Jenelle Evans & David Eason: Finally SEPARATED?!

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Whether you love Jenelle Evans or hate her (although let's be honest, no one falls into the former category), you've probably been rooting for the Carolina Hurricane to end her marriage to David Eason.

Sure, Jenelle is bad -- often very, very bad -- but David is worse.

Eason is abusive; he's a bigot; and he seems hell-bent on getting Jenelle fired, which would be a problem, as she has three kids to raise and no other means of support.

So it's not hard to see why the latest indications that Jenelle and David have finally called it quits are being greeted with a round of applause from Teen Mom 2 fans.

Take a look:

1. The Happy Couple?

The Happy Couple?
Jenelle and David haven't officially announced that they've called it quits, but fans believe Jenelle has dropped several subtle hints on social media.

2. Splitsville

For weeks now, rumors that Jenelle and David have broken up have been circulating on social media non-stop.

3. The Source

The Source
Interestingly, the rumors originated with Jenelle herself.

4. The Unfollowing

The Unfollowing
The rumors intensified last week, when Jenelle unfollowed her husband on Instagram and Facebook.

5. A Pattern Emerges

A Pattern Emerges
It's not the first time that she's done so, and in the past, the move has always been an indication that Jenelle and David were having problems.

6. Familiar Territory

Familiar Territory
Earlier this year, for example, Jenelle and David unfollowed one another, after he became enraged by an MTV special in which she fondly recalled her exes.

7. The Groveling

The Groveling
Following that incident, David reportedly begged Jenelle to take him back, and his groveling was successful.

8. Bound to Happen?

Bound to Happen?
Now, however, it looks as though the Easons may have once again called it quits.

9. Keep 'Em Separated

Keep 'Em Separated
Eagle-eyed Facebook users noted that the relationship status on one of Jenelle's Facebook pages (she admittedly has several) has been changed to "separated."

10. The End Is Near?

The End Is Near?
Perhaps on its own, this development wouldn't be regarded as a big deal. After all, as we said, Jenelle and David do this sort of thing all the time.

11. Timing

But coming as it does on the heels of the couple's most public meltdown to date (which is really saying something), Jenelle's Facebook activity is being regarded as sign of trouble on The Land.

12. The Allegation

Back in October, Jenelle has hospitalized following a fight with David. In the 911 call from that night, she accuses her husband of assault.

13. Unprecedented

Jenelle and David have had problems from the start, but never has the situation been quite so dangerous for Jenelle or her children.

14. A Logical Conclusion

A Logical Conclusion
So it's not hard to see why fans are taking David and Jenelle's latest rough patch so much more seriously.

15. And That's Not All ...

And That's Not All ...
And Jenelle and David keeping giving us reasons to believe divorce court is in their near future.

16. Tough Times

Tough Times
One source close to the couple recently spoke with Hollywood Life and revealed that Jenelle and David have been "fighting like cats and dogs" for months.

17. Explosive Situation

Explosive Situation
“They are pretty much constantly at odds with each other over something or other, and they have pretty explosive blow ups pretty regularly,” the insider explained.

18. Jenelle? Being Dishonest?!

Jenelle? Being Dishonest?!
“Jenelle loves to paint this image of the ideal marriage, with her gushing interviews about David, and picture perfect family Instagram posts," the source said.

19. A Stubborn Marriage

A Stubborn Marriage
“Neither of them likes to back down when they believe they’ve been wronged and they’re in the right, so they fight regularly and hard,” the insider added.

20. Stuck on the Land

Stuck on the Land
“Usually it is Jenelle, though, that’s forced to play peacemaker — she feels she has the most to lose if their marriage fails, and she has spent so much time defending David, and talking him up," the source said.

21. Come Again?

Come Again?
Yes, despite the fact that David has no job or visible means of support, Jenelle feels that SHE has more to lose from a divorce.

22. Saving Face

Saving Face
“She doesn’t want to lose face, no matter how emotionally taxing, and unhealthy, it may be to stay together,” the source explained.

23. That Makes Sense

That Makes Sense
So it's Jenelle's pride that's keeping her with David? Sounds bizarre, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a reality star who cares more about what people think of them.

24. Will It Last?

Will It Last?
But will Jenelle's pride be enough to keep her with David through this latest round of troubles?

25. Hard Times Ahead

Hard Times Ahead
Whatever the case, it seems clear that Jenelle and David have a LOT of issues to sort out.

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