Nicole Nafziger Debunks WILD Conspiracy Theory: YES, I'm in Morocco!

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Last week, 90 Day Fiance alum Nicole Nafziger set a timeline for her return to the US after nearly 5 months in Morocco.

She has been receiving an unbelievable amount of hate from fans.

Some of those trolls have bombarded her with twisted conspiracy theories, totally conjured out of thin air with no evidence whatsoever.

The latest is, and we feel silly even repeating it, is that Nicole never went to Morocco.

There are some people out there who genuinely think that Nicole faked her entire trip, enduring months of mom-shaming.

Nicole has seen this absurd rumor and is countering it with something that these trolls will never understand -- actual evidence.

Take a look below and see how Nicole is shutting down this weird conspiracy theory.

1. Nicole Nafziger Reunited with Azan Tefou

Nicole Nafziger Reunited with Azan Tefou
90 Day Fiance alums Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou pose for this cute couples selfie in Morocco during Nicole's trip in March of 2020.

2. Nicole headed to Morocco

Nicole headed to Morocco
Robbalee, her mother, drove her to the airport, both so that she could take the car back and because she would be the one watching May.

3. It feels like a lifetime ago

It feels like a lifetime ago
Not even five months ago, early March FEELS like a lifetime ago, and we felt that way in late March, too. Almost no one alive today has been through a pandemic like this one. When Nicole flew to Morocco, not only were regular flights still a thing, but masks were optional -- and deranged people weren't trying to make them "controversial" yet.

4. Reunited at last!

Reunited at last!
Nicole arrived in Morocco and was once again with the man she loves. 90 Day Fiance fans know him as Azan Tefou. We know him by his real name, Hassan M'Raouni. Nicole knows him as "my love."

5. It was so sweet!

It was so sweet!
And they are so cute together. After the Grenada trip was canceled, fans -- those who weren't mocking her for her heartbreak -- felt devastated for Nicole, who was already dealing with the pitfalls of a long-distance romance, and now had to contend with losing money planned for the Grenada trip (it is unlikely that she was able to get her deposits back on such short notice).

6. It was time to enjoy herself

It was time to enjoy herself
Nicole had saved up for ages -- no easy feat for a single mom, especially with how little 90 Day Fiance stars are paid -- for this two week trip, and she was determined to make the most of it.

7. She enjoyed some treats

She enjoyed some treats
Tajine, a nickname for a local stew made from meat, veggies, and fruit is one of her favorite Moroccan treats.

8. And don't forget tea!

And don't forget tea!
Moroccan tea is something that Nicole had spoken about anticipating.

9. But most of all ...

But most of all ...
Nicole was with the love of her life. That, more than any lovely dinners out, was what was most important.

10. Still, she made time for sightseeing

Still, she made time for sightseeing
Nicole took a series of photos while in Morocco.

11. We're sure that she took many more

We're sure that she took many more
Nicole will be able to share bits and pieces from her experience for a long time, and we are really looking forward to it.

12. Also ...

Also ...
These photos will be important shortly, as we will explain, because they are part of a mountain of evidence that Nicole did, in fact, go to Morocco.

13. We're glad that she had so much fun

We're glad that she had so much fun
Because just one week into her stay (if that), the COVID-19 pandemic put Morocco on lockdown. Some places locked down in stages. Morocco shut down all at once, closing restaurants and airports on the same day. Nicole was stuck.

14. At least they were stuck "together"

At least they were stuck "together"
It may not have been the romantic getaway that they wanted, but things could have been much worse, right?

15. But what about May?

But what about May?
Obviously, Nicole spoke to her mother, and Robbalee was happy to watch her granddaughter, treasuring this time with May as two weeks extended to nearly five months.

16. Nicole appreciated it a lot

Nicole appreciated it a lot
Lots of grandmothers provide childcare, and have done so for countless generations. Robbalee has been so gentle with hateful commenters, and has even documented May's time. Meanwhile, Nicole has called and Facetimed with her family.

17. Naturally, mom-shamers gave Nicole a hard time

Naturally, mom-shamers gave Nicole a hard time
And she clapped back at their ridiculous accusations.

18. As far as that "free ticket home" goes

As far as that "free ticket home" goes
The actual price is nearly $1,500. Nicole was able to save up for this trip, yes, but she had years to do that. A single mom who is a Starbucks employee is not going to be eager to incur a 4-figure debt, especially not when she and her family are safer when she stays where she is. If she comes back to Florida, she comes back to a major center of the pandemic and may have to go back to work, exposing herself and her loved ones to the virus.

19. She gets SO much hate

She gets SO much hate
Keep in mind that some of these folks have hated Nicole for having the audacity to have a love life and be a single mom. Not all critics feel the same way, or even take their criticisms to her page. But some of them straight-up think that Nicole's weight means that she doesn't deserve love, or is a fool for believing that someone loves her. And others are downright xenophobic and racist. It's no wonder that she left 90 Day Fiance (though we'd love to see her back on the show).

20. Even people who should know better have trolled her

Even people who should know better have trolled her
Laura Jallali, who has NO high ground to speak on when it comes to disastrous life choices, decided to chime in with other mom-shamers. Notably, many 90 Day Fiance fans believe that Laura may have some sort of personality disorder and is even a consummate liar, but we are not psychiatrists and obviously cannot confirm anything of the sort.

21. Nicole didn't take that lying down

Nicole didn't take that lying down
Nicole clapped back at Laura, reminding her that she of all people should know better than to believe bonkers, unfounded rumors -- like unsubstantiated claims that Azan is secretly married, to his cousin, with children. The moment that we see evidence of that, we would of course report it, but we have not seen any evidence of this wild rumor because there is none. Anyway, it's always good to see Nicole stand up for herself.

22. But look at this

But look at this
"SOON," Nicole wrote. We noticed, too. This was the first time that she had set a timeframe for her return to the US.

23. More specifically ...

More specifically ...
We knew that Morocco had told all of its foreign guests that, though they understood the realities that kept them there past their visas due to the pandemic, they need to leave by August 10 or risk arrest.

24. Nicole is saying her goodbyes

Nicole is saying her goodbyes
Over the weekend, she made not one but two farewell posts, including selfies with Azan, saying farewell to the man she loves as she prepares to return to the US.

25. So sweet! But ...

So sweet! But ...
Unfortunately, the latest unhinged, unfounded rumor about Nicole that is circulating is -- get this -- a claim that Nicole never went to Morocco. These people actually believe that she's sitting at home in Florida, roping her family into supporting a fabricated trip to Morocco.

26. It's pure brain rot

It's pure brain rot
Setting aside the many photos shared from Morocco or the absurdity of the premise, this conspiracy theory implies that Nicole has FAKED being in Morocco for nearly 5 months while mom-shamers and other haters troll her from all sides, when she could have then "pretended" to return home at any point. This is, of course, worm-brained nonsense from people determined to hate Nicole no matter what.

27. Now, Nicole is laying that BS to rest

Now, Nicole is laying that BS to rest
"People say I’m not even in Morocco,” Nicole writes in her Instagram Story, while showing her location data, exposing her location in Agadir, Morocco. “I don’t really care if y’all think I’m lying. I’m just really tired of random people claiming to know Hassan and his family. I am in Morocco. And soon I’m going back to my daughter."

28. Case closed!

Case closed!
Honestly, we doubt that Nicole's words will change any minds. If people were going to be reasonable, they wouldn't believe bonkers conspiracy rumors in the first place. As it is, they'll say that this is fake, or that by acknowledging that people are spreading this lie, she's confirming that it's true. Like we said, it's just brainrot.

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