Jenelle Evans Goes OFF on Teen Mom Cast: Who's Boring? Who's a Mean Bish? Who's Thirsty AF??

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Earlier this month, Jenelle Evans' contract with MTV finally expired.

Teen Mom 2 fired her over a year ago, but until recently, she was bound by the restrictions of a non-compete clause.

In other words, while MTV kicked her off the show, she couldn't turn around and do much else for a living, either.

No longer. These days, Evans is free to pursue any sort of career opportunity that comes along ... for what it's worth.

She's taking advantage of her newfound freedom by ... going on a bunch of random podcasts no one has ever heard of?

Hey, opportunities are scarce for violent, abusive bigots, and The Ashley's Reality Roundup did us all a great service by listening to it

As The Ash points out, at least Jenelle is making these random pods somewhat enjoyable by talking a whole lot of trash.

Go hard or go home (and #stayhome) right? Right. Take a look:

1. Off the Leash

Off the Leash
Jenelle Evans is done holding back. The former Teen Mom 2 villain is no longer under contract to MTV, which means she's allowed to talk whatever kind of trash she wants!

2. The Acceptance Stage

The Acceptance Stage
Actually, Jenelle probably could have talked all this trash before, but until recently, she was still hoping to get re-hired by MTV.

3. And the Anger Stage

And the Anger Stage
These days, she's realized that's never gonna happen, so she might as well set fire to every bridge.

4. Dirty Games

Dirty Games
Jenelle appeared on something called the Dirty Reality podcast this week, and she played a word association game involving her former castmates.

5. If the Shoe Fits ...

If the Shoe Fits ...
Asked which member of the Teen Mom franchise is "the most fake," Jenelle chose Farrah ... and, while we hate to agree with Jenelle, that's a pretty fair assessment.

6. Fake Farrah

Fake Farrah
Jenelle remains the worst cast member in the show's history, but whether you're talking lack of authenticity or surgical enhancements, there's no denying that Farrah is Fake AF.

7. Saw That One Coming

Saw That One Coming
Next, Jenelle was asked which cast member is "the most bitchy," and she picked Kail. Again, no surprise there.

8. Frenemies Forever

Frenemies Forever
Kail and Jenelle used to be close, but their relationship deteriorated into a bitter feud years ago, and they've been at each other's throats ever since.

9. Deep Denial

Deep Denial
Jenelle has been the instigator in most of their spats, but naturally, she doesn't see it that way.

10. No Surprise Here

No Surprise Here
Asked which cast member is most real, Jenelle said Briana DeJesus. Her answer probably has less to do with Briana's realness than with the relationship between the former co-stars.

11. A Common Enemy

A Common Enemy
Briana started making nice with Jenelle from the moment she was cast on TM2. This might have been a result of the moms' shared disdain for Kail, or it could have been a strategic move from Bri, who figured she needed SOMEONE on her side.

12. Bit of a Surprise

Bit of a Surprise
In response to a question about which Mom is the most thirsty, Jenelle went with Mackenzie.

13. Really?!

This is a surprise not only because Jenelle and Mackenzie never had any beef that we know of, but also because McKee just lost her mom a few months ago. Bit of a low blow, Jenelle.

14. Compliment Disguised as an Insult

Compliment Disguised as an Insult
Evans was then asked which Teen she finds the most boring, and she chose Chelsea Houska.

15. Real Talk

Real Talk
That may sound rude (and it is), but if Chelsea's storylines are boring, it's only because she's the most content of all the cast members. Jenelle should take notes during her scenes!

16. This Is a Good One

This Is a Good One
Evans was then asked which Mom would be most likely to show up to a 25th TM reunion bombed out of her gourd. She responded with Maci Bookout.

17. Bookout Blackout

Bookout Blackout
Jenelle reasoned that Maci “loves beer," something Bookout probably wouldn't dispute.

18. The Biggest Target

The Biggest Target
But yet again, Jenelle saved the bulk of her vitriol for her number one target, Amber Portwood.

19. Double Standard?

Double Standard?
Amber, of course, kept her job with MTV after she was arrested for domestic violence (for the second time) in July of last year.

20. Unfair Treatment

Unfair Treatment
Like many others, Jenelle thinks it's a bit unfair that she was fired for her own slew of crimes, while Portwood was permitted to remain on the show that made her famous.

21. If You Get What She Means

If You Get What She Means
“I think it’s fair for her to continue her story, but I don’t think it’s fair for me to NOT continue my story, if you get what I mean,” Jenelle said.

22. Making Her Case

Making Her Case
“I didn’t get in trouble for nothing, she got in trouble for a lot of things, and now they’re holding my husband’s actions against me,” Evans argued.

23. The Thing Is ...

The Thing Is ...
Of course, Jenelle was arrested many, many, many times prior to the infractions that finally cost her her job, so she's being just a smidge misleading there.

24. Just Sayin'

Just Sayin'
Plus, as awful as she is, as far as we know, Amber's not a bigot, and she's not responsible for the deaths of any dogs.

25. Bonus

Plus, she's not constantly talking trash about her co-workers. That's a big deal in the eyes of some employers.

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