Bella Thorne Gets Love from Dove Cameron, Zendaya After Feud With Whoopi

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Over the weekend, Bella Thorne made a courageous, impossible choice.

Faced with extortion from a monstrous hacker over her private nude photos, Bella released the pics herself to rob her blackmailer of his power.

This was a smart but difficult decision.

Unfortunately, The View's own Whoopi Goldberg slammed and victim-blamed Bella, scolding her for taking photos at all.

Bella posted her tearful response, and has now received a powerful outpouring of support.

Take a look at what fellow celebrities like Dove Cameron, Zendaya, and Lucy Hale had to say in Bella's defense.

1. Bella Thorne Looks Peaceful

Bella Thorne Looks Peaceful
Bella Thorne shared this tranquil beach photo, showing off her finger and nose jewelry. The author, actress, model, and singer looks so happy here.

2. Bella was hacked

Bella was hacked
A hacker taunted her, sending her a series of fully topless photos of her bare breasts, promising her that he had acquired video and more. Bella even told her fans and followers that he had revealed that he had photos of other famous women, too.

3. Bella's response was painful, but perfect

Bella's response was painful, but perfect
She posted screenshots of the terrible extortion messages, exposing the hacker -- and her nudes -- to the public. This took away any sway he might have had for her, but it was not an easy decision. She knows how cruel the world can be.

4. The experience took her back to a dark place

The experience took her back to a dark place
Bella was sexually abused from a young age until she was 14 years old. This hacker was not the first man who tried to exert power over her body and sexuality. To force her to endure this humiliation was truly monstrous.

5. Even her ex was worried

Even her ex was worried
Knowing that Bella's photos may have been acquired from cloud storage, Mod Sun -- with whom she was in an open relationship until just a few months ago -- expressed concern that his photos could be released.

6. IF the hacker is foolish enough to do it

IF the hacker is foolish enough to do it
Bella said that she had already, and very correctly, contacted the FBI. Cybercrimes across state lines? That sounds like an FBI case to us. Hopefully, this miscreant will be brought to justice and the remaining photos and videos will remain private.

7. Unfortunately, some directed their anger at the wrong person

Unfortunately, some directed their anger at the wrong person
On The View, Whoopi Goldberg decided that Bella was to blame for having taken photos in the first place. Her awful victim-blaming, slut-shaming tirade horrified viewers.

8. Bella posted her response

Bella posted her response
In a tearful message, she replied to Whoopi's victim-blaming in a very intelligent and tasteful way despite her clear emotional distress.

9. Bella Thorne also has a lot of vocal support

Bella Thorne also has a lot of vocal support
She took to her Instagram to gush about the outpouring of affection and emotional support that she received

10. Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron
She has laid into regressive cultural forces that slut-shame and belittle women and are inherently anit-woman. And yes, blaming the victim of a crime for having photos to steal in the first place is definitely victim-blaming.

11. Dove took Whoopi to task

Dove took Whoopi to task
"Slut-shaming is old," Dove tells her. "Please just be better than this." That's a big mood. Most of us (including Bella) like Whoopi as a person, but she's so wrong about htis.

12. Dove is pleading for support for Bella

Dove is pleading for support for Bella
Bella's name was trending after her tearful reply to Whoopi's unjust statement. Dove was happy to see the voices in support of Bella, but wished that the shamers could see reason.

13. Harry Hudson

Harry Hudson
This singer and songwriter assured Bella that he supports her and his family does, too.

14. Lily-Rose Depp

Lily-Rose Depp
She slid into Bella's DMs about how impressed she was by Bella's response to the hacking and the victim-blaming.

15. Zendaya

Bella noted that Zendaya also personally called her. Note that Zendaya's huge HBO series just launched over the weekend and she has a blockbuster Marvel movie coming out in just a couple of weeks -- but she's using her voice and her clout to stand up for Bella.

16. Logan Paul

Logan Paul
Even this dude, who gives himbos a bad name, knows that blaming someone over leaked nudes is absolute BS. If Logan Paul has the moral high ground over you in terms of views of women, you need to work on yourself.

17. Lottie Moss

Lottie Moss
Please note that these are all encouraging words. That includes the "you're insane" line. Hopefully, the heart emojis made that clear.

18. Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale
Awwww! The Pretty Little Liars star's kind words can go a long way. Bella is making the world a better place by speaking out at the cost of her own mental health.

19. MadeinTYO

The rapper admitted to tearing up at the airport and expressed an interest in Bella's book -- a welcome show of support.

20. Madison Beer

Madison Beer
Madison seemed to refer to the nudes leak as if it were a recipient who had leaked them, which is not the case with Bella, but she may just be speaking more generally. The people who post hacked pics and revenge porn are the criminals, so why does society excoriate the victims of their evil deeds?

21. Serayah

Bella's video meant so much to so many people. If it helps a few people develop a sense of reason, or empathy, or whatever it is that helps people see right from wrong, more power to her.

22. Taylor Giavasis

Taylor Giavasis
Support from the woman famous for her site where she uses female nudity in beautiful artistic photography is no surprise, but it's welcome just the same. And she's right -- Bella's truth is setting others free.

23. What happened was not Bella's fault

What happened was not Bella's fault
Owning a car, television, or jewelry does not make you to blame if those things are stolen from you. The same is true with pictures of your body. The only person to blame when nude pics are stolen and leaked are the people stealing and leaking them.

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