Farrah Abraham Targeted, Called Transgender By Harsh Bullies Online

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If you visit this site with any frequency, you know we don't typically rush to the defense of Farrah Abraham.

But as ignorant and hateful as Farrah often seems, the anonymous denizens of Instagram comment boards are always capable of being worse.

Farrah was viciously bullied for the most recent photo she posted on the site, and while she's certainly deserving of criticism for any number of things, this time the mob has gone too far.

Of course, Farrah's response to the harassment wasn't exactly enlightened.

Take a look at this messy situation to see what we mean:

1. Farrah Still Gets Invited to Things

Farrah Still Gets Invited to Things
Farrah flaunted what she's got at the Tribeca Film Festival this week. And a photo she posted from the event sparked an unexpected controversy.

2. Nothing We Haven't Seen

Nothing We Haven't Seen
Obviously, Farrah dresses provocatively on a regular basis.

3. Still Cammin'

Still Cammin'
And she bares even more skin in her work as an adult film star and cam girl.

4. Mysteries of the 'Gram

Mysteries of the 'Gram
All of this is her right, of course, we're just pointing out that it's not like the Tribeca photo is the raciest Farrah pic we've ever seen -- so why did it create such a stir?

5. Groupthink In Action

Groupthink In Action
Often, bullying campaigns begin when one person says something stupid and a bunch of impressionable morons follow suit.

6. And Here We Go

And Here We Go
That's what happened here, as one d-bag made a hateful comment that launched a thousand related insults.

7. Lowering the Bar

Lowering the Bar
It all started when a user named Johan commented, “Are you transgender?”

8. The Clapback

The Clapback
"Are you?” Farrah promptly replied.

9. Doing Her Best

Doing Her Best
Like we said, not the wittiest response, and it could be interpreted as Farrah agreeing with Johan that being trans is a bad thing, but -- at least she's standing up to this jackass?

10. Rookie Mistake

Rookie Mistake
Unfortunately, when Farrah fed this troll, dozens more picked up on the scent and piled on.

11. The Worst Recognize the Worst

The Worst Recognize the Worst
Within an hour, Johan's original question received more than 20 replies, with many echoing his sentiment and others going the extra, hateful mile by hurling slurs at Farrah.

12. Fair Game

Fair Game
Some managed to dogpile Farrah without being offensive to the trans community with comments like “don't insult transgender, ferret is her own species.”

13. Mixed Results

Mixed Results
Points for effort, we suppose, but 1. You're still siding with the bigots, and 2. The burn doesn't even make sense. (Is she a ferret, or is she her own species?)

14. Ongoiong Trend

Ongoiong Trend
This is not the first time that Farrah has been subjected to harsher-than-usual criticism in recent months.

15. Bad to Worse

Bad to Worse
Farrah was never exactly a fan favorite, but she's become even less popular in the 18 months since she was fired from Teen Mom 2.

16. Be More Clever, People

Be More Clever, People
Several media outlets have pointed out that IG users have started referring to Farrah using such nicknames as "Shrek" and "Booger."

17. Trolls Can Smell Desperation

Trolls Can Smell Desperation
Part of the problem might be that Abraham has been even more relentless than usual in promoting her many business ventures.

18. Hard Times

Hard Times
In addition to losing her MTV paycheck, Farrah has closed at least three of her businesses in the past year.

19. No Excuse

No Excuse
So it's possible that Farrah has been more annoying than usual on social media. Even so, no one -- including Farrah -- deserves the kind of treatment she's been receiving recently. Rag on her all you want for her arrogance and narcissism -- but don't be a bigot about it.

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