Jenelle Evans: Did She Really Just Tell the World She's Pregnant?

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Jenelle Evans isn't exactly crushing it so far in 2019.

Evans got fired from Teen Mom 2; she's had her kids taken away by CPS; she seems to spend most of her waking hours engaging in petty beefs online ... it's a sad situation.

Most people would find it all pretty humbling.

Many public figures would likely step away from the spotlight entirely and take time to figure some things out.

But not Jenelle.

No, she's been more active than ever online, as she attempts to earn a suitable living as a social media personality.

And it's going about as well as you would expect.

Take a look:

1. Not a Care In the World

Not a Care In the World
Despite the fact that her world has come crashing down in recent weeks, Jenelle continues to pretend all is well.

2. Can't Knock the Hustle

Can't Knock the Hustle
Of course, it's not surprising that Jenelle still spends so much time on social media. After all, it's now her primary means of support.

3. Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content
Like so many reality stars (and former reality stars), Jenelle is making ends meet by promoting products and linking to online content on her Instagram page.

4. Not That There's Anything Wrong With That

Not That There's Anything Wrong With That
And we're not gonna knock her for that. After all, just about every reality star does it. But many believe Jenelle is using unscrupulous methods.

5. Bait and Switch

Bait and Switch
For example, Jenelle's latest post is clearly designed to mislead fans.

6. Link In Bio

Link In Bio
Jenelle shared this pic with a caption reading, "Baby Bump Revealed! #LinkInBio".

7. Gotcha!

Naturally, many fans jumped to the conclusion that Jenelle as announcing that she's pregnant with baby number four.

8. Come Again?

This was surprising news for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Jenelle recently informed fans that she'd had her tubes tied.

9. Up to Her Old Tricks

Up to Her Old Tricks
But what happened next wasn't surprising in the slightest -- it turned out that Jenelle wasn't pregnant at all, and instead sought to mislead fans in hopes of securing a nice payday.

10. Cashing In

Cashing In
The link in Jenelle's bio led to an Us Weekly listicle entitled "The Baby Bump Hall of Fame." And of course, it had nothing to do with Jenelle.

11. Dodging Criticism

Dodging Criticism
Jenelle disabled comments on the post for obvious reasons, but she was widely roasted on other social media platforms.

12. The Hits Keep Coming

The Hits Keep Coming
And of course, this isn't Jenelle's only controversial post of the week. Far from it, in fact.

13. Farmer Girl

Farmer Girl
In an effort to rebrand herself (and make some cash, of course), Jenelle recently launched a monetized YouTube channel in which she documents her family's adventures in homesteading.

14. Blast From the Past

In the clips, Jenelle's kids are still living with her, so it's safe to assume they were filmed quite some time ago.

15. Making Bacon

Evans' latest features her efforts and becoming a pig farmer.

16. Of Course

Of Course
To the surprise of absolutely no one, the video features multiple instances of David mistreating animals.

17. What a Guy

What a Guy
At one point, he shoves a pig into the face of Nugget, the French bulldog whom he later shot and killed.

18. Let's Hope It Works

Let's Hope It Works
This has sparked an effort to get Jenelle banned from YouTube by reporting the clip to the site's admins.

19. Changing the Subject

Changing the Subject
Meanwhile, over on Twitter, Jenelle is attempting to change the nature of the conversation by blaming the site for her poor grammar.

20. Nice Try

Nice Try
Naturally, the whole world remains far more concerned with her shoddy parenting.

21. Tough Times

Tough Times
You know when Jenelle Evans would prefer to talk grammar, things are really getting bad on The Land!

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