Audrey Roloff: See ALL Her Baby Bump Photos!

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Audrey Roloff is pregnant with her second child, which means two exciting things:

  1. Ember will soon be a big sister.
  2. Audrey will soon inundate us with endless precious baby bump photos.

Regarding point number-two, Roloff got her adorable belly montage underway on the occasion of her 28th birthday this past weekend, sharing a number of images of herself on a boat with friends, loved ones...

... and a noticably protruding tummy.

We've collected those images below -- and we've also thrown it back awhile to also compare them with the many baby bump pictures Roloff posted from back when she was expecting Ember.


1. The Announcement Photo

The Announcement Photo
"Baby #2 is coming in January!!! Ember is gonna be a big sister! We are so grateful and excited for this little blessing to join our family," wrote Audrey along with this picture, which does feature the former TLC star cradling her stomach.

2. Fast Forward About a Month And...

Fast Forward About a Month And...
Here it is, everyone. Here is our very first look at Audrey's second baby bump. She looks amazing!

3. A Proud Mama to Be

A Proud Mama to Be
We love that Audrey is just out there, showing off her growing baby. All pregnant woman should take pride in their bodies.

4. A Gorgeous View

A Gorgeous View
We mean of the water and surrounding area. But Audrey and her friends are beautiful, too.

5. She's on a Boat, Folks!

She's on a Boat, Folks!
A pontoon boat, to be exact, as Audrey said it was a last-minute decision to take one out for the day.

6. We Adore These Two

We Adore These Two
Not to get overly cheesy, but look at the way they gaze into each other's arms. AWWWW, right?

7. The First Time...

The First Time...
Audrey kept Instagram followers very well apprised of her first pregnancy as well, posting this picture in May of 2017. Ember is in there, folks!

8. At 13 Weeks

At 13 Weeks
This was one of the very first baby bump photos Audrey ever shared. We love it.

9. I'm Growing So Fast!

I'm Growing So Fast!
A month later, in June 2017, Audrey posted this very cute snapshot.

10. A Precious Profile

A Precious Profile
Audrey gave us a nice side shot that same summer two years ago.

11. Am I Showing, Guys?

Am I Showing, Guys?
Audrey really has been a great sport about her body and how it's undergone many changes.

12. What a Lovely Image

What a Lovely Image
We're in late June 2017 now for this photograph. Gorgeous, right?

13. Two-Piece, One Large Belly

Two-Piece, One Large Belly
Like we keep saying, Audrey has been admirably open with her body and her pregnancies both last time and this time.

14. A Baby and a Bump!

A Baby and a Bump!
Audrey poses here with her growing baby while sister-in-law Tori holds her actual baby, little Jackson!

15. Getting Close!

Getting Close!
This photo comes from July 2017, about two months before Audrey became a first-time mother.

16. Official Maternity Photo

Official Maternity Photo
Just amazing, right?

17. And There Were More!

And There Were More!
Jeremy joined his wife for a few of these professional photographs.

18. A Solo Shot

A Solo Shot
Audrey was positively glowing here, wasn't she?

19. A Perfect Embrace

A Perfect Embrace
Husband and wife gazed into each other's eyes for this maternity picture.

20. A Baby Bump Collage

A Baby Bump Collage
The couple summarized this photo shoot in July 2017 with this montage.

21. In Her New Home

In Her New Home
Audrey and Jeremy moved into a new home just weeks before Ember was born. She needs a deserved break here.

22. One Month to Go!

One Month to Go!
We posted this picture on our website on August 9, 2017.

23. At 37 Weeks

At 37 Weeks
Inching ever closer! Still smiling!

24. One Happy Mother

One Happy Mother
Or mother to be, we should say, we suppose. Audrey really did handle that first pregnancy so, so well.

25. One. Big. Bump.

One. Big. Bump.
Nope, that's not a beach ball in there... it's a little girl!

26. Any Time Now, Baby...

Any Time Now, Baby...
Audrey shared this photo after her due date. She had us constantly refreshing our browsers to learn whether she was in labor or not.

27. No, Really, Any Time Now...

No, Really, Any Time Now...
Audrey ended up giving birth a full 10 days late. Wow!

28. And Here is Ember!

And Here is Ember!
All worth it in the end, of course, right? So very precious.

29. Pregnancy and Smocked Dresses

Pregnancy and Smocked Dresses
We've got a new baby bump sighting! Audrey posted this one in late July of 2019.

30. Getting So Close!

Getting So Close!
She's 39 weeks along! Audrey posted this photo on the very last day of 2019 and we love it.

31. Audrey at 39 Weeks

Audrey at 39 Weeks
She's glowing, isn't she? Audrey is ever so close to giving birth in this new maternity photo.

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