells The Ashley. “She said that amount of bruising could have happened while Kaiser was playing.”

16. Dissenting Officer

Dissenting Officer
A police officer who was called in, however, disagreed with the DSS agent's findings, which is why Kaiser was permitted to remain with Nathan and Doris over the weekend.

17. Siding With Nathan

Siding With Nathan
“He said he wasn’t going to force Kaiser to go with Jenelle and David because there was a bruise on the child,” the source says. “The cop had the power to enforce one way or another and he chose to allow Kaiser to stay with Doris/Nathan.”

18. On Further Review...

On Further Review...
Once a complete DSS investigation had been conducted, however, Nathan and Doris had no choice but to turn Kaiser over to Jenelle. She arrived at their home in the company of a police escort on Tuesday night.

19. Repairing Their Reputation

Repairing Their Reputation
While all of this was going on, Jenelle and Nathan were actively defending themselves on social media. Jenelle posted this photo of a Father's Day present that Kaiser had allegedly made for David. She stated that he "refused" to make one for Nathan.

20. A Bit of a "Bruiser"

A Bit of a "Bruiser"
Meanwhile, David explained the bruises on Kaiser in rather suspicious fashion, writing, “You couldn’t ask for a better kid. Kaiser is more active than the rest and tends to be a little clumsy but he is a bruiser and nothing stops him when he is having a good time!” Whatever you say, Dave.

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