Jenelle Evans: David Eason Has NEVER Abused My Kids! Everything is FINE!

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David Eason is awful, right?

It's pretty much not up for debate at this point.

He's said and done such remarkably horrible things, it would be hard to even compile a complete list of them.

But like, he murdered his wife's dog, he's made tons of disgusting homophobic remarks, and he was also investigated by the Secret Service because he's just that much of a creep.

Still, Jenelle stays with him because (allegedly!) abusive relationships are weird and hard, and also because she's always depended on the love of her current soulmate to survive.

Even considering all of this, you're going to have a hard time believing the latest thing she's said about him ...

1. The "Happy" Couple

The "Happy" Couple
So we don't want to do a full recap of Jenelle's relationship with David, but it's super relevant here, so let's hit the high points, all right?

2. A Downgrade?

A Downgrade?
Jenelle started dating David about a month after she broke up with Nathan Griffith, and from the beginning he seemed controlling -- Teen Mom fans also discovered that he'd been accused of domestic violence before, which was definitely a red flag.

3. Not Great

Not Great
In his early days on the show, we saw him get into arguments with Nathan and Jenelle's mother, Barbara, and he was also pretty mean to Kaiser.

4. ... Yay?

... Yay?
It didn't take too long for her to get pregnant, it never does, and soon she had Ensley. Shortly after that, they got engaged.

5. Surprise!

And after they got married, things pretty much went all to hell. Or worse hell, we guess.

6. Poor Kaiser

Poor Kaiser
Like we said, we'd seen David being a little too mean to Kaiser, but around the time they got married, Nathan's mother, Doris, filed for emergency custody of the boy. She and Nathan claimed that Kaiser was being abused and neglected.

7. Poor Kaiser, Continued

Poor Kaiser, Continued
Doris ended up having to drop the case for personal reasons, but the claims continued -- she and Nathan have said that Kaiser has told them that David once punched him in the head, and Nathan has shared photos of bruises and cuts on Kaiser that he apparently said were from David hitting him with a stick.

8. Scary

And in 2018, Jenelle called 911, crying hysterically about how David had pushed her down and possibly broken her collarbone. She seemed genuinely scared in the recording of the call.

9. Horrifying

She called again a couple of months later because David was in a rage and when she managed to lock him out of the house, he started breaking the front door down.

10. RIP Nugget

RIP Nugget
Months later was when David shot Jenelle's tiny little French bulldog, Nugget, because the dog had nipped at Ensley and instead of training the dog or teaching the kid, it made more sense to him to take it out by the woods and kill it with a shotgun. Some reports have claimed that he beat the dog as well.

11. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
Authorities found out about what happened to Nugget, and police opened an investigation. CPS was also alerted, and they removed all the children from Jenelle and David's home. That lasted for a little over a month, then all the charges were dropped and the kids came home.

12. Tough Break

Tough Break
Oh, and during all of that MTV also made the decision to stop filming with Jenelle.

13. No More

No More
All of that happened last summer, and by the fall, Jenelle had had enough. She packed up Kaiser and Ensley and moved to Nashville, she made a statement about how she was divorcing David, and she got a restraining order againt him.

14. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
She had to write a statement to get the restraining order, and in that statement, she wrote that she was "scared for my life and my children's well-being" -- remember that, it'll be important in just a bit.

15. Naturally

All that lasted for a few months, and by January she had reconciled with David and moved everyone back to the swamp. She denied ever saying that David had been abusive, and tried to pretend that everything was great

16. These Two

These Two
That didn't last long, and even since then she's made another statement about leaving him and getting another restraining order -- that happened after he pistol-whipped her friend. A few days later, at most, and she was back with him, and that restraining order never happened.

17. What a Ride

What a Ride
And that brings us to the present. So what is Jenelle up to now?

18. Well ...

Well ...
A whole lot of nonsense, that's what.

19. Ugh

Jenelle is currently on a big conspiracy theory kick, and she been tweeting for the past few days about that theory that basically every famous person ever is a pedophile who kils babies. You know the one.

20. Oh Come On

Oh Come On
After sharing a bunch of stuff, she wrote that "Maybe my TL will #WakeUp some of you," along with -- wait for it -- a "save the children" hashtag.

21. A Rebuttal

A Rebuttal
Jenelle Evans tweeting "save the children" is almost too easy, but someone replied with "We been tryna save YOUR children for ten years now. Get your own kids out of an abusive environment before worrying about other kids. There is something tangible you can do to save your kids right now! Leave David! Stop the abuse!"

22. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
Instead of responding directly to that very valid criticism, she tagged Twitter's CEO and wrote "this is where you and your @twitter team should be banning these accounts that continues to spread false information and lies about me."

23. Facts

Another person tried to explain things to Jenelle, saying "Ummm they didn’t say anything false! It played it out online and on news outlets. What did they make up? What’s there to report. This person stated FACTS that you clearly are delusional about! Girl stop. Help your kids."

24. Oh Goodness

Oh Goodness
And that's when she went off.

25. Right

"My husband HAS NEVER laid hands on any of my children, exactly why every FALSE case about me has been dismissed," Jenelle replied. "YELL my allegations and WHISPER my success. My children are doing amazing and that’s FACTS for ya."

26. Wow

That's an awful lot to unpack for just one little tweet, but let's go for it, all right?

27. Huh

One, it's so interesting that after making so many baseless claims against so many celebrities -- she's been retweeting things about Obama, Tom Hanks, and Oprah, to name a few -- her main defense of David is that he can't have been abusive because he was never convicted of abuse. Does she really not realize how goofy that is?

28. For Real

For Real
Two, it may be true that David has never laid his hands on the kids, but things have been bad enough for CPS to investigate them multiple times. He killed the dog while the kids were home, he beat the door down while Ensley was in the house, and Jenelle herself has stated multiple times that he's been abusive. Hitting a kid with your hands is not the only thing that makes for an abusive environment.

29. Girl ...

Girl ...
Three, that "YELL my allegations and WHISPER my success" comment? People may be "whispering" her success because there hasn't been much of it, but the thing is that all of the comment and stories and reports about David being abusive aren't just "allegations," they're mostly direct quotes from Jenelle herself and sometimes from Kaiser's father. It's not like people are just making up rumors.

30. Here's Hoping

Here's Hoping
We hope that that last part of her tweet is true and that the kids really are doing well, but goodness, what a mess this whole thing is.

31. Priorities

But yeah, you save all those kids from Tom Hanks, Jenelle.

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