Jenelle Evans Ponders Career Pivot: Will She Follow Farrah's Lead??

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These days, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is a free woman.

Jenelle was fired from MTV over a year ago, but it was just this month that her contract's non-compete clause with the network expired.

And what does that mean for the future of Jenelle's career?

Well, she's now free to pursue any sort of career opportunity that comes her way. What that ends up being is anyone's guess, of course.

Obviously, Jenelle hopes that she'll end up with a new reality show on a different network - but she probably realizes that's a long shot.

So she's keeping all options open - and could wind up following in the footsteps of another Teen Mom who was fired by the network.

You see where we're going with this yet?

Warning: It's Farrah. Take a look:

1. A New Day

A New Day
After ten years and a whole lot of drama, Jenelle Evans' working relationship with MTV is at an end. Now, the disgraced reality star is free to pursue whatever career opportunities come her way.

2. Hard Times

Hard Times
Of course, that newfound freedom came at a very steep price. Jenelle hasn't worked in over a year, and her husband, David Eason, has been unemployed since 2017.

3. Desperate Times

Desperate Times
As The Ashley's Reality Roundup reports, "Money is very tight on The Land right now," and Jenelle and David are likely considering every option available to them.

4. Striking Out

Striking Out
Jenelle's first attempt at keeping the income flowing without getting a real job was her makeup line JE Cosmetics.

5. Swing and a Miss

Swing and a Miss
The line went bust after its initial launch, and Jenelle has not made a second attempt.

6. Queen of All Media

Queen of All Media
She has, however, attempted to cash in with a YouTube channel that also wasn't nearly as lucrative as she imagined.

7. Running Out of Options

Running Out of Options
So what's left for Jenelle? Well, she has a couple paths available to her, one of which is certain to yield short-term financial gains.

8. Taking the Backdoor

Taking the Backdoor
The first option involves Jenelle following in the footsteps of the Backdoor Teen Mom herself, Farrah Abraham.

9. Living Large

Living Large
As you're probably aware, Farrah has made quite a living in the world of adult entertainment.

10. Flying High

Flying High
In fact, years after her own dismissal from Teen Mom 2, Farrah still travels the globe regularly.

11. Whatever Works

Whatever Works
Of course, it's widely rumored that her travels are a result of her career as an international escort, but that's a conversation for another time.

12. Moonlighting

Farrah began working in the adult industry while she was still starring on Teen Mom OG, a decision that eventually contributed to her firing.

13. Free At Last

Free At Last
Jenelle has apparently received a similarly lucrative offer from the same company that produced Farrah's debut, and now that she's free of her Teen Mom obligations, there's nothing to stop her from taking it.

14. Hard Pass

Hard Pass
But Evans says she didn't sign on the dotted line years ago, and she's not about to now.

15. Zero Interest

Zero Interest
“No, I’ve actually been offered it, they tried offering me $1 million, the same Vivid Entertainment that worked with Farrah,” Evans told the Dirty Reality podcast this week.

16. Sticking To Her Story

Sticking To Her Story
It's not the first time that Jenelle has made this claim. She revealed that Vivid made her an offer during a 2015 interview with The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

17. Sweetening the Deal

Sweetening the Deal
Evans says that following the success of Farrah's flick, the company actually offered her MORE than the $1 million they paid Farrah.

18. Not Taking the Bait

Not Taking the Bait
“After that, they contacted me and asked, ‘Would you be willing to do it? We’ll pay you more than Farrah.’ And I said, ‘No, I won’t,'” Evans told Dirty Reality.

19. Suddenly She's a Moralist

Suddenly She's a Moralist
“It’s kind of like, you’re doing a dirty deed for 30 seconds and that ruins your whole life, like why would you even do that?" she continued.

20. Say What?

Say What?
From there, Evans paid tribute to Farrah by offering up some nonsensical word salad. “From [Farrah’s] perspective, because she used to be on ‘Teen Mom’ so that is the persona everyone had for her. She’s a mom, she didn’t start out in the porn industry," she said.

21. She's Got a Point

She's Got a Point
Evans then pointed out that with how hated she is already, making an adult film would likely be the nail in the coffin of her career.

22. She Speaks the Truth

She Speaks the Truth
“I already have people hating on me so bad that they sometimes they try to ruin opportunities for me, and they still do that with Farrah,” she said.

23. The Babs Factor

The Babs Factor
The other option available to Jenelle is to go the wholesome route and team up with her mom, who is basically the only person in her life whom people still like.

24. Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daughter
"Yes [I’d] definitely consider it,” she said, when asked about a future project with Barbara. “Actually, like I said, we have projects going on where my mom will be involved in all this."

25. Making a Comeback In a Post-Viral World

Making a Comeback In a Post-Viral World
"You’ve just got to stay tuned. I’ve got a new team I’m working with. It just takes time. Also, this virus is holding us up, so now I’ve gotta figure out a way around all that," Evans concluded.

26. Haven't We Suffered Enough?

Haven't We Suffered Enough?
So yeah, it sounds like 2020 will continue to be a dark pit of despair even after the pandemic subsides. Bummer.

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