Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez: Spotted! Holding Hands!

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Are they or aren't they?

This is the question Teen Mom 2 fans continue to ask every time the topic turns to Kailyn Lowry and her love life.

Is the veteran cast member actually with her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez?

Or is the pair simply on good, albeit plutonic, terms?

Lowry has remained mostly mum on the topic, although her hand may have recently done all the talking needed.

Scroll down to learn where Kailyn and Chris were just spotted out together -- and to read a few quotes that make it seem as if their boots are very much knocking again!

1. One Happy Family

One Happy Family
The beginnng was rocky for Kailyn and Chris, as the latter really didn't spend much time with his son, Lux, or his ex-girlfriend, Kailyn. But here everyone is on Lux's first birthday!

2. When Was Lux Born?

When Was Lux Born?
On August 5, 2017. Kailyn waited awhile to tell the world she was pregnant and then even longer to reveal the identity of the child's dad.

3. You're a Deadbeat! You Just Want Attention!

You're a Deadbeat! You Just Want Attention!
Like we said, it was vicious there for a bit. Lowry accused Lopez of only sharing pictures of his child to make it LOOK like he was around Lux often -- when, in fact, this was not the case at all.

4. But Now?

But Now?
Everything appears to be settled. Lowry is spending more and more time with her ex and has even said that Lopez is the true, first real love of her life.

5. Rumors of a Reconciliation...

Rumors of a Reconciliation...
... started in August, shortly after Chris showed up Lux's birthday party. Kailyn later that month shared a video of older son Isaac walking into a newly-decorated bedroom and she thanked Lopez for helping with it.

6. Lopez is Saying Nice Things About Kailyn These Days, Too

Lopez is Saying Nice Things About Kailyn These Days, Too
"Sitting back," Chris opined on social media late this summer. "I got a lot of respect for his mother... I don't know how she does it,

7. They Might Not Even Be Done Having Kids!

They Might Not Even Be Done Having Kids!
Lowry has said, more than once, that she may want a fourth kid and may want to use Lopez's sperm so that two of her kids are biological siblings.

8. Whoa! That Sounds Serious

Whoa! That Sounds Serious
Tell us about it!

9. Kailyn Drops a Hint

Kailyn Drops a Hint
The subject of being together again with Lopez came up during a recent Instagram Q&A when a fan asked Kailyn bluntly, “Are you single?” and Lowry responded, “Nope.”

10. Wow. So What's the Latest?

Wow. So What's the Latest?
On November 30, Lowry appeared on the red carpet for her launch party of her hair care line, Pothead, in New York City. But she wasn't alone!

11. Chris Was With Her!

Chris Was With Her!
And his arm was around her! And they looked like a real live couple! You'll need to visit Radar Online to see the photo, though.

12. Their Actions Said It All

Their Actions Said It All
"At one point, Kail wrapper her arms around him and hugged him for awhile," a witness tells Radar. "They were really happy."c

13. Oh, and One More Thing:

Oh, and One More Thing:
MTV cameras were on hand to document this interaction. Might Lopez make hs Teen Mom 2 debut down the line?!?

14. We'll Keep Fans Posted

We'll Keep Fans Posted
And we'll be so very psyched for Lux if this is the case. Your parents may be making love again, kid! Hooray!

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