Kailyn Lowry: I'm Chris Lopez's Side Piece and Have Been This WHOLE TIME!

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Kailyn Lowry has never been great at relationships.

And to a certain extent, that's not her fault.

Her mother was an emotionally absent alcoholic, as Teen Mom 2 fans are aware, and her father was just altogether absent, so it's likely she grew up never seeing what healthy relationships are like.

But all this stuff that's been going on with Chris Lopez?

For the past few years, plural?

It's just been too much.

It's also about to get even weirder, judging by these new statements from the two of them ... goodness. Take a look.

1. One Wild Ride

One Wild Ride
Where do we start in describing the relationship between Kailyn and Chris?

2. Hmmm

Like, can you even call it a relationship?

3. Some Background

Some Background
Whatever it is, it started in college -- they were both students at Delaware State University together.

4. Budding Romance

Budding Romance
We don't know when they started getting romantic (or when they started hooking up, as the case may be), but it was likely sometime in 2016 -- she and Javi filed for divorce at the end of 2015, just before he was deployed, and when he came back that next summer, she and Chris were involved.

5. A Big Change

A Big Change
And that fall, of course, was when Kail became pregnant with Chris' child.

6. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
And after that, Chris seemed to promptly disappear.

7. Not Cute

Not Cute
Chris has consistently refused to appear on Teen Mom 2, but in the season that was filmed during that pregnancy, she was pretty much always stressed with how uninvolved he was.

8. Oof

She said that he never came to any of her doctor's appointments, and at one point she even admitted that he had another girlfriend. It was bad.

9. Yay?

But when she finally gave birth to their child, Lux (her third kid and his first), he showed up -- for a few weeks, anyway.

10. Oh No

Oh No
But here's where things took a turn -- Kailyn has said that in the months after Lux was born, Chris became violent. She claimed that he once broke her bedroom window when she was in there with the baby, and that another time he broke in her home when all her kids were home.

11. Why Though

Why Though
From what we could tell, he didn't really come around much for a long time, but when it came time to celebrate Lux's first birthday, they seemed to rekindle their romance, at least for a little while.

12. What

This was around the time that Kail said that Chris was the only guy she ever truly loved, which is really bizarre in a lot of ways, right?

13. Even More Bizarre

Even More Bizarre
They continued to have a weird on-again, off-again thing for a while, and before we knew it, it was revealed that Kailyn was pregnant with her fourth child -- and that Chris was the father.

14. Whoa

We also learned that during the same month the baby would have been conceived, Chris was arrested twice. It's still not clear what the exact charges were, but we do know that Kailyn now has a restraining order against him, so that's horrifying.

15. What a Time

What a Time
So that's where we're at now. Kailyn is over halfway through the pregnancy at this point, and Chris probably hasn't been very involved this time around either, what with the restraining order and all.

16. Goodness Gracious

Goodness Gracious
And if you thought the drama would come to a standstill because of that ... are you new here?

17. The Plot Thickens

The Plot Thickens
A few days ago, an Instagram account dedicated to Teen Mom gossip shared this screenshot of a message they'd received -- apparently someone is claiming that Chris is currently dating an old girlfriend.

18. Um

It's not exactly the shocker this person seems to think it is, because again, Kail has a restraining order.

19. Wow

It's also not a surprise because, as Kail herself commented on the Instagram post, "They've been together this whole time. Nobody needs to pass this 'tea' along like I don't know. I hope they can work it out this time!"

20. Say WHAT?

So this is the girl that Chris was dating when Kailyn was pregnant? And she stuck around through that AND when he got her pregnant again? This is too much.

21. What on Earth

What on Earth
And when someone commented and said "You mean to tell me you still laid down and conceived a whole baby with him but you knew he had a gf?", Kail responded with "Who knows. He's always lying about her."

22. Ouch

Someone else commented on the post to say that Kailyn is "a disappointment" because she has good qualities but she needs to get counseling so she can get out of her own way and stop sabotaging herself with stuff like this.

23. Well

To that, Kailyn wrote "I guess we are all a bunch of disappointments then. Y’all are sooo quick to come for everything I do. And I get it."

24. Fair

"We subject ourselves to it bc we choose to be on tv," she admitted.

25. Going Off

Going Off
"But I’ve been therapy for months. I’m the only one on the entire franchise to get a bachelors degree and still pursuing further education. My kids are in sports, thrive in school and HAPPY."

26. There It Is

There It Is
"It’s obvious that no matter what I do, y’all don’t like it," she concluded. "Can’t win."

27. Ugh

And that might have been a nice ending to this new little chapter to this latest chapter in their saga, but Chris had to start fooling.

28. Why, Chris, Why

Why, Chris, Why
In the middle of all this drama, someone asked Chris on his own Instagram how he feels about Kail these days, and as you can see, his response in the WORST.

29. Suuure

"Y'all would never understand the Love I got for that girl regardless of everything," he wrote, "or how hard it is for me to be in the situation I'm in lol."

30. This Guy

This Guy
That "lol" at the end really drives all that anguish home, huh?

31. What Next?!

What Next?!
These two have always been secretive about the details of their relationship, and even with all this new information, it's hard to know know exactly what's happening.

32. Amen

But at this point, it's clear that whatever is happening needs to stop. Like, right this instant.

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