Jenelle Evans: Here's How She Can Regain Custody of Her Kids

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As you've likely heard by now, Jenelle Evans has lost custody of her kids following a shocking chain of events.

It all started when Evans' husband, David Eason, shot and killed the family dog.

This prompted a CPS investigation that revealed deplorable living conditions on the property that Jenelle and David have obnoxiously dubbed "The Land."

Now, the three children who were still under the care of Evans and Eason (the couple had already lost custody of two other kids) have been placed in safer environments pending further investigation.

In an exclusive statement issued to The Hollywood Gossip, Jenelle vowed to get her kids back -- but is that even possible?

Sadly, yes. And here is how she could do it:


1. The Non-Mom

The Non-Mom
Longtime Teen Mom 2 viewers were not exactly shocked when Jenelle lost custody, as well-documented reports of drug use, child neglect, violent outbursts, and other erratic behavior have been following Evans for years.

2. Domino Effect

Domino Effect
But despite all of the negative press and the many, many police reports against Jenelle, it wasn't until David killed Jenelle's French bulldog that local authorities really took action.

3. Putting David Above Her Kids

Putting David Above Her Kids
When it became evident that Jenelle would not be leaving David and, thus, that her kids would remain in a house with a violent psychopath, CPS acted quickly.

4. At Last

At Last
An investigation was launched, and the kids were promptly removed from the home and placed with relatives.

5. A Broken Family

A Broken Family
2-year-old Ensley is now living with Jenelle's mother; 4-year-old Kaiser has been placed with his father; and 11-year-old Maryssa resides with her maternal grandmother.

6. An Unlikely Goal

An Unlikely Goal
Jenelle, of course, has publicly vowed to regain custody.

7. United They Fall

United They Fall
"I love being a mother and David and I will get through this," Evans told The Hollywood Gossip in an exclusive statement. "We are staying strong and united."

8. Standing By Her Man

Standing By Her Man
"I love my kids so much and I will do anything necessary to get them back and that is all I want everyone to understand," she added.

9. Believe It or Not

Believe It or Not
It seems impossible that Jenelle could ever regain custody after everything that's happened, but courts tend to favor birth mothers, and if she plays her cards right, Evans could wind up with at least two of her kids back on The Land.

10. No Easy Feat

No Easy Feat
Of course, it would require Jenelle to do a whole lot of things she doesn't want to do, including ...

11. 1. Kick David to the Curb

1. Kick David to the Curb
Jenelle probably could have retained custody simply by doing this at the very start. At first, it was only David who was under investigation, not Jenelle.

12. Bad Decision After Bad Decision

Bad Decision After Bad Decision
But once it became clear that Jenelle would not be leaving David, authorities visited The Land and did NOT like what they saw.

13. One Dangerous Dad

One Dangerous Dad
Now, it seems impossible that Jenelle could possibly regain custody without leaving David, but she vows to do exactly that.

14. 2. Get Sober

2. Get Sober
This is a tricky one, as Jenelle claims she doesn't abuse any substances despite substantial evidence to the contrary.

15. Trouble From the Start

Trouble From the Start
Ensley was born with marijuana in her system due to Jenelle's use during pregnancy. Somehow, Evans managed to retain custody.

16. Drunken Brawls

And then there was the incident last October in which Jenelle alleged that David broke her collarbone during an altercation in which both parties were heavily intoxicated. She later dismissed the incident as "a drunk and dramatic misunderstanding."

17. Working the Program

Working the Program
Make no mistake, Jenelle would have to get clean and prove she's sober in order to regain custody. This would likely mean participation in AA or a similar group, and possibly even court-mandated drug tests.

18. 3. Clean Up the Land

3. Clean Up the Land
Living conditions on Jenelle and David's property have been described as deplorable. According to a report from Radar Online, CPS investigators found "human and animal feces" inside the home.

19. Poor Ensley

Poor Ensley
Sources also told the site that Ensley was discovered wearing a "urine-soaked" diaper.

20. The Old Reverse-Noah

The Old Reverse-Noah
Currently, Jenelle and David are raising numerous animals such as pigs and chickens in an effort to become "homesteaders." Given the nature of David's offenses, the couple would likely be forced to surrender their animals.

21. 4. Start Making Nice

4. Start Making Nice
Of course, the courts aren't the only ones who don't want Jenelle and David to regain custody. Parties within the couple's inner circle share those concerns.

22. The Nathan Factor

The Nathan Factor
For instance, Kaiser's father, Nathan Griffith, is set to square off in court against Jenelle next month in hopes of being awarded permanent custody of Kaiser.

23. Babs Won't Back Down

Babs Won't Back Down
Then there's Barbara Evans, who has had custody of Jenelle's oldest son, Jace, since the boy's infancy. Currently, Ensley also resides with Babs.

24. Worth a Shot

Worth a Shot
Jenelle would need to get on good terms with both of them (as well as David's baby mamas) in order to get her kids back on a full-time basis ... and you can bet she won't be doing that.

25. Sad Situation

Sad Situation
So for now, Jenelle will continue to see her kids only during one hour weekly supervised visitation sessions. And in all likelihood, that arrangement won't be changing much.

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